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Stick, stones, and etc

Speak not, lest ye be cast out.

The other day, I heard someone use the word “kike” in public. I can’t remember when I last heard someone use the word in conversation. My grandfather would use it, along with WOP, Spic, Mic, Jew, Polack and other colorful euphemisms. That was just the way men of his generation spoke to one another. One of his old friends was Italian and he called him a “Guinea bastard” so often it may as well have been his given name. In turn, his buddies would call him a commie, a rook, a pinko, etc.

Got a good buddy around these parts named Gennaro, who pretty much everybody knows as “Wop.” He’s an easygoing, confident, and friendly guy who takes it all in good humor, just a little gentle ribbing among friends. Which is exactly how it’s intended; everybody likes the guy, nobody means any insult at all by it. He’s one of the more beloved of our many damned-Yankee transplants, and if anybody thought for a minute they were hurting or insulting him, they’d cut it out.

The hand-wringers all swear that we are reliving Weimar Germany and Trump is the 12th invisible Hitler the prophecies foretold. The inevitable result is the Cossacks galloping through the streets of Jewish neighborhoods. Maybe so, but I’m skeptical. Trump seems to get along well with the Tribe and he seems to love his Jewish grandchildren. He has quite a few Jewish advisers and business partners. Maybe they are not making Hitlers like they used to, but my hunch is he is not Hitler and we are not Weimar Germany.

Eh, I think it’s more that they’re not making Americans like they used to. Too many of us have been reduced to quivering, trembling heaps of jelly-like protoplasm, too sensitive to even go outside the house without some sort of Nanny-state supervision, scared to death of their own shadows, ready to collapse into paroxysms of grief-stricken despair at the slightest hint of offense, insensitivity, or disregard. A society that feels any need at all for “safe spaces” for anybody but the clinically disturbed bears no resemblance at all to the loose aggregation of sturdy, rugged, independent, risk-taking pioneers we once were. And is probably just about at the end of its miserable run, too. And deserves to be.

Still, the special position for Jews in American may be changing. It’s impossible not to notice that the roster of people leading the opposition to Trump reads like a Manhattan law firm. It’s also hard to not notice that people with a precious metal in their name are wildly over-represented in America’s ruling elite. It’s fair to say that Jews in America are the new WASP’s, a narrow ethnic group that dominates the ruling classes. Instead of Pemberton and Prescott in the overstuffed leather chairs, it’s Goldstein and Silverberg.

As a result, it will become increasingly acceptable to make sport of the Jews, just as it was acceptable to make fun of the WASP’s in the prior century.

Actually, I kind of doubt that. It will remain acceptable among the same group that figures it so now, not because it IS acceptable but because they no longer give a shit what squeamish PC liberal shitstains think about what they say or do. Liberal definitions of victim groups never change; like their ideology itself, they’re static and inflexible. It’s why I frequently refer to them around here as “perpetual victims”; if the huge majority of blacks in America suddenly became rich and successful, libtards would still be whining about the poor, oppressed, put-upon handful who so richly deserve every bit of help we can get for them, and every bit of forbearance we can muster.

No, the real change is in the new willingness of those not securely fenced behind Progressivism’s Iron PC Curtain to speak their minds plainly, to violate the heretofore accepted norms of liberal goodthink and just come right out and say certain things. Excepting the vanishingly small minority of true bigots who aren’t worth bothering about anyway, those people aren’t interested in being mean or hateful to anybody, or in saying objectively cruel things for spite.

But neither are they any longer willing to keep on glossing over reality, or to censor themselves to suit some dainty little college professor’s whim or feed his megalomania. If a minority group that is no more than fourteen percent of the population is responsible for upwards of eighty percent of crimes in blighted urban areas, well, they just might decide to haul off and refer to those malefactors as “niggers” once in a while. You can be sure that those same people most likely have black friends, neighbors, or co-workers whom they like and respect too. There’s a distinction to be made there, and it ain’t too fine for them to be capable of making it.

As Chris Rock said a long time ago, in one of his more famous routines: “I looove black people. I HATE niggers.” Of course, being a liberal himself, he later disavowed that statement, claiming that he only said it to draw attention and notoriety. But whether he’s able to see it or not himself, there is some truth in what he said.

It must be said, though, that “Jew” has never been the sort of stinging epithet that “nigger” can certainly be. Although I also must admit to having told a Jewish joke or two in my day. But maybe that’s just old, racist, bigoted, hate-filled Southern redneck me, I dunno.

Personally, I don’t have any problem at all with Jews or their disproportionate success; I have a problem with Leftists. Why so many Jewish people seem to embrace the misbegotten failure of an ideology that is Progressivism I’m sure I don’t know. Particularly given the bizarre Leftard affinity for Muslims who openly espouse genocide of the Jews and the destruction of Israel, it’s a real puzzler. But expecting Leftists to make sense is a mug’s game. I’d say that Jewish Leftists are and will always be way more Leftist than they are truly Jewish. The statistics on the proportion of liberal American Jews who describe themselves as either devout or even religiously observant would seem to bear that out.

But here’s where it all really gets intriguing:

There’s something else to consider. There are a decent number of Jews in the Dissident Right, supporting Trump and often sympathetic to the alt-right. For example, the news site Breitbart is run by Joel Pollak, an Orthodox Jew. Mickey Kaus has been on the forefront of the patriotic immigration issue. It’s entirely possible that American Jews will come to view multiculturalism and open borders as suicidal, because they are bad for the Jews. Israel, after all, is pretty much the opposite of what the American Left advocates.

It’s fair to say that the America now passing into history was one built by the northern WASP elite, that emerged after the Civil War. These were the men who got rich in the Industrial Revolution. They built a country in their image. They wanted to conquer the world and they did. The people in charge now, in the technological age, will remake America into whatever they believe will suit their purposes. The Tribal States of America will reflect their interests, their cultural prejudices and their view of what’s best for the people in charge of the country.

It’s trite, but it’s true: the only constant is change. Let’s hope we may yet avoid the apocryphal Chinese-curse version of “interesting times.”


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  1. I’m fascinated by a political movement that bewails the rise of anti-Semitism in America, and then turns around and tells us what we really need is to let a few million more Muslims come here from radical nations.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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