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Truth: the best disinfectant

Just another reminder: they lie.

I have written before about how hard it is to keep up with the frenetic activity coming out of the Trump White House. The press, too, can’t keep up so they don’t bother. They just make things up. They create Unicorns and Dragons; they should write for “Game of Thrones.” 

We see nonsense about Trump threatening to invade Mexico. We read, above all, that he has banned Muslims and refugees from the United States. This, of course, has produced no end of wailing and lamentations from the moneyed Hollywood celebrities who don’t live anywhere near where the “refugees” would live, telling us how keeping out a few “refugees” is not “my America.” Yeah, yeah, blow hards…We also see some 900 of my old colleagues at State signing some sort of “Dissent Channel” message, which they apparently publicized, bemoaning the Trump travel restrictions…always thought the Department was overstaffed; you easily could chop 900 jobs from the place and it would run better.  

Trump certainly could, should, and sooner or later will have to; the Deep State is openly at war with him, and will seek to undermine him and his initiatives at every turn. They violently oppose everything he was elected to accomplish, and will stick at nothing to commit a sort of soft coup effectively overturning the results of the election. He needs to clean out the DC rat’s nest, quickly and thoroughly. The very idea of “Make America Great Again” is anathema to them; as such they have no business working in our national government, and ought to be forced to join their co-conspirators in Soros’s rent-a-mobs in their attempt to turn every American city into Detroit. If they want to make war on us, let them do it out in the open instead of skulking in the deeps and narrows of the DC Swamp, hidden from the eyes of the people who pay their salaries.

One more time. 

There is no Muslim ban. 

The President has put a temporary suspension on people from seven countries, the same seven previously identified by the Obama administration. Six of those seven are non-functioning countries. The seventh is Iran, the world’s foremost exporter of terror and on the verge of becoming a nuclear power. The world’s biggest Muslim countries are not affected at all; people from Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, etc., will still get their visas. Muslim citizens of Europe, Australia, India, etc., will get visas. Over 90% of the Muslim world is not affected. 

I wish to point out that Kuwait has a ban on five Muslim countries, and, in fact, had a ban in place on Syria well before we did. 

If anything, Trump’s order is too limited in scope and duration. 

It damned sure is. But it’s a start, at least, and until the Swamp is well and truly drained, is the best we can hope for.


2 thoughts on “Truth: the best disinfectant

  1. Do note that the “judge” who overruled the hold on importing terrorists is a Shrub appointee. Do you not yet understand that the Rove Republicans are not significantly different from the Democrats? They’re glad to talk good, but never are willing to do anything worthwhile. Just like Congress bragging about sending bills to Obama to fix Obamacare. When they knew he wasn’t about to sign any of them. Yet now when they control BOTH houses of Congress and the Presidency, we hear they may not be able to do anything about that abomination until NEXT year. The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like a GD Shrub.

  2. Of course the offending judge was a Boooosh appointee, and the effete ineffectuals of the LSM will never let us forget it, either.

    The ONLY difference between any of the Boooosbes and your average run-of-the-mill socialist America-hater (a.k.a., Dimwitcrat) is the speed at which they wanted to take us over the edge.

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