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An idea whose time…

is way, WAY overdue.

I think the time is approaching if it’s not here already to strongly consider actively abandoning the GOP. Perhaps as someone suggested the President himself can instigate the formation of an actual opposition party, not to oppose Democrats but to oppose Washington DC as it exists today. He’s not going to get much accomplished through normal order and legislative processes. And after he departs, seven years from now (please G-d) the cancer will still be here. So now is the time to lay the groundwork for the long war. And battle number one is assembling an actual army composed of people on our side with our ideals and goals in common. And that would be his greatest accomplishment.

I was talking about this exact thing with a friend earlier today, and it’s my notion that there’s probably a better chance than we realize that he will. After the insulting Rename/Retreat dumbshow in Congress last week, Trump can’t possibly have any more illusions about the likelihood of his ever getting any meaningful support from the GOP, legislative or otherwise, in Congress.

America desperately needs a real second party. It could not be more plain what most of the Republicans have come to view as their role and function in our broken system, and it is nothing remotely like what they’ve been publicly claiming. It’s time to drop the final curtain on this all too lame and contrived theatrical production and get back to some sort of reality.

Really, the writing was on the wall for many of us back when McConnell boasted about setting out to destroy the Tea Party movement…and then did it, and crowed about that, too. Ever since then, and especially now that we’ve seen their farcical playacting over Obamacare, I’ve considered them to be far, far worse and more despicable than the Democrat Socialists. At least the Democrat Socialists are upfront about their loathing for us. The Republicans pretend to be on our side, to wish to advance the agenda we wish to see advanced, when nothing could be further from the truth.

That makes them lower than whale-shit in my book, and nothing would please me more than to see Trump get a true opposition party cranking. He’d need to stay entirely mum and wait until after his re-election to do it, of course, and working out the details, the political maneuvering and legal ins and outs and such, would be a daunting job. But I can’t say I’d be all that shocked by such a move, and I’d stand up and cheer if he did. It would indeed be his greatest accomplishment, and that’s nothing but the truth.


16 thoughts on “An idea whose time…

  1. Every time this gets bandied about, I have the same reaction: If it were in any way feasible to form a nationally viable third party (or second, if you like), it would have happened many times over by now. If the Tea Party couldn’t do it, it’s not going to happen.

    Besides– why would you want to? It’s quite a lot easier to primary the stupidity out of the Republican party, while retaining all of the infrastructure you actually need to win national elections, than it is to start over from scratch– and even if you did that, who is to say you wouldn’t end up with even more gridlock?

    We have seven idiots to get rid of– this is not a terribly difficult thing to do.

  2. Some thoughts;

    In my lifetime, Third Party aspirants have displayed a distressing tendency to try to start at the top. A Third Party President would be useless. Having no allies in Congress, his agenda would be unaddressed at the end of his (likely single) term. Also, far too many pillocks like Ross Perot appear to think President is an entry level job. Both would be Third Party Presidents and would be Third Parties would be Third Parties would do a lot better to start on the state level and try to build. Don’t expect me to vote for your third party candidate until you have at least a few State Legislatures and a Congresscritter or three.

    Too many otherwise sensible people seem to expect an overnight shift in politics. One election and *poof* all the depredations of decades of Progressive idiocy will be swept away in one term. Not. Going. To. Happen. Democracy (or Representative Democracy) is S-L-O-W. That is, in fact, one of the features. It is deliberately sow slow and awkward that the little people have some chance to get the hell out of the way.

    The shift in the stance of The Republican Party has been going on since the 1964 Presidential run by Barry Goldwater. it has been gradual, and will continue to be so. The Republican Establishment is basically predicated on a strategy of “Whatever the Progressive Democrats are pushing, but less and slower”. This has worked for them for a decent while, but that has been slowly changing. There is actually some reason to hope that actual conservative or libertarian Republicans will continue to grow in influence. But if actual Conservative and/or Libertarian voters desert to a badly thought out Third Party, that will stop.

    The Democrat establishment is actually closer to collapse than the Republicans. The Republicans were unhappy with Trump the Populist, but flexible enough to accept his nomination. The Democrats rejected the populist candidate they were offered and ran Shrillary, and are now in vociferous denial that she was a godawful candidate. That can’t go on for too long. It might actually be easier to subvert the Democrats than the Republicans.

  3. YES.

    In fact, following this treasonous Senate vote,
    I suggest writing

    Donna McDaniel, Chair
    301 1st St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    and telling her exactly where the GOP as a whole can get off.
    I wrote her that SHE is Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the scoundrels.

    Since I can’t start a new Party,
    it’s at least a gesture of telling the old carcass to shove it.

  4. @Mr. Lion
    “It’s quite a lot easier to primary the stupidity out of the Republican party…”

    Yeah, riiiiight.
    TELL THAT to McDaniel about Mississippi Cochran, you fool.

