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Rynocare fails

Lest any of you dared to hope that government health care was ever going away.

House Speaker Paul Ryan sensationally pulled his Obamacare repeal bill from the floor Friday afternoon, a day after President Donald Trump had threatened to walk away from health care reform if he didn’t get a vote.

“We were very close,” Trump said in the Oval Office after the bill was pulled. “It was a very, very tight margin.”

The decision to delay the vote marks an acute embarrassment for the President, who had gambled big by presenting holdout House conservatives with a take-it-or-leave it ultimatum Thursday night and put his own credibility on the line.

But Trump repeatedly pointed the finger directly at Democrats, who all opposed the measure, rather than at his own party, which holds a significant majority in the House.

“We had no Democratic support,” he said. “I’ve been saying for the last year and a half that the best thing we could do, politically speaking, is let Obamacare explode. It’s exploding right now.”

The failure also puts Ryan in a much weakened political position, after being defied by his own conference, which seems just as unsuited to governing in the Trump era as it was when it was effectively a protest coalition under Obama.

They’re not interested in governing. They’re interested in pretending to be in opposition while actually working to undermine any measures that might tend to truly reduce the size and power of the federal government. I’ve said it many times: federal control of health care was the Progressivist brass ring for many, many years now. They finally got it, and not one—not ONE—professional politician of either Uniparty stripe is truly willing to derail that gravy train.

As soon as the phrase “repeal AND REPLACE” entered the nomenclature, the writing was on the wall. Government healthcare, as I’ve said all along, is a permanent feature of American life now. The Progressivists won that one; the permanent-politician class, the Ruling Class, the Uniparty, won. It will never be done away with by any measure short of a shooting war. There’s only so much Trump, or any other President, can do here, and I don’t think he really sees it as the death knell of Constitutionally-guaranteed liberty and independence that it truly is anyway.

All that said, the free market will always find a way:

Two frustrated Lancaster County doctors are separately launching new family practices with an old-fashioned twist.

Instead of accepting insurance, they’re going to charge patients a monthly fee. In return, they promise unlimited visits with no copays.

“We’re looking for a way to kind of make medicine the way we envisioned it when we went to med school,” said Dr. Patrick Rohal.

So in January, he’s planning to open CovenantMD in East Hempfield Township with monthly fees ranging from $10 for children to $80 for seniors.

He anticipates offering: same or next-day visits of 30 to 60 minutes, in the office or at the patient’s home or work site; after-hours care for urgent and emergency issues; and 24/7 access via cell phone, text, email, or Skype.

He also plans “substantial cash pay discounts” on medications, lab work, and radiology.

The insurance industry as it now exists will ultimately be destroyed by federal health care, as it in fact should be; in return for an empty promise from Obama to subsidize their inevitable losses under Obamacare, they agreed to support the government-health-care abomination; Obama knifed them in the back right away, and now their doom is written on the walls in plain English for all to see who can. The Obamacare “death spiral” is no more than their treachery merits.

Meanwhile, these intrepid and daring DPC doctors are opening clinics all over the country, stepping right around the Obamacare morass and caring for patients in a creative way that serves the interests of caregivers and patients alike, without bending the knee to Leviathan in any way.

But now that Obamacare must be acknowledged as the way things are and shall remain, look for our tyrannical, grasping government to eventually attempt to seize control of the good DPC folks as well, and force them into the same subservience we all currently stagger under, one way or another. It’s just another reflection of the unalterable central truth of liberal-fascist government: it cannot, it WILL not, leave ANYONE alone. Not ever.

All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. Gee, sound familiar at all?

And with that in mind, look for a whole lot of pedantic misdirection and harrumph-harrumphing from false-flag “conservatives” when they help their partners in Progressivist crime to come kick in liberty’s door once again. They’re going to for sure, and with every passing day it looks more and more like there’s only going to be one way to stop them, much as I hate to have to admit it.

Update! Thought-provoking take from Bill:

What many have missed in all the kerfuffle over this bill is that Trump has said things about it like, “If it doesn’t help the American people, I won’t sign it,” and “The smart thing would be to do nothing and just let Obamacare fall apart and fail on its own.”

This is called battlespace prep, I suspect.

Hm. Just might be; Trump is a smart guy, and I doubt he wants another failed, floundering, big-government clusterfuck known forevermore as “Trumpcare” on his hands. I still don’t think he’s entirely opposed to government-run healthcare in and of itself—I’ve never heard him express any deep philosophical objection to it that I can recall, and such wouldn’t be in keeping with some of his other professed opinions anyway—but maybe he wasn’t entirely enamored of the direction Ryanocare in particular had taken, and saw letting it die the death as more of a practical necessity than anything else. We’ll see, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Rynocare fails

  1. I forget. Is it the Dimwits or the elephants that say they’re for smaller government? Danged if I can tell by what they do now!

  2. I realize your frustration Mike but the bottom line is that Obamacare was allowed to be implemented and therefore it broke things, further than the broken system we had.

    There is no way to simply repeal it and turn the clock back to 2009.

    We must repeal it, replace it with market reforms mechanisms and add a bridge to it all. Because the broken parts in a repeal hit first but the market reforms take time to help.

    The Left has won for a 100 years by pushing Left incrementally, holding the line and constantly looking for the opportunity to push Left again.

    We must do the same. Push Right. Consolidate. Push Right again. We did it under Reagan. But we got hoodwinked by Bush Sr. who didn’t hold the line and instead pushed Left.

    We must kill off these Progressives in both the Dems and the GOP. Push Right. Kill them. Push Right. Persistently.

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