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Trump fires liberal hate-object Comey, just as they’ve been demanding for months; liberals OUTRAGED!

Okay, now it’s just becoming funny.


Ace has captured all the frothing hilarity, including this bit, wherein noted BirkenstockCon David Frum chokes on his own, umm, cuck:

Uhh, well, no, actually, it isn’t. Trump being the duly elected head of state and all, it’s pretty much impossible by definition for him to launch any sort of coup. Well, unless you consider his exercising his right to fire an underling a “coup”—or, more to the point, unless you consider the Deep State inviolable, untouchable, and beyond the exercise of any influence or supervision at all by a mere elected representative of the American people. Thanks for playing and all, but you might want to brush up a little on exactly what kind of country this is supposed to be. Yeah, we’re pretty far removed from it at this point, but some of us still cling to the old ideals, and hope to see at least some of them restored someday. Trump’s letter notifying the blithering incompetent Comey tells the story:

Dear Director Comey:

I have received the attached letters from the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of the United States recommending your dismissal as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately.

While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.

It is essential that we find new leadership for the FBI that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Donald J. Trump

Comey, let’s not forget, is the guy who introduced the idea that a crime committed without evident “intent” to commit a crime is somehow no longer a crime; I’d like to see how that works out for me next time I get a speeding ticket because I was idling along not paying close enough attention to how fast I was driving, or am caught breaking some law I never even knew existed. I’ll be sure to use the Comey Argument when the arresting officer reminds me that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

I’m guessing I already know how far that will get me.

But the best part of all is the shrieking outrage from everydamned Leftard in the nation over this. Last week they were calling for Comey’s head for costing Her Herness the election; now giving him his pink slip is high treason, an atrocity, a “coup.”

Which just makes it all the more clear that no matter what Trump does, they’re going to lapse into full-on hysterical screaming fantods. If he unilaterally repealed the Constitution, seized all private business and industry for the government, instituted full-bore single-payer healthcare, and declared us the Socialist Republic of Amerikastan, they’d suddenly discover a new affection for the benefits of free-market capitalism and Constitutionally-protected liberty.

And that’s the beauty of all this, see. Trump has them so discombobulated, so blinded by their mindless hatred of him, that they’re no longer capable of maintaining their focus on their long-time goal of dragging the country as far as possible into the Leftist morass. All they can manage at this point is a reflexive opposition to Trump himself. He’s kind of like freedom’s lightning rod now; as long as they’re so fanatically focused on him, maybe they’ll leave everything else they’re usually fucking with alone, for at least a little while.

Yeah, I know, I know, wishful thinking. I mean, they can’t possibly maintain this extreme level of freaked-out insanity for much longer, can they?

Can they?

Update! Just a reminder for President Trump: No time like the present to get busy on cleaning the rest of Obama’s rats out of the nest, sir. May Comey wind up being merely a good start; there’s no compelling reason to leave even one Obama appointee drawing a federal paycheck for any longer than you absolutely must. Drain that damned swamp, Donald.

Updated update! Adams analyzes:

The news coverage of Comey’s firing has become excellent entertainment. This is the biggest cognitive dissonance cluster bomb we’ve seen since election night. This one has everything.

President Trump’s official reason for the Comey firing has to do with a loss of confidence over his handling of the Clinton email investigation. The beauty of that official explanation (true or not) is that it is making heads explode with Democrats and the Opposition Media. How dare President Trump fire the person we publicly demanded he fire!

These loons are like a dog spinning around and around trying to catch his tail; when he finally gets a good bite at it, he yelps, because it hurts. The Left is so unhinged by being upbraided by the body politic and having their grip on power loosened they can’t help but throw tantrum after tantrum in response, revealing their hateful dementia to all and sundry in a way that can be neither denied nor ignored—at last plunging on past madness into pure self-contradictory comedy. The main distinction between them and the dog is that the dog at least has sense enough to let go when he realizes what his folly is costing him.

Cognitive dissonance was always the stock in trade of a passel of cretins who: A) hate the cops but insist they should be the only ones with guns; B) despise and disparage all religions except the very one that would put them to death in job lots without hesitation; C) have spent decades undermining marriage, but insist on it for a group of approved victims who are in the main uninterested in it; D) have spent decades demanding tolerance for, dialogue with, concessions to, and emulation of Russia, but who all of a sudden hate, distrust, and fear the Evil Empire more than Tailgunner Joe ever did.

