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Shatner gigged

By pigs.

Writing on Twitter—which, for better or worse, is the closest the public has to an agora these days—Shatner was responding to some foo-foo pseudo-academic essay regarding what Star Trek’s Captain Kirk character can teach us about gender equality in a postmodern/post-gender society, or something like that, because I have to confess I didn’t read the article and would frankly rather have long knitting needles shoved forcefully through my ears than ever have to read, or even ponder the existence of, such an article again. Apparently the term “toxic masculinity” reared its stinky head in the article, to which Shatner responded:

Feminism is great but terms like toxic masculinity are degrading. It borders on that imaginary concept to feminists: misandry.

This toxic idea that Shatner shat out chafed the ample thighs of one Mari Brighe, a dude who thinks he’s a woman and who’s pursuing a career agitating for the imaginary “rights” that he imagines are being denied to the people who share his delusion. Mari—again, a white dude who for some reason has taken it upon himself to speak for white and nonwhite women against white-male pathologies—denied that “misandry” even exists:

“Feminism is great except that part where it criticized men.”

“Misandry is about as real as Klingons, Bill.”

All things being equal, I would say the idea that Mari Brighe is a woman is roughly as real as Klingons. On the other hand, I think “misandry”—a generalized hatred for and/or disparagement of males as a group—is as real as testicle cancer.

The snowflakes’ idea that they can alter biology, economics, culture, political power structures, relationships between sexes, ethnicities, hostile religious groups, and just about everything else simply by wishing it so and torturing language and the meaning of certain words, is what guarantees the eventual downfall of Progressivist folly every time. As I’ve said so many times, here and elsewhere: their argument isn’t with us. It’s with reality.

Chant the mantras and misappropriate the words all they like, that will never, ever be an argument they can win. Holding their breath until they all turn blue would be about as effective. More in line with their level of emotional and intellectual development, too.


1 thought on “Shatner gigged

  1. that will never, ever be an argument they can win.

    I believe “progressives” liberofascists have concluded that spouting their utter nonsense isn’t, for them, the best way to win arguments. That’s why they won’t engage in any honest ones. Instead, they subscribe to the saying, “it takes two to argue,” but in their rigidly totalitarian little minds, take it to mean, “use any and all means to get rid of everyone who might ever argue with you!” All dictators, big and small, have to do this, else they can’t force others to shut up and just suffer them and their nonsense without any objection.

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