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The identity transaction

Haven’t looked in on Eric Raymond in a while. I have been remiss.

There was a very silly news story recently about “Claire”, a transsexual “girl” with a penis who complains that she is rejected by straight guys for ‘having male parts’. Er, how was “she” expecting anything different? By trying to get dates with heterosexual teenage boys using a female presentation, she was making an offer that there is about her person the sort of sexual parts said boys want to play with. Since “she” does not in fact have a vagina, this offer was fraudulent and there’s no wonder the boys rejected it.

More to the point, why is this “girl” treated as anything but a mental case? Leaving aside the entire question of how real transgenderism is as a neuropsychological phenomenon, “she” clearly suffers from a pretty serious disconnect with observable reality. In particular, those delusions about teenage boys…

I can anticipate several objections to this transactional account of identity. One is that is cruel and illiberal to reject an offer of “I claim identity X” if the person claiming feels that identity strongly enough. This is essentially the position of those journalists from The Hill.

To which I can only reply: you can feel an identity as a programmer as strongly as you want, but if you can’t either already sling code or are visibly working hard on repairing that deficiency, you simply don’t make the nut. Cruelty doesn’t enter into this; if I assent to your claim I assist your self-deceit, and if I repeat it I assist you in misleading or defrauding others.

It is pretty easy to see how this same analysis applies to “misgendering” people with the “wrong” pronouns. People who use the term “misgender” generally follow up with claims about the subject’s autonomy and feelings. Which is well enough, but such considerations do not justify being complicit in the deceit of others any more than they do with respect to “I am a programmer”.

A related objection is that I have stolen the concept of “identity” by transactionalizing it. That is, true “identity” is necessarily grounded not in public performance but private feelings – you are what you feel, and it’s somehow the responsibility of the rest of the world to keep up.

But…if I’m a delusional psychotic who feels I’m Napoleon, is it the world’s responsibility to keep up? If I, an overweight clumsy shortish white guy, feel that I’m a tall agile black guy under the skin, are you obligated to choose me to play basketball? Or, instead, are you justified in predicting that I can’t jump?

You can’t base “identity” on a person’s private self-beliefs and expect sane behavior to emerge any more than you can invite everyone to speak private languages and expect communication to happen.

The self-contradictory madness of Progressivism has reached its end-stages. There really isn’t a whole lot further for it to go, and it needs to be put out of its—and our—misery, before it can do any more damage.


2 thoughts on “The identity transaction

  1. Note the contradiction: I can feel as strongly as I want that I should own guns, do what I like with the money I’ve worked hard to obtain, and live my own life free of government interference. Buy my feelings count for nothing in the eyes of the left. To them, those feelings are repugnant and illegitimate. The fact that they’re the founding principles of this nation are irrelevant to them. So my feelings that I’m a self-sufficient, responsible person count for nothing.

    On the other hand, a twelve year old can feel that he/she/it has a gender that objectively doesn’t match his/her/its body and chromosomal structure, and we’re supposed to take that so seriously that it’s a violation of civil rights not to drug them with hormones that match their delusions. We’re not just supposed to accept that psychosis that is trans-genderism – we’re supposed to support it and celebrate it, even to the extent of denying our own feelings of attraction to true members of the opposite sex instead of deluded, crazy members of our own sex.

    Thus is the left’s agenda exposed from top to bottom. It’s not about feelings. It’s not about diversity, tolerance, or acceptance. It’s about the raw power to dictate both what we are allowed to do and what we are allowed to think. They want that power. They crave it. They want to set the rules for all eternity to make every single individual join their collective craziness so that they can indulge their power fantasies over people who never did them wrong. They quite literally want the power to declare us insane if we don’t agree with them, and use that as the rationalization to do anything to us that they desire.

    They have displaced all the sleights, all the teasing, all the unfulfilled wants to be accepted while growing up into the collective group of all people who disagree with them. It’s their version of the stupid idea of reparations for slavery – that they should hold responsible people who did not commit the supposed crimes they experienced, just because those people are here now, and have the money to extract for their utopian schemes.

    One would hope we’ve reached the point where any rational person on the right sees that we can’t discuss or negotiate anything with the left. They intend to dominate us totally if they can, and they will use every tool at their disposal: violent thuggery, social condemnation, destruction of every institution we hold dear, and corruption of every bit of Enlightenment culture.

    Any person who, at this point, wrings their hands over Trump’s brutal methods against the left, particularly the media, is now marked as being too stupid and cowardly to participate in figuring out what to do. Anyone who looks at the insane demands of the transgender community and says “Well, it’s not really so much, why not give them what they want to keep things civil?” has marked themselves as a delusional poltroon. The left is going to push delusions until they dominate us all, if they can. Any sane person must realize by now that we have to push back. So why not get started right now?

  2. Billy Hollis :
    They quite literally want the power to declare us insane if we don’t agree with them

    This is the basis of the next major attack on President Trump, to remove him from office under the 25th amendment. Reminiscent of Stalin’s USSR — political dissidents will be declared insane and thrown in asylums.

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