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Delenda est

Another delightful Schlichter column.

Name one normal person who has watched the leftist freak out and said, “Yeah, I’m convinced. That severed Trump head Kathy Griffin is hauling around? Really makes you think.” It sure does – normal people think, “Thank you, Lord, for helping America dodge that drunken, malignant bullet the liberals fired at us.”

But then nothing the liberals have done since last November’s humiliation has sought to expand the Democrats’ constricted base to include us normals. Instead, everything they have done seems designed solely to appeal to the coastal snobs and welfare cheats who are already committed to liberal fascism, and to demonstrate to everyone else how right we were to reject that pant-suited Chavez wannabe.

When you watch what they’re doing in response to normal Americans standing up and asserting the right to govern ourselves, you see the progressives making the losers’ choice at every turn. From concocting elaborate Russian fantasies – I keep expecting someone to demand Trump make Moscow General Hospital release his original birth certificate – to applauding performance art designed to make regular people gag, they choose wrong. And we can safely point this out because they’re too smug and/or stupid to listen.

This has been going on for a long time. A few years ago it was their collective swoon over the scuzzy shenanigans of the filthy lowlifes of what they called the “Occupy Movement.” But that Astroturf farce was only a “movement” to the extent that progs imagined that footage of its coterie of clowns executing bowel movements against cop cars was going to win over normal people.

Okay, that didn’t work, so the next brainstorm was to decide to refuse to recognize the results of the 2016 election – no doubt the people who left the Democrats would be convinced to return to a party that has made its centerpiece #TheResistance to what those voters voted for. And how better to appeal to the regular folks who chose Trump over Felonia von Pantsuit than, “Why, let’s have thousands of hideous crones wearing hats evoking genitalia march around talking about how working class men are bad.”

Yeah, no. That failed too. Have you seen any v-caps lately? Gyno headgear is now “La Macarena” of political novelty acts.

But Russia spazzing doesn’t create jobs, and it doesn’t address the underlying issues that led people who could’ve been voting for Hillary to diss her. So, especially after 12 months with no leaks of damning evidence and the reluctant admissions even from leading Democrats that there is no evidence of TRUMP LOVES PUTIN BECAUSE TREASON! at all, damning or otherwise, no one cares who wasn’t already offended to the core by normal people daring to make themselves heard last November.

And having that insane political Sasquatch wandering out of the woods every once in a while to insist that she actually won the election does not help. Which is why we should heartily encourage her to continue her bizarre quest for the presidency.

As they say: liberals want conservatives to shut up. Conservatives want liberals to keep talking. It’s never been more true than it is right now, when they’ve gone well past just talking and are only a small step or two away from squatting on all fours and baying at the freakin’ moon.

Actually literally insane update! Another example:

Co-host Brian Kilmeade asked why the issue of climate change had become a “religion” for the left, to which Steyn noted those on the left argue border enforcement is an impossibility, yet they believe they can control the heavens.

“I think precisely because it is so meaningless,” Steyn replied as to why the left is so invested in the issue. “Because if you say to them, ‘Let’s enforce the border’ — ‘What? Are you out of your mind? That’s just a natural phenomenon. We can’t enforce the border. People are going to be coming in anyway.’ But if you say to them, ‘We can control the very heavens,’ that, we can do. And it’s actually literally insane. The less it has to do with your life, the more the left is invested in it.”

Well, not quite. They want absolute, unquestioned control over that too. I’d rephrase that to: the less it has to do with objective reality, etc.


8 thoughts on “Delenda est

  1. As they say: liberals want conservatives to shut up. Conservatives want liberals to keep talking.

    And those like me just want the illiberal Left to take a short helicopter ride with a sharp *splat!* at the end of it.

    There are no “liberals” on the Left any longer, Mike, there’s only Leftists.

    And there never really were any liberals there. They co-opted the term Liberal long ago, used it until they irreversibly tainted it beyond all redemption as they do everything else, and then changed their label to “Progressive” so they could continue their same shtick under a new word while pretending to be something worth having around instead of something toxic to humanity and civilization.

    Calling them liberals is meaningless, and it just gives them cover that they don’t deserve. Never, ever adopt nor dignify the Left’s framing by accepting it.

  2. Some of us would rather have a whole bunch of them take a free ride on an autonomous airplane programmed by Microsoft…

    Much more effective than one-at-a time…

    Like the old joke:

    What do you call a bus full of lawyers going off a cliff? A good start!

  3. Much more effective than one-at-a time…

    Hey, what’s this one at a time shit? You can fit a whole bunch of ’em on a Chinook. 🙂

  4. Kathy Griffen is not a fringe actress of the left. She represents what the common-stream Dimwitvrat believes, but she is willing to express that stupidity and lack of humanity to the entire world.

    As far as AGW is concerned, the aim of it is not and never has been to prevent man from affecting climate change, and government subsidies to the “researchers” is only a sideshow to the plan. The entire focus of AGW is to take total control over every aspect of human life, and nothing less will satisfy the fascists promoting the entire farce called “AGW.”

  5. Helicopter rides worked in Chile. Compared to the numbers of people Communists eliminate to maintain total control, the paltry number of radical miscreants who were last seen plunging from thousands of feet into the jungle seems trivial.

    Chileans to this day enjoy a far more prosperous and functional system than their peers and neighbors. Perhaps the biggest problem with Stalin’s “break a few eggs” philosophy is that our wanna-be egg breakers need to be the ones who get broken instead.

  6. Kathy Griffen is not a fringe actress of the left. – Carlos


    Which I guess would be why when this story first broke, I went, “Who?” and had to Google her.

    Nope. Not a fringe celebrity at all.

    Silly twat. She went seeking “fame” and misspelled it.

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