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“Something is wrong with the American Left”

Well, I mean, ummm, y’know, DUH.

The recent spate of violent protests on college campuses has been well-documented, but the violence and intolerance championed by left-wing student activists is beginning to creep off campus and into mainstream public life.

The reason for this is straightforward enough: although progressives pride themselves on their putative tolerance and diversity, the imperatives of leftist politics are fundamentally illiberal. Justice imposed through power is the philosophical foundation of the political left, and when earnest progressives become convinced the only avenue to power is violence, their tolerance quickly falls by the wayside. Consider a few recent events, none of which involved college protesters but all of which were marked by threats of violence.

Last month, left-wing activists in Oregon caused the cancellation of the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade by threatening to drag “fascists” off the parade route—and by fascists, they meant the Republican Party of Multanomah County. In an email, the activists warned, “we will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward lgbt, immigrants, people of color or others.”

Which, of course, nobody is actually doing. By “espousing hatred,” these people actually mean expressing a preference for the traditional definition of marriage; wishing to re-establish our national borders; being quietly unsupportive of and alarmed by riots in support of thuggish, violent criminals who got themselves killed after attacking police officers or resisting arrest; and daring to elect a President who has the outrageous temerity to suggest that he will be cognizant of what nation he was elected to govern, and intends to fulfill his commitment to those who voted for him by actually doing what we sent him to Washington to do.

Having been spited and thwarted—some of them for the first time in their lives—by people they hate, despise, and fear, these reasonable, tolerant, freedom-loving folks immediately turned to rioting, looting, smashing, burning, and other acts of random violence. They have repeatedly demonstrated their intention to implement a semi-soft coup and negate the results of a legitimate national election by manufacturing absurd scandals, hogtying Trump himself by any means they can concoct, intimidating and even assaulting Trump supporters and Republican elected officials whenever they get the chance, resisting or defying laws and executive orders, and generally carrying on as if the election had never taken place—more accurately, as if they had won rather than lost.

Sadly, it’s not entirely unreasonable of them to expect this, because Republicans themselves went along with it for years, acting as if they’d lost whenever they managed to win. No wonder they’re completely gobsmacked; against all expectations, they have a guy in the White House who seems to have meant what he said, and is acting on it, and doesn’t seem in the least ashamed of himself for harboring such otherworldly notions. Why, it’s indecent—damned near unprecedented!

They are crazy as shithouse rats; they are used to having things their own way with little to no serious resistance; they are juvenile in both outlook and action; their political leaders enjoy their power and perks, and have no intention of surrendering them even temporarily, to any degree at all, without a fight.

No matter how many times their unworkable projects fail, no matter the exorbitant and unsustainable expense, no matter the wanton destruction they wreak on the country that sustains them, they expect those they demean, insult, and assault to continue meekly sitting back and acting as punching bags while being bled white in taxation to pay for their never-ending folly.

Our once-mighty economy has been staggering for years; unemployment has long been at previously-unimaginable levels, and nobody even bothers about the unpayable national debt anymore. Our infrastructure is crumbling, our highways and bridges in remarkable disrepair. No one seems surprised or much bothered that, so few years after 9/11, we are now reduced to tolerating a smaller-scale Muslim terror attack every other month or so…IN AMERICA, ON OUR OWN FUCKING SOIL. Democrat-Socialist “leadership” has been careful to remind us that we’ll just have to learn to live with that—that we can “absorb” it.

None of this has happened by accident, and all of it can be laid directly at the feet of Progressivist misrule, with Republican cooperation.

To the Left’s utter shock and dismay, it won’t go on forever; human nature won’t allow it, reality itself won’t. They can continue to foment violence and war if they wish, there’s not much we can do to stop them. But God help them when the long-suffering objects of their abuse begin to turn the tables and use their own tactics against them—directly, vigorously, and without one whit of remorse.


5 thoughts on ““Something is wrong with the American Left”

  1. “Something is wrong with the American Left”

    You mean there’s something that isn’t wrong with the (un)American Left? (o0) Do tell. I mean it. Do. Tell.

    That’s just gotta be a really short goddam list. I’m all ears. 🙂

  2. The post-election vibe in this country is unlike any other I can remember in my lifetime; the Left really does seem to be working themselves up into such a state:

    Redneck Revolt

    Someone tell doofpecker here which end of the gun goes bang.
    (found here)

    Looking around the Web, one gets the impression that quite a few people are just patiently waiting until it’s time to start shooting them. That would be a terrible day, should it come. It won’t be splendid ranks in gallant array, it will be bombs and ambushes, assassinations and kidnappings, torture and wiping out whole families. Knowing where the sympathies of everyone in your neighborhood lie will be a life and death matter. Latin American or Yugoslavian in nature it will be, the Left are two-legged sewer rats and will target children, elderly, and the disabled, if their riots are anything to go by. In that context these are well worth reading:

    Days Of Rage

    Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth

    Should it come, I suppose the attitude will be to make sure it won’t be necessary to have to go back and do it again at some future date.

    Also, those Redneck Revolt people and Doofpecker, above, are going to regret running into some actual rednecks.

  3. Looking around the Web, one gets the impression that quite a few people are just patiently waiting until it’s time to start shooting them.

    Some of us not so patiently. My patience ran out years ago.

    That would be a terrible day, should it come.

    I’m not convinced.

  4. It will be schadenfreudefreakingtastic to watch the ruling class leftist oppressors get what’s coming to them.
    Gotcha linked & quoted in today’s #TrumpDay post at my place, btw!

  5. @Ironbear

    This needs to occur and sooner rather than later. Pain is the sole source of consciousness for some people. Bring on the apocalypse, it is the only thing that will save us as shitlibs will never ever allow you any quarter in politics, work, or war.

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