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Ummm….WINNING, is it?

I think Coulter just may be tired of all the, uhh, WINNING.

Mulvaney’s most disturbing comment was to say that what upset Trump the most was the Democrats’ “spiking the football” on this deal.

Apparently, Trump’s fine with no wall — and everything else in a bill straight out of George Soros’ dream journal — if only the Democrats hadn’t been so rude as to tell the public about it. When your main complaint is that the other side is gloating too much, maybe you’re not that great a negotiator.

Yeah, sure, it’s only 100 days in, it’s an artificial deadline, the media is dying to say Trump has failed and so on.

Except: Planning for the wall should have begun on Nov. 9, and a spade should have been put into the earth to begin building it the day after Trump’s inauguration. Now, it’s 100 days later, and we still don’t have the whisper of a prospect of a wall.

Moreover, this isn’t one random bill funding Planned Parenthood (which this bill does). This is the budget deal. There won’t be another one like it until next October.

That’s a spectacular failure. Democrats have got to be pinching themselves, thinking, Am I dreaming this?

Oh, I doubt that. After all, it’s only been like this for the last forty years or so; they gotta be so used to it by now they just take it as a given. This, though, is the crucial part:

No amount of abandoning his supporters will get Trump anywhere with Wall Street, Hollywood or the media. Their ferocity will simply shift to ridicule.

The deal was that we were getting the Hollywood version of a New York businessman: an uncouth, incurious rube — who would be ruthless in getting whatever he wanted.

In addition to being the only candidate for president in either party taking America’s side on trade, immigration, jobs and crime, what set Trump apart was his promise that we would finally win.

Remember? There would be so much winning, we were going to get “sick and tired of winning,” and beg him, “Please, please, we can’t win anymore…It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else.”

We’re not winning. We’re losing, and we’re losing on the central promise of Trump’s campaign.

How would Trump, the businessman, react if an underling charged with developing a new golf course could never break ground?

Trump would fire that employee so fast your head would spin.

We want the ruthless businessman we were promised.

We certainly do. Yes, it’s early days yet, steep learning curve, all that. And I always said anyone expecting Trump to fix everything all by himself was delusional—in four years, much less a few months. But on the wall at least, it’s time for him to dig in and bare some teeth. No, he can’t legislate from the Oval Office, that ain’t how it works. And yes, he’s produced some very good executive orders, and is fighting a three-front war against the Republicrats, the Demicans, and Court Media. But he’s showing too much give on some of his core platform planks, seems to me, and if he wants to risk being turned into a lame duck three years prematurely, well, that’s probably the way to go about it.

We elected you to drain the damned swamp, Donald. A tough job, certainly—maybe, probably an impossible one—and one that won’t get done in a day, or a hundred of them. But you ain’t gonna do it by pouring more stinkwater in, either.

Update! Schlichter:

So far you’ve done some great things, and you are blessed with hilariously inept enemies. But the one opponent you can’t beat is yourself. That’s why they are trying to manipulate you – because only you can defeat you.

Are you going to let yourself be played?

Do you want to go down in history as a loser?

If your reaction to seeing your buddy Arnold’s miserable failure is “Oh yeah? Hold my near beer!” just keep on stiffing your friends and hanging with the “cool” kids who are laughing at you behind your back.

Or you can say “No.” You can take charge. You can tell the K Street Krew and the Squish Squadron how it’s going to be. You spent your life dealing with old money jerks who laughed at you for who you are and what you did. Until now, you played them. Not vice versa. They were never your friends, and they aren’t now.

Choose to lead, not be led.

Choose loyalty to you and the cause, not the wormtongued advice of craven creeps.

Choose to be a winner, not pathetic.

Amen, to every word of it. Screw those “craven creeps,” as hard and fast and deep as possible, every chance you get. Dance with who brung ya.


9 thoughts on “Ummm….WINNING, is it?

  1. A few points as I see them.

    Trump is coming down hard on illegals here, fighting against Sanctuary Cities, and slowing the incoming to a trickle. Right now Trump doesn’t need a Wall. Symbolically though and to cement the permanence of his illegals maneuvers he has to get the Wall eventually.

    Which leads to my next point. I don’t think Ryan is ever going to give him a budget with specific earmarks for the Wall. Trump keeps saying we will have the Wall. I’ll take him at his word. I think he has a way to just take funds and give it over to building a Wall. After all, no one appropriated the billions for Iran to Obama. Our government has been a giant slush fund to this point.

    Which is why he put off the budget battle. He wants to fight his Obamacare RnR and Tax Reform battles now and get the economy moving. The President’s traditional first budget doesn’t come until Sep or Oct of his first year. So Trump has been laying down markers that come Sep he better start seeing a budget to his liking.

