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Wrong again

An administration in chaos, that doesn’t know what it’s doing!

It seemed as though no headway would be made going into the Mar-a-Lago Summit. And, had Trump been a conventional politician, it is likely that he would have given the proverbial store away for a token photo op with Xi. But, geopolitics is akin to magic, and the best practitioners of geopolitics often use the same tools of theatricality and deception to aid them in their quest for greatness.

The thrust of the Mar-a-Lago Summit was about how Trump could get Xi Jinping to embrace regime change in North Korea.

We’ve heard over the decades that the only way to ensure that North Korea does not go nuclear is to topple the Kim regime. However, we won’t do that because of the costs involved, the risk to South Korea (and the wider region), and the fact that China would likely feel compelled to send military forces to their stricken client state’s aid. That, of course, would risk igniting another world war.

Trump understood this. Since President Trump is the master of the art of the deal, he likely spent the last several months bashing China as an opening bid in his effort to topple Kim Jong-un at cost. So, Trump and his team assembled a catchy deal with China: America will sell China its coal and grant Chinese firms access to America’s lucrative market, if China promises to stabilize North Korea after the United States topples Kim Jong-un. For all of their rhetoric about the evils of America, Xi and his fellow CCP apparatchiks yearn for greater access to American markets.

No sooner had the Trump Administration launched its volley of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Assad’s air base, than China refused to accept a major shipment of vital coal from North Korea. The United States has deployed a flotilla to the western Pacific Ocean. Also, the renowned U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 has been deployed to South Korea on a “training mission.” Just what are they training for? Only the SEALs know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it involves ensuring that Kim Jong-un is soon to have a very bad day. Oh, yeah, and China just moved 150,000 of its troops to the North Korean border.

Just as D’Angelo described, Trump’s magic trick was a misdirection for both the press and the Chinese. He created an illusion—the attack on Assad—to distract his audience, while he deftly performed an action only he and Xi could see. In one fell swoop, then, Trump managed to set the stage for regime change in North Korea without repeating the missteps of Iraq. He’s reinvigorated America’s military prestige. Also, by opening up American coal to Chinese interests, President Trump has upheld his campaign pledge to coal miners. President Trump has also rehabilitated the ailing Sino-American relationship (what was once dubbed “Chimerica”).

And just pay no attention to the NeverTrumpTard behind the curtain…weeping. More from McInnes:

You can be an isolationist Trump supporter who hates meddling in the Middle East and still think this was a brilliant move. This wasn’t intervention. It was a fireworks display. We’re done. There will be no abdication of thrones nor any boots on the ground. Sure, U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley says Assad has to go, but the secretary of state said that “the first priority is the defeat of ISIS.” Secretary of state is a real job. The U.N. is Hollywood.

This is a huge part my compatriots seem to be missing. The Middle East is all about theatrics. Palestinians stage so many pretend attacks they call it “Pallywood.” There are false flags all over the place, from fake car-bomb attacks to the entire country listening to a 7-year-old refugee girl in Aleppo who tells us, “Condemnation doesn’t save lives but actions do.” It’s entirely possible the gas attack never happened. I don’t really care. What matters is that the world thinks it happened, and that means we need to react. That’s all it was—a reaction. Only half our missiles even hit their target. The Russians had already left and Syria managed to get all their personnel out too. We just blowed up a bunch of shit and it “blowed up real good.” It was a checkmate move on five different chessboards that took out the following opponents.

All of which badly needed taking out, and were ripe to the point of rot for it. But isn’t it amazing how much of this basic, elementary “Art Of The Deal” stuff our professional-politician “experts” seem to not only not understand at all, but to be completely unaware of? Apparently, spending an entire career cloistered in DC Fantasyland with your fellow tapeworms and remoras isn’t really good preparation for anything at all—beyond a graduate-level education in making messes and fucking up generally.


5 thoughts on “Wrong again

  1. I’ll be interested to find out what was exchanged for the Chinese’ help in dealing with L’il Fatso. There had to have been something.

  2. Same deal with the MOAB. You really only need to drop one in order to ask the unasked: Would you like a hundred of these? A thousand?

    Trump is the best Commander in Chief we’ve had in a very long while, if for no other reason than he couldn’t be bothered with anything other than the complete destruction and/or capitulation of our enemies, as he has bigger fish to fry. To facilitate that, he’s more or less said: Hey, the Marines like killing things, let them handle it. Which is exactly the right decision.

  3. A personal mea culpa.

    Thank you for this piece. I am sad to say I had allowed my appreciation of Mr. Trump’s talents to go a bit awry in my own mind, and forgot that with him, the obvious is never that, until he is done with whatever he is doing and it smacks one in the forehead.

    This piece smacked me in the forehead. Thank you.

  4. The amusing thing is that the Russians claimed that there were only 23 hits out of 59 launched Tomahawks. If you take a look at the published satellite pictures, it’s obvious that at least 50 hit the airbase. The Russians also showed some jets that were sitting out and didn’t get hit – MIG-21’s and earlier, rusting on the side of the runway. Yep, we didn’t target the decoys, so they’re using them to decoy the press.

    We know that there was one Tomahawk misfire, but it’s quite possible that there were 58 hits on that airbase, not 23.

  5. It’s quite possible that Putin is so full of himself that he dismissed the Syrian airstrike and used it only as fodder for rhetoric, but I’m sure he’s paid attention to the MOAB bombing and that DJT is willing to back his word.

    Xi doesn’t seem to have that problem. He sees his choices as backing a loser or negotiating with Trump. He will negotiate and get the best deal he can until it’s in his/China’s best interest to bluff or threaten the U.S. Putin will probably test Trump in the Ukraine, but won’t go to the brink because it’s not worth it, and the next prez will probably be easier to intimidate. Time is on his side.

    Meantime, I’m sure the girly-man former prez is peeing his pants.

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