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The Help Mike Move Into A Cheap Ghetto Apartment fundraiser!

It’s close to time for the spring fundraiser ’round these parts, and as it happens this one is particularly vital, so I’m gonna get it cranking a bit early this year.

See, I’ve been living the last two years in a house I can no way afford, and slowly sinking like a rock trying to make ends meet around here. Fortunately for me, I have a friend who owns a set of duplex apartments adjacent to one of the harsher ghettos in Charlotte, and he’s agreed to rent me a vacant pad for a mere fraction of what I’m way, way behind on paying now. The others who live there are all friends of mine, and it’s really not a bad little joint at all; “The Compound,” they all call it, tiny little two-bedroom-one-bath jobs built back in the early fifties. These folks have set themselves up a nice, tight-knit little community on the edge of darkest Shitsville, and they keep a close and wary eye on things in and around the place to forestall any potential problems or conflict.

So even though part of me wishes I could hold on here, I’m actually looking forward to making the move and maybe being able to afford things like auto repair, shoes that fit, diabetes meds, and some groceries again…not to even mention a fighting chance at repaying the Everest of debt I’m accumulating where I now am. So give till it hurts, everyone; I am currently WAY short of funds to make the move, so if you can please subscribe, hit the Paypal link (under the “Shameless Begging” banner), or both; you know the drill. And you also know how profoundly grateful I am to all who can afford to throw a shekel or two my way.

This post will remain up top for the rest of the week; new rantage below.

Update! Many, many thanks to all who have contributed; I’m danged close to not only moving in, but being able to rent a U-Haul instead of making ten bazillion trips in my brother’s diesel-swilling pickup for the move. I’ll leave this up here for another day or two, just in case any of y’all blue-collar broke-asses like me somehow find a spare nickel to toss my way. Thanks again, folks; all these years, and I’m still rendered speechless and humble by your generosity.


2 thoughts on “The Help Mike Move Into A Cheap Ghetto Apartment fundraiser!

  1. Mornin’ Mike. 1st post, after many moons of lurking. I’m happy to say that I was able to throw a couple shekels your way for the big move via paypal – just wish it could’ve been more. Best of luck to ya in the move!

  2. Took me long enough, but finally got off my dead ass and made good on my threat to upgrade my subscription. Did it even though your sorry-ass excuse for a “latest post” blogroll plugin seems down for the count :-). Seriously though, that functionality is (was?) 100% responsible for my bookmarks list being as long as it is, and I miss it.

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