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They’re insane.

There is no logic. There are no facts. You can say blue, and they will hear white. One plus one equals cat. Calling the left mentally ill is truly a disservice to those who are mentally ill. At least with mental illness there’s a reason for the madness and a hope for a cure. There is no hope for the left. They are suffering from a deep-rooted spiritual sickness, one for which, I’m afraid, there is no cure.

When you compare a United States President to a creature who killed 6 million Jews and 5 million others, what exactly is the starting point for a logical conversation?

They’re not interested in starting a conversation. They’re interested in shutting it down.

It’s like the idea of negotiating, or nation building, with people who live in caves. What exactly will we be offering, bigger caves? How do you converse with people who are more offended by a Holocaust Remembrance statement than they are with a nuclear deal negotiated with a country that not only denies that it happened but who now calls for the extermination, and mass annihilation, of 6 million more?

How do you talk to people who use the Holocaust as a prop? The Jews, the disabled, the gays, and those who were different were all exterminated. They have now become a straw man for the spiritually depraved, demonic left. What do you say to people who chant “We are all Muslim” when the Muslim is looking at them, going: “Yes, that is the goal isn’t it, dead or alive?”

When you are spiritually dead, the level of depravity, as to how you treat others, has no limits. There is no low to which you will not stoop. Let’s be clear. This is the left, not Democrats, not liberals, but the left.

Gotta quibble with that one a bit. They’re damned near indistinguishable at this point; if you hope to make a distinction between Pelosi, #BlackLiesMurder, Al Franken, and any recent random urban rioter you’d care to name, well, it seems to me you’ve got your work cut out for you splitting those hairs. In the end, it’s a waste of time, and a fool’s errand.

The protesters, the media, the celebrities, and the leaders are the “Walking Dead.” How soulless and lifeless can one be, calling for a military coup against a President (Sarah Silverman)? Or, comparing the President to the Taliban (Whoopi)? Anything and everything comes out of Nancy Pelosi’s non-moving mouth. Are you serious, encouraging protesters to be more violent (Judd Apatow)? Does watching the Apatow produced Girls count as extreme torture? I guarantee you that the radical Islamist extremist would rather be waterboarded than see Lena Dunham naked.

Okay, well, I guess even the Muzzrats can’t be wrong about everything.


5 thoughts on “Nuts

  1. “I guarantee you that the radical Islamist extremist would rather be waterboarded than see Lena Dunham naked.”

    Beer through nose!

  2. I would be willing to bet, in those private moments, when Lena Dunham is alone and there is a mirror there, Lena Dunham would rather be waterboarded than see herself naked.

  3. kennycan….FOR THE WIN!! HAHAHAHAHA

    She is a really ugly woman, both inside and out. In this case…you CAN judge the book by its cover.

  4. OTOH, the list of brain-numbing naked-ugliness is nearly endless. Lena? How ’bout Nazi PeeLousy? Or Dee Dee Feinkenstein? Waters? Sergeant Shultz? Fauxcohomtus (Indian name Moosemouth-Step-In-Poopoo)? And it could go clear down to the state and local levels. We had a mayor for 12 years that could have been used for a dog-catcher’s dog bait. I can’t imagine the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth if any or all of them participated in the Chicago Trump Tower mooning.

  5. People (Christians) have been saying Islam needs a reformation to become peaceful, like, you know, Christians for a long time now. 4 muzzies giving the “street artist” “Combo” a beat down in broad daylight finally made me realize how this reformation will take place:

    Europe will be converted to Islam by the sword. The cultural center of Islam will shift to Berlin or Prague. Europeans are emasculated pussies so Islam will become less violent. Hay presto, Islamic reformation.

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