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Take heart, folks, and don’t buy the bullshit. The NeverTrumpTards have been wrong about Trump from the very start, every step of the way; there is no reason on this earth to think they’re finally right about him now.

When the Environmental Protection Agency thinks it has the authority to fine a chicken plucker in West Virginia because there are feathers in the ground that might wash off in the rain, then we no longer have environmental protection of navigable waters.

We have a monster.

The media and the Washington Establishment have dismissed President Trump as an outsider who does not understand government.

But as a builder who dealt with building codes, safety, and politicians for the last 45 years, he understands the whole concept of the hidden levers of government. Plus Newt Gingrich schooled him well.

Gingrich gave us the Congressional Review Act of 1996 to repeal bad regulations. Control both houses of Congress and you can repeal the final regulations of your predecessor.

Bush 43 was able to use it but once, due to Democrats taking back the Senate in 2001. The law allows the repeal of regulations less than a year old, so its only going to help a Republican repeal Democratic regulations that first year.

President Trump has used it seven times.

Bill has plenty more examples, too. Sure, let the whimpering Beltway Bandits bleat about “disarray in the White House,” about Trump’s supposed error in not wasting time and ordnance on a runway that would have been back in service in a day or two anyway. Let them sniff about his supposed “floundering,” his “failure,” his being “in over his head.” Meanwhile, he’s still running rings around the jackasses defending the DC status quo. He’s getting things done, step by step. And the more the former Powers That Be fail to notice it and try to convince us otherwise, the better off we’re all going to be.

They’re bullshit artists first and foremost, con men running a ragged, tired old game; we’ve all known it for a long time now, and there’s simply no reason to swallow it anymore. Well, unless you just happen to like the taste, I guess. Surber continues with another example:

Fewer bureaucrats, fewer regulations.

And since layoffs work Last In, First Out, a whole slew of Barack Obama’s buddies will be the first sent packing.

This is conservatism. This is limiting government. The knock on him a year ago in the Republican primary season was he was not a small government conservative.

The experts got that wrong too.

Yep. May they never, ever figure it out, until such time as those “experts” find themselves out of work too.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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