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Fake news roundup

All crap, all the time.

It is difficult to adequately sum up the breadth of this epidemic, chiefly because it keeps growing: day after day, even hour after hour, the media continue to broadcast, spread, promulgate, publicize, and promote fake news on an industrial scale. It has become a regular part of our news cycle, not distinct from or extraneous to it but a part of it, embedded within the news apparatus as a spoke is embedded in a bicycle wheel.

A part of it? You’re being too kind, buddy; it’s pretty much all of it.

How we will get out of this is anyone’s guess. We might not get out of it, not so long as Trump is president of these United States. We may be up for four—maybe eight!—long years of authentic fake news media hysteria. It is worth cataloging at least a small sampling of the hysteria so far. Only when we fully assess the extent of the media’s collapse into ignominious ineptitude can we truly begin to reckon with it.

Two mistakes there: one, instead of saying “as long as Trump is etc,” you could have said “as long as anyone not a dyed-in-the-wool, hardcore, Red in tooth and claw Leftist” etc. Two, it isn’t ineptitude; that at least implies good intentions hamstrung by mere incompetence. It’s no such thing; it’s manipulation, plain and simple. It’s no kind of honest mistake; it’s on purpose, done with malicious intent, and the fact that they’re fooling no one but themselves by now entitles them to nothing at all in the way of either sympathy or indulgence for them.

Follows, a by-no-means-comprehensive list of some of the more egregious lies told by these duplicitous muttonheads. Yes, there will be plenty more a-coming. In sum:

But all of them, taken as a group, raise a pressing and important question: why is this happening? Why are our media so regularly and so profoundly debasing and beclowning themselves, lying to the public and sullying our national discourse—sometimes on a daily basis? How has it come to this point?

Perhaps the answer is: “We’ve let it.” The media will not stop behaving in so reckless a manner unless and until we demand they stop.

Actually, the answer is more like “because they’ve gotten away with it for decades and expected they always would.” Tragically for them, we can now fact-check their asses…and do.

Which in the end, although it will be their ultimate undoing, won’t matter much; they’ll go right on diligently propagandizing until the last Jurassic Media outlet is shuttered for good. They were dedicated; they’re now committed, and as individuals, they have way too much of their own personal identities wrapped up in said propagandizing to turn back now. The writing was on the wall back when Newsweek got sold for a dollar. They failed to see it then, and they remain oblivious to it now.

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3 thoughts on “Fake news roundup

  1. …they’ll go right on diligently propagandizing until the last Jurassic Media outlet is shuttered for good.

    At this point the only mystery about that is how long they will find subsidies from the left to keep on propagandizing.

    And that, unfortunately, is likely to be a very long time. Propaganda is fairly cheap compared to news gathering. You just need to pay a staff of dweebs to do it, and there’s always a ready supply of indoctrinated just-out-of-college twenty-somethings to hire. They are cheap and expendable.

  2. @Billy Hollis
    On the other hand, if these liars start paying a physical price for their acts, THEN things might change rather quickly. They don’t necessarily have to die, but some good ol’ permanent injuries would let them experience the truth and nobleness of what they espouse. Almost every one of them is cheering on the Communist terrorists. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labors…

  3. My grandfather once told me that there is a limit to how long you can pee on someone’s leg and still make them believe that it’s just raining. It appears that the “professional” media is beginning to learn this. Whether they do anything to correct it, or just keep trying to pee on our legs, is unknown at this time, but its entirely up to them.

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