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Used to it

Ain’t got a whole lot to say in defense of someone who responds to Manchester and the subsequent attacks by blaming Trump for it all.

Theresa May has said sorry to the Tory MPs and ministers who lost their seats as a result of her decision to call a snap general election which cost the Conservatives their majority.

A disastrous set of election results have left Mrs May clinging onto power with the Prime Minister forced to pursue a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to stay in Downing Street.

She had been hoping to boost her mandate for Brexit negotiations but the Tories actually lost seats and fell below the 326 needed to form a majority government.

What’s truly baffling is that—as I’ve been reading and hearing everywhere and can’t really find anything to contradict—the ceaseless Muslim terrorist onslaught had no impact on the election at all.

I mean…seriously? May’s pathetic appeasement of the savages who in just the last couple of weeks unleashed bloody mayhem in Manchester, at London Bridge, wasn’t a factor in any way here? Her mewling suck-uppery, her disgraceful contortions in blaming Trump for her own fecklessness, her abandonment of entire sectors of her once-proud and mighty nation to gang-rape and grooming and creeping sharia—these profound derelictions were suddenly irrelevant in a national referendum?

Of course, it’s not as if the useless Leftists in the other parties will do any better. England’s electoral choice would seem now to be between “weak” and “cringing,” between “self-deceiving” and “openly begging for mercy.” Given that, it’s kind of hard to get worked up about one party or the other losing or winning a single election; in the end, the foregone conclusion of dhimmitude is all that really matters here.

All in all: wow. Just…wow. “There’ll Always Be An England“? Not one worth bothering about, or that anybody would recognize as such. To re-quote Steyn:

On November 25th 1941, off the coast of Alexandria, HMS Barham was torpedoed by a German U-boat during a visit to the battleship by Vice-Admiral Henry Pridham-Wippell. The ship lurched to its port side, the commanding officer was killed, and the vice-admiral found himself treading oil-perfumed water surrounded by the ship’s men and far from rafts. To keep their morale up, he led them in a rendition of “There’ll Always Be An England”. The 31,000-ton Barham sank in less than four minutes, the largest British warship destroyed by a U-boat in the course of the war. But 449 of its crew of 1,311 survived.

“There’ll Always Be An England” was written for that England.

It’s different now. It’s still a popular headline, but today there’s a question mark at the end, either explicit or implied.

I’d say that by now, it’s more than explicit; the question mark is a given, hugely ironic, and the very asking of the question itself little more than a bitter joke.

It’s already too late for England; the jihadists are seeded throughout the nation, and even if the Brits began earnestly rounding up, locking up, and deporting first thing in the morning, they’ll suffer attack after attack for years to come. The pitiful truth is that they’ve been overrun; England is a conquered nation, and it’s just going to have to, as they say, get used to this.

England resigned itself to its ignominious fate long ago; disarmed, enfeebled, helpless, and besieged, they are now reaping the whirlwind. May God forbid that America ever walks the same shameful, contemptible road.

Now tell me again, whydon’tcha, how Trump’s disdain for NATO is just the most horrible, unthinkable thing EVAR.


6 thoughts on “Used to it

  1. Really, the standard issue limp response wasn’t the dial moving moment. The own goal of the dementia tax, and the subsequent U-turn; the “Forwards to the 1970s” vibe from the rest of the manifesto; the whole snap election thing; UKIP having declared victory and gone home, letting the anti-EU Labour voters go back to their tribal allegiances; and the Bernibros who bought into the Corbyn magic money tree manifesto (another “Forwards to the 1970s” in itself) — all these were sufficient to drain enthusiasm by themselves.

    Having been Home Secretary — a post that observably quickly transforms even the most libertarian incomer into someone who treats the general public as enemy number one — was just the cherry on the cake.

  2. Really, only a modest revision is required: “There’ll al-Ways Be An Eng al-Land”

  3. You say:

    What’s truly baffling is that—as I’ve been reading and hearing everywhere and can’t really find anything to contradict—the ceaseless Muslim terrorist onslaught had no impact on the election at all.

    Are you truly that naive? NONE of the God damned maggots running for office had ANY intention of properly addressing that enemy. They are just like the Uniparty in this country. They all long for One World Government, and will accept the murder of ANY number of Mere Citizens to get there. Hell, May’s solution was MORE internet restrictions for everyone!

    God damn them all to hell for what they have done to this world.

    And God damn every fuck shit pig that enables them.

  4. @Mark Matis Exactly correct! Well said!

    There aren’t any English Lions anymore. There are only de-balled pussycats, and they won’t even name, certainly not address, the actual enemies that they have, but insist on importing more of them. For ‘diversity.’ What a load of bullcrap!

    I endorse and second your closing:

    God damn them all to hell for what they have done to this world.
    And God damn every fuck shit pig that enables them. Amen!

  5. Eloquent post. When did the emasculization begin in the US? The mid 1980’s with all the androngenous gender blurring? We know European men were emasculated over several decades.

    This whole notion of accepting terrorist attacks as “the new normal” simply cannot be tolerated.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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