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More fake news

The balls on these worthless putzes.

Former Clinton Secretary of Labor and Berkeley professor of public policy Robert Reich tells CNN he has heard rumors that “right-wingers” instigated violence at the university on Wednesday night.

“Those people were not Berkeley students. They were outsiders, agitators, I’ve never seen them before,” he said. “There’s rumors that they were right wingers.

“They were a part of a kind of group that was organized and ready to create the kind of tumult and danger you saw that forced the police to cancel the event. So Donald Trump, when he says Berkeley doesn’t respect free speech rights, that’s a complete distortion of the truth.”

“Do you think it’s a strategy by [Milo] Yiannopoulos or right-wingers?” the host asked Reich.

“I wouldn’t bet against it,” he replied. “I saw these people. They all looked almost paramilitary. They were not from the campus.”

He added: “I don’t want to say factually, but I’ve heard there was some relationship here between these people and the right-wing movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.”

Wow. Just…wow. Sorry, Leftard, but the whining, crying, violent, wantonly destructive mobs are all on your side of the aisle, bub. Too bad for you that it’s not like the old days anymore, when you could just plant obvious bullshit like this on CBSANBCNN and get away with it without any of the obvious questions being raised, ain’t it?

Guess Gavin McInnes probably pepper-sprayed himself too, right, sport?

Nice try. Not buying. Peddle it someplace else. Rush follows up:

RUSH: Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaaaa! Do you hear how enthusiastic he is? (laughing) Do you know any right-wingers capable of this kind of behavior? (laughing) I mean, go to Ferguson, go to Baltimore, go to San Bernardino, go to Watts. Take any protest, any violence. Go to Oakland any time you want. Any time there is violent protests, it’s always left wingers bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign, the Democrat Party, or George Soros, and never once have the Democrats ever condemned them, ’cause they’re proud of them.

They’re proud of these anarchists. They’re proud of the people who blow up bank buildings. They’re proud of the people that start fires. They never blame them. They never try to pass it off as fake protesters hired by Republicans. (chuckles) Until now. Why now? Why would it be…? Why don’t they embrace these people? Why isn’t former labor secretary Reichhhh and the rest of the left embracing these people and giving them a bunch of attaboys? Why aren’t they encouraging ’em?

You know this is the kind of instability and chaos that they want because they know it’s gonna be blamed on Trump. They know that all of this… The Drive-Bys and everybody in education’s gonna point fingers at Trump. Peggy Noonan’s done it.

They don’t want anybody to think that these protesters in Berkeley that blew that place up were Democrats. They don’t want ’em to think it’s leftist students. Why do they not want to embrace them, encourage them, and claim credit? What is there to gain by blaming this on Breitbart?

Ahh, but therein lies the alarming part, see: totalitarian Statist operatives like Reich are beginning to figure out just how much damage this idiotic lunacy is doing to the Democrat Socialist Party—has already done—and they’re trying, however feebly, to get it contained. Personally, I was hoping for several more years of abject lunacy from these derelicts, just to make it clear to every last sane person in America what they really are, in a way that could no longer be denied or ignored.

But no matter. The mask is finally off, and there’s no putting it back on. They are what they are, and that they shall remain. They can’t help themselves; they’re vicious, America-hating, intolerant, terrorist-supporting, destructive, proto-Marxist, violent freaks who are bereft of new ideas and think they’re qualified to rule over us with an iron fist, with no justification at all backing that belief. They’re spoiled juvenile delinquents—intellectual and emotional diaper-draggers, more like—who think whining alone entitles them to our attention. They’re pig-ignorant morons who presume themselves smarter than anybody else, and expect us all to just accept it on faith, without the slightest shred of evidence.

They mistake participation awards for achievement; facile psychobabble for insight; lack of discipline for true freedom; license for liberty; regurgitation for scholarship; credentials for qualification; tawdry cliche for acumen; ignorance and pettifoggery for meaningful discussion; frivolity for depth; and weakness for strength. Their idea of “diversity” is no more than skin-deep. Their definition of “debate” is “shut up and listen.” They are clueless, incompetent lackwits whose first and only impulse when confronted with anything new or unexpected in the great arena of ideas is to pick up their ball and run screaming home to mama.

They are, in sum, brats. This is their first time being spanked for it, and they’re reacting to it exactly as anybody who’s ever had to deal with one would expect. It’s long overdue, and that ain’t helping any either. But it must be said: the blame isn’t all theirs. It only got this far because we complacently allowed it to; now we’re all going to have to pay for that misguided indulgence.

Update!Do they think punches and bricks only fly in one direction? Are they that cocooned in baby-swaddling in their Safe Space to think violence is just a one-way Happy Fun Street?” Why, yes. Yes, they do. But only because they haven’t yet been presented with evidence to the contrary. Emphasis, sadly, on “yet.”

“Utterly laughable” update!There is no limit to the extent and magnitude of the lies leftists will tell to absolve themselves of blame.

Psychotic break update! They’re nuts.

Yesterday I asked my most liberal, Trump-hating friend if he ever figured out why Republicans have most of the Governorships, a majority in Congress, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court. He said, “There are no easy answers.”

I submit that there are easy answers. But for many Americans, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias hide those easy answers behind Hitler hallucinations. 

Yep. But let’s not leave out blank stupidity and childishness. Plenty of those going around, too.


2 thoughts on “More fake news

  1. And that “blank stupidity” is what has gotten them as far as they’ve gotten. No, not THEIR blank stupidity, but the blank stupidity of the low-info voter who blithely ignores where socialism leads and votes for all the socialist promises. They can’t figure out that their votes in the not too distant future will lead to the meaningless votes of a dictatorial “democracy.”

  2. If these protestors in Berkley were right-wing the police would have arrested them and put them on display, rather than just stand around and let them riot. The Dem Mayor knew who they were and let them burn, and fire rockets, etc.

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