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Fighting the Antifa fascists: a practical AAR

Advice from someone who’s been there and done that:

Those Nike batting helmets are light, but they work! I took a rock to the top of my head yesterday that probably would have had me out. We also tested it before the saturday with a could of good smacks to the sides and back with both dowels and 1x3s. The impact jerked your head, but it protected against the pain and did a reasonable job of getting the blow to skate along the curves of the helmet.

One of the folks there next to me wasn’t wearing a helmet, and took a nasty smack in the head with a thrown full mini-can of soda. He recovered OK, but there was a LOT of blood. They have video of him getting treated.

Wear a helmet…even if you are fit and young. I armored up because I am slow, but even those fit madmen dodging rocks on the front line could use it.

…and VD, They did a fantastic job of keeping the lines together yesterday. They had folks watching for flanking and the berserkers (that’s what those based millennials were fighting like…absolutely breathtaking) at the front were keeping an ear out for the yell to pull back when they smashed into the front lines of the very skinny antifa janissaries. There were only a few incidents of folks pushing too far and getting enveloped.

Gloves are necessary as well. I started out with my motorcycle gloves, but lost them when I took them off to put some gauze on the fellow how to smack with the soda. Even though I didn’t take a hit in the hands, I still learned why I needed them after the rally when I was heading back home. I didn’t get pepper sprayed directly, but I did go through the clouds a couple of times and helped a few guys holding their head back when they were getting their eyes washed out. Pepper spray residue was all over my hands and when I took off my mask, helmet and goggles, I instinctively wiped my lips. Noob mistake that would have been mitigated if I was wearing gloves. I’m glad there were no cameras to capture my “it’s too spicy” dance.

Vox elaborates:

Remember, antifa is all offense, so the leaders are not expecting to engage in any direct conflict themselves. The wedgies were a nice touch; another effective humiliation is to tie their shoelaces together or to remove their belts and bind their ankles with them.

Okay, that’s just hilarious right there. Once our side really DOES get fed up and decide to start fighting back, these pitiful geeks are well and truly fucked. They’ve become used to assaulting people with complete impunity; that will end, and right soon. They’re cowards, and nothing more—accustomed to hiding in crowds and never being called to account for their chickenshit attacks; sucker-punching people and then running away, never pursued by the cops and allowed to melt away into the surrounding landscape.

These are quintessential liberal-fascists, opposed to violence except when it suits them, completely ignorant of guns and other weaponry that they’re viscerally frightened of and upset by. Unfortunately for them, they’ll soon be facing off with former soldiers, men who have served in the combat arms and have done battle on faraway fields against a relentless enemy, under absurd rules of engagement demanded by the self-same feebs that forced them to witness the slaughter of their brothers for no good reason, while denying them the ability to retaliate effectively.

Those combat-blooded soldiers resent those ROEs, as well they might; they know full well who inflicted the ROEs on them—who tied their hands and effectively turned them from able, near-invincible warriors into mere walking targets. And now those pathetic, gutless cowards want to overturn an election that didn’t go their way, to effect a soft coup d’etat merely by boo-hooing and bleating in the streets over it?

Um—sorry, snowflakes, but…no. Most emphatically, NO. If you really do want a stand-up fight, keep pushing and you’re going to get one. If you want to keep on sneaking up and punching us from behind without ever being called to account, well, sorry to tell you: Ain’t. Gonna. Happen. Our patience with you is fully expended. We don’t want this civil war. But we aren’t the types to shrink from it if it’s forced on us, either. Both cheeks have been turned at this point; you damned well better wake up and pull yourselves back from the brink of madness, before we all plunge over the precipice and into the abyss in one big, ugly pile.

I say again: I fervently hope they do come to their senses at last. But I ain’t holding my breath, either. Wedgies, pepper spray, and batting helmets are going to be the very least of it, and will come to seem quaint and almost charming before all is said and done, I’m afraid. If they don’t stop pushing, it will be bullets, blood, and disastrous chaos all too soon, seems to me.

But know what? So be it then, frankly. They’ve stolen all of our liberty that they ought to be allowed; way more, in fact. May they come to regret that choice, as is only just. And may they profit from their very own teachable moment, at long last. As I keep saying: there is liberty, or there is tyranny. All they ever had to do was leave us alone. They wouldn’t, or couldn’t. Now, they must be stopped. And eventually, they will be.

Update! Have we reached peak liberal-fascist violence yet?

Political Violence is Here — Now the Question is, Who Can Do it Better?
The fake news media was silent when a woman wearing a Make BITCOIN Great Again hat was pepper sprayed by (a) left-wing activist. The young woman wearing a bitcoin hat was not the first woman to be assaulted by a liberal.

No, she most certainly was not—nor the last, either. But soon enough, one of us will be the last. May God have mercy on the liberal-fascists when we finally decide we’ve had enough…because we surely won’t. They’ll get the same mercy and forbearance from us that we’ve received from them right along: none at all.

(Via WRSA)


2 thoughts on “Fighting the Antifa fascists: a practical AAR

  1. *Yawn*
    Let me know when you’re all through with this Kabuki dance of theatrical clashes with young nitwit anarchists. I’ll move up on the flank into an overwatch position with my AR-15 and start plugging the ones with the masks and those stupid Guy Fawkes masks. Then they’ll be convinced that the war is on. Maybe the police will figure out about then that they should probably enforce the anti-terrorism and snit-rioting laws, rather than wait for the inevitable militia enforcement.

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