  5. @Mr. Lion
    “We have seven idiots to get rid of– this is not a terribly difficult thing to do.”

    Again, painfully ignorant and naive.
    It’s more like WHACK-A-MOLE: if it’s not Collings, Murkowski and McCain…
    …it’s Graham or another GOPestablishment goon to take their place.

  6. @cspschofield
    “In my lifetime, Third Party aspirants have displayed a distressing tendency to try to start at the top. A Third Party President would be useless.”

    Yeah…that whole Lincoln/GOP thing never really got off the ground, eh?!?
    STUPID AND IGNORANT is no way to go through life posting, sonny.

  7. This is the point in a society where, in the old days, back in the old country, a smart person would be thinking about moving the the Land of Opportunity. It was a lot more feasible than trying to change political systems embedded in the very structure of the country.

    Unfortunately, we’ve run out of Lands of Opportunity. You Go West today, you end up in the People’s Republic of California, and any further just takes you back East again.

  8. @Kauf Buch

    Did you miss the part where I said “in my lifetime”?

    The election laws of the mid-19th Century were a great deal different than they are now. The Republican and Democrat establishments have moved to make it VERY hard for some third party to come out of nowhere the way the Republicans did. A third party is going to have to win leverage in state legislatures first, then more to the national scene, and once it has presence in Congress it can then make a run on the White House.

    This could be done, certainly. But from what I can see, Third Parties seem to want to skip one or more steps. Some of that seems to be enthusiasm, and some (mostly on the far Left) seems to be simply a ploy for attention and cause-related donations.

  9. One more time, guys:

    The parties in this country are owned by a small group of people. Soros leads the Democrats. The Kochs lead the Republicans. They and their ilk are ready and willing to shovel unlimited money into campaigns for their chosen candidates. Unless other candidates are willing and able to fund their own campaign, they stand no chance against those chosen by the Elite. PRESIDENT TRUMP ONLY WON BECAUSE HE WAS ABLE AND WILLING TO FUND HIS OWN CAMPAIGN.

    If you want to show how wrong I am, there is a primary election coming up on 15 August in Alabama to choose the GOP candidate for the Senate seat previously head by AG Sessions. Judge Roy Moore is running, and is looking for campaign funds. Surprisingly – or not – he isn’t getting any moola from the Kochs et al. Luther Strange is getting their bucks instead. Because the illustrious Mr. Strange is just another Koch-sucking Rove Republican POS. Judge Moore has won statewide office before. Alabama is still conservative. But my bet is that GOP corruption and fraud is doing everything they can to prevent Judge Moore from winning the nomination. And that if he prevails IN SPITE OF THEM, they will do as they did in the 2016 Presidential election and refuse to support him. A win by Judge Moore will show that it may be possible to get decent people in office in spite of the Republican “leadership”. A loss in either the primary or the general will prove there is no path there other than through self funding.

  10. @Mr. Lion
    Folks, take a good long look: this is what a fool looks like. He’s way too much of a fool to realize that when everything goes south, what he’ll be in Costa Rica is a despised Yankee imperialist, alone, with no or minimal family, no ties to any of the locals, outnumbered 100 to 1, and with enough material goods to be worth killing.

  11. “We have seven idiots to get rid of– this is not a terribly difficult thing to do.”

    That was a show vote, if those 7 idiots hadn’t taken the bullet then there are others like McConnell, Lyndey Graham and Jeff Flake who would have had to step up.
    The GOP whip is pretty good, he knows the minimum number of Sens he needs to stab us in the back so they can minimize the exposure.
    Remember primarying Murkowskey? The GOP circled the wagons and she won. And yes, she’s one of the 7.

    I’m in AZ, Flake is making all sorts of noises like a pol who loves America but his voting record is a bit different.

  12. Thanks for acknowledging your disloyalty and cowardice, “Mr. Lyin'”.
    Nail on the head, SDN.

  13. “I think the time is approaching if it’s not here already to strongly consider actively abandoning the GOP… So now is the time to lay the groundwork for the long war. And battle number one is assembling an actual army composed of people on our side with our ideals and goals in common.”

    Probably the most succinct example of why American conservatism has utterly failed as a political ideology: wait until the war is irretrievably lost, then start talking about considering whether or not its time to maybe form an army and start fighting.

  14. Not just a third party; a third party *and a fourth party*. The Democrats are ready for the same cleansing fire as well, and a lot of their voters are ready to ditch the liars and users who take their votes and then reward their insider friends.

    Just stopping at the Republicans will lead to the standard lament: “If you split the right-wing vote, the Democrats will always win!” But will they always win if THEIR vote is split too?

    Think of how exciting an election night would be with FOUR major parties contending! The exhausted GOPe, the riotous Trump Party, the shrivelled Clinton Party and the insane Sanders Party! I don’t know how the Electoral College would handle it, but they’ll have to figure out something.

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