All in all a good piece by Scott, possibly excepting this bit:

My opinion of Comey’s handling of the Clinton email issue remains the same. I believe he sacrificed his career and reputation to avoid taking from the American voters their option of having the leader of their choice. If Comey had pushed for Clinton’s indictment, the country would have ended up with a President Trump without a “fair” election. That was the worst-case scenario for the country and the world. Comey prevented that disaster while still making it clear to the American public that Clinton was not guilt-free with her email server. He let the voters decide how much weight to assign all of that. In my opinion, Comey handled the Clinton email situation like a patriot. The media is spinning the situation as “making it all about himself.” That’s true in the same sense that a Medal of Honor winner who jumped on a grenade to save his buddies is “making it all about himself.” I don’t disagree with the characterization that Comey was trying to be the “hero” because that’s how it looks to me too.

Umm, okay, maybe, I guess. Perhaps I’m doing Comey an injustice, but I can’t see him as being that smart. He’s looked all along to me like a career bureaucrat who got nailed at last by the Peter Principle; he never looked to me like he was anything other than a typical mid-to-lower-high level DC plodder who suddenly found himself in way over his head. I could be wrong, of course, and we’ll most likely never really know. But all his hapless floundering around all this time—along with Occam’s Razor—would seem to support it.


7 thoughts on “Trump fires liberal hate-object Comey, just as they’ve been demanding for months; liberals OUTRAGED!

  1. Comey would have been better off refusing to go along with the fiction that anyone except the Attorney General or a United States Attorney had the power to decide upon an indictment of Hillary. Even to the point of resignation. There would have been enough agents who had been conducting the investigation to preserve the product of the investigation. Providing cover for Loretta Lynch isn’t something I would want to wake up and think about in the middle of the night.

    That would have left plenty of other reasons to dismiss him, of course, such as all the terrorists who had been interviewed and then allowed to continue on their merry way, i.e. Boston bombers, San Bernardino and Orlando shooters.

    Q: What do you call a lawyer running the FBI going under the bus?
    A: A good start.

  2. That would be a good answer, Monty James only if it was LITERALLY true.

    And if the bus was moving rapidly when it happened…

  3. The lefty media says that firing Comey is a coup. That is crazy according to common definition, but it feels that way to them. Why?

    Comey was the leader of the FBI, an independent, national, investigative police force. He would be able to bring down Trump with just a bit of evidence. He was the leader of the Democrat poice state. Firing him was a literal coup from the lefty viewpoint.

    How could this be true when Trump could fire Comey at any time, as Trump just did? The Left had created a call for ongoing investigations which would raise the accusation that firing Comey was an attempt to avoid prosecution. They set up the claim (now asserted) that Trump has fired Comey with dirty hands. But, Trump has courage, and fired Comey anyway, after setting up some political cover by getting agreable opinions in writing from the current and former heads of the US police and justice agencies.

    One might argue that Comey was not a Lefty, but independent. On the lefty side, he worked hard to get Hillary off the hook for trying to entirely hide her communications in government. This, during a time when the Bill and Hillary Foundation collected hundreds of millions in contributions from foreign and domestic companies.

    On the righty side, didn’t Comey publicly explain how reckless Hillary had been? Didn’t that reduce Hillary’s chance of being President? I think it was the best of a bad situation for the Left and was done with Obama’s approval.

    Hillary had been caught with her hands on the server, and she had deleted 30,000 “personal” emails. Ignoring this would have damaged public trust in the expected continuation of Socialism under President Hillary. The best course was to be accused and acquitted.

    The facts could not be turned over to then Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch is a reliable lefty, but there would be no explanation for not prosecuting Hillary.

    Comey was given an amazing task. He recited all of Hillary’s crimes (Subtitle: I and the FBI are competent and we see all of this). Then, he officially announced that Hillary was a soft lamb that had no intent to do anything wrong. He supposedly determined this after inverviewing Hillary without oath or videotape. Loretta Lynch had no comment.

    Amazingly, Comee added that other people in the future might be prosecuted for doing these things. Only quite intelligence people saw this as an admission that Hillary was getting special treatment.

    Trump will now fight the post-coup battle. Can be convince the public that he did not fire Comey to avoid his own indictment? And, can he instead find remaining evidence on Hillary and other corrupt Democrats?

  4. Uhh, well, no, actually, it isn’t. Trump being the duly elected head of state and all, it’s pretty much impossible by definition for him to launch any sort of coup.


    Thinking about it, Mike, you’re correct, but

    There is one time and one way that the POTUS can be accused of attempting a coup, and actually attempt one: if he refuses to step down and turn over the office to his successor following an election loss, or the end of his limited terms.

    It’d probably be a short lived coup, but it’s possible.

    But no: firing your own employees isn’t a coup.

  5. Shorter Scott:He had to destroy the rule of law to save save The Republic. (A nation of laws)
    His actions are indefensible.

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