    Once he gets his first agend items through perhaps he’ll start building the Wall. Perhaps he’ll look to get the Wall funds in the first Trump budget and then if he doesn’t get it he’ll build the Wall anyway.

    Trust one thing. Trump has a Plan and it’s not a fly by the seat of his pants Plan without options for various potential scenarios. Trust Trump for now.

  2. And damn the filthy maggot swill in the so-called “Freedom Caucus” who have the votes to remove Ryan from the Speakership, but refuse to do so and thus force President Trump to work with that God damned filthy lying piece of treasonous shit.

  3. I’m going to bide for a time yet, Mike.

    As you say:

    Yes, it’s early days yet, steep learning curve, all that. And I always said anyone expecting Trump to fix everything all by himself was delusional—in four years, much less a few months.

    So far, I’ve seen a lot of progress and effort done by Trump on things he said he’d do, and things I like, and not so much on other things. But it’s still early, and he has an thoroughly entrenched enemy working to undermine him. It’s an uphill fight. (We knew this going in.)

    I’m going to hold my tongue and sit on my hands (to keep them away from my keyboard), no matter how difficult it gets, and do the Silverado thing: “Hide and Watch,”, until after the 2018 elections.

    I want to see who gets Cantored or fired over all of this crap, and who doesn’t.

    Then, if there’s no meaningful progress on The Wall and few other things – then I’ll start critiquing him in earnest.

    If ya’ll want to say I’m mindlessly cheerleading for Trump during that now to late 2018 period, hey: have at.

    Just do recall that I do reciprocate in kind, eh? 😉

    Just go back to what I’ve said all the way down the line, consistently, as far back as January and February of 2016 at Insty’s and elsehwere:

    Trump is not a Savior, and not “the Solution.” There are no political solutions to the problems caused by politics.

    What Trump is, what he’s always been, is merely our last chance to find a solution that doesn’t lead inevitably to the cartridge box. It’s our last real shot at the ballot box.

    After this, it gets real.

  4. The REAL problem? The GOP. House Republicans write these bills, not Trump. Paul Ryan decides who gets to do what. House and Senate Republicans decide what amendments are allowed to be voted on, what rules are changed, what votes are taken.

    The GOP is JUST AS MUCH OUR ENEMY AS THE DEMONCRATS. Trump can do nothing…but I’d rather see him sticking it to the GOP by vetoing this awful mess than just going along with it.

    I think the manufactured “Russia hacked the election” hoax showed Trump who’s boss. The Deep State said, “Do what we want or we’ll ‘trump’ up all the charges we want against you and put you away or make you resign in humiliation!”

  5. “The REAL problem? The GOP. House Republicans write these bills, not Trump. Paul Ryan decides who gets to do what. House and Senate Republicans decide what amendments are allowed to be voted on, what rules are changed, what votes are taken.”

    I could make a suggestion on that, but I suspect that both Mike and Bill have noticed that of late I’m defaulting to “IMPALE THEM!” as a solution for more and more things, so I won’t. 🙂

    Gotta say, though, that ah… “elevating our elected misRepresentatives high above us” on the ends of sharpened sticks has a lot to recommend it.

    I can see why my Slavic ancestors liked the concept, more and more.

  6. We are getting the wall; it is being worked on, right now.

    I had a lengthy comment going, here, and then, as happens constantly on this apple product, the page reloaded and whoosh – my comment disappeared before I could post it. Dammit!

    We are being lied to [as always!]. I can’t believe Ann is falling for it. At least Kurt knew that he needed “an iceberg of salt.” President Trump has his work cut out for him, but he’s not turning his back on us. He’s, what, 105 days in? None of what he promised was going to happen overnight.

    I, personally, am not going to give up on President Trump. And, I choose to continue with my support of him and of what he is doing. Will everything he does be perfect and exactly what I want? No, probably not. But he – President Trump – is a far superior choice than the other choice we had on that ticket running for the same office, and President Trump will do a whole lot more good than the horrors shillary would have hoisted upon us… Did we dodge a bullet this past November? Phuck, no! In that regard, we dodged the MOAB!!

    Don’t forget the mess that o’zero left. No way that kind of disaster can be cleaned up in just a hundred-plus days! And the swamp? Ditto. It is going to take some time to drain. The swamp didn’t get filled in just a short hundred-plus days – it has taken years to fill! I’m not saying that it will take years to drain, but to empty something so vast and clean-up something so rotten and so vile is going to take a Herculean effort, some patience, and more than just a hundred-plus days.

  7. who have the votes to remove Ryan

    really? FORTY votes is a majority of 215?

    I think Ryan’s a dingshit, too. But he’ll be Speaker at least through this calendar year.

  8. It would be a most excellent good-faith gesture if THe Donald would move to put Hillary, Abedin, Lynch, and that IRS broad into Leavenworth, however.

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