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Putin puppet bombs Putin ally, tells Putin to get bent, no doubt at Putin’s behest!

Seriously, folks, that’s the sort of nonsensical, contradictory, preposterous argument they’re reduced to making now. And that’s just the start of it; the dementia gets deeper, more intense, and more hilarious with every passing moment. I’ve given up even trying to anticipate where they’ll go next. I just sit back and laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

But in the end, it was always where Progressivism was bound to end up: in a room with rubber walls, strapped into a jacket that buckles in the back, muttering and drooling and ranting: railing against a reality that refuses to cooperate with their grandiose schemes, and shatters their illusions every time. It always has, and it always will; Progressivism, when all is said and done, is folly and delusion, and very little else.

(Via Ed)

Update! A firm reminder of the Left’s prior and long-enduring relationship with the Rooskies:

You remember the Democrats, don’t you? They were the party who for decades would gaslight anyone concerned about Soviet communism as being some paranoid dupe of propaganda, sneering at them coastal-elite-style as some low-info true believer in the “Red Scare.” Mind you, this was when Russians actually were infiltrating US government and media. It’s also when they were slaughtering millions of their own citizens and injecting psychiatric medication into anyone whose brain even dared to burp up the mildest “reactionary” thought.

Aren’t you the same smarmy, sprout-nibbling, endlessly smackable coastal bubble babies who mocked Romney in 2012 for alleging that Russia is our biggest enemy? Didn’t Obama mockingly tell Romney, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back” to gales of laughter and applause?

For all the hyperbolic caterwauling these Walking Dead do about what a “danger” Trump is to the planet, this recent spate of baseless Russia-baiting quite seriously risks a thermonuclear war—a risk these zombies seem willing to take so long as we have transgender bathrooms and a Muslim on every block.

I still like the idea of cooperating and collaborating with Putin in the struggle against Muslim terrorism. The Progtards may have poisoned that well with their incessant shrieking about Trump and Putin, but I hold out hope that Trump is indifferent enough to their screams to see the simple logic in it, and act on it eventually.

Updated update! Diplomad weighs in:

How will our opponents view this? Russia is clearly unhappy. I expect that the quickness and ferocity of the US response might have caught the Russians by surprise. They might well see the arrival of Trump on the scene as a sign that their free ride in the region is over. They will come to miss the days of Obama and Kerry.

Putin, however, is not a mad man or a crazy “all on black” gambler. His government issued the expected condemnations, but the response, actually, has been rather subdued. Whatever the Russians say, they must appreciate that our military gave theirs a short-lead heads-up so that they could move assets out of the target area. As far as I know, Secretary Tillerson is still on for his visit to Moscow next week. The world has not come to an end. Russia probably will now try to exercise a bit more control on Assad in exchange for propping him up. I suspect that the price for Russian support just went up. We’ll see if Assad and Russia learn to tread more carefully in the future. If they don’t? We will have to decide just how important Syria is to us.

China, North Korea, and Iran must not be happy campers this morning. I wonder how pleased the Chinese president is to have been in Florida with President Trump when the US attacked Syria. There must be a mix of chagrin and admiration for Trump. The lessons for Iran and North Korea could not be clearer. Trump apparently will act without a lot of warning. Fat Boy Kim must be eating a lot of Ben & Jerry’s as comfort food right now. The Mad Mullahs are probably gathered and wondering what has happened to the cushy deal they previously had with the USA.

For a stupid guy who’s in over his head, Trump seems to have handled this thing pretty damned deftly. Which, of course, will only hasten the Progtards’ final descent into incurable, raving madness.

Update to the updated update! Wretchard:

The strike on Syria kicked over a whole anthill of self-deception. The Washington Times noted that “Syria produced a ‘ridiculously huge amount’ of deadly sarin gas,” according to an internal Defense Department memo. “That stockpile, which Obama aides declared was reduced to zero by summer 2014, is back in the news.” David Nakamura of the Washington Post tweeted H.R. McMaster’s assurance that the Navy’s missiles very carefully avoided the tanks of sarin gas to avoid collateral damage. This could only be possible if the US knew the location of all the poison the previous administration had already destroyed. In belated acknowledgement of what must now be obvious, the “fact-checking website PolitiFact on Wednesday retracted a 2014 article that found it ‘Mostly True’ the Obama administration helped broker a deal that successfully removed ‘100 percent’ of chemical weapons from Syria.”

None of these somersaults necessarily justify Donald Trump. His enemies may still have valid reasons for opposing his policies but it seems clear they’ve had the wrong list of reasons in their hand from the start. Look at the list. Cross off “stooge of Russia”. Pencil in “worry about war with Russia”. Remove “unwilling to oppose Assad”. Insert “may start a new Vietnam”. Erase “nuclear Senate option”, paste in  Neil Gorsuch confirmed by Senate as US Supreme Court justice.

As I observed in the last post, the Boss fight in Syria is still to come after Raqqa falls. Putin is not out of moves, nor is Assad. Worry whether Putin will respond asymmetrically in Ukraine or in the Baltics or Trump may overreach in Syria. Worry that Congress is giving up its war powers to a usurping executive.  But you probably shouldn’t worry about the Republican War on Women, transgender bathrooms or the GOP being a front for the Kremlin.

The only thing we can really be sure of is the seemingly inviolable rule of thumb in the Muslim world: should Assad fall, whoever replaces him will probably be worse.


1 thought on “Putin puppet bombs Putin ally, tells Putin to get bent, no doubt at Putin’s behest!

  1. Worry that Congress is giving up its war powers to a usurping executive.

    *snort* Congress already gave up its war powers to an usurping executive. Or was I just hallucinating all of those decades going back to the ’70s when Presidents went into wars (police actions!) without a Congressional Declaration of War?

    Horse, stolen. Barn door, closed. Horse, long ago turned to glue. Worry pointless.

    I swear to… whatever… it’s getting to where it’s just no damn’ fun apparently being one of the few people around with a memory that stretches back farther than 6 weeks, Mike. 🙂

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