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Break ’em

For the good of the nation.

The media will tell any lie about Trump. It starts every day by accusing him of a dozen different things. And it ends every day by accusing him of a dozen others. It has no standards and no ethics. When one lie, such as the claim that Trump had banished the bust of Martin Luther King, falls apart, they roll out another one. Then they inflate the lie they just told by reporting on it as if it were an actual event. It’s time to get the press out and restore the White House indoor swimming pool to its original function. The press can remain in it if they don’t mind wet clothes, moldy laptops and ruined cameras.

When we talk about the media, we really mean the representatives of a handful of corporations who are in the business of advocating for the left and attacking the right. There is no journalism involved in all this: only opposition research. The distinction between the media and the political left no longer exists.

There is no reason to embed a voice of the political opposition in the White House whose only function is using the press briefings as platforms for their smears. Nor is there any reason to provide special status to a handful of corporate left-wing operatives while leaving out the rest of the spectrum.

The White House press corps is an outmoded institution. There’s no need to crowd a small number of media elites into a limited space. Or any space at all. We live in a world of instantaneous communications. Every smartphone is capable of doing more than the laptops that reporters were laboring over in the Clinton years. Any of the men and women in that room can email or text their questions. The briefings serve no useful function except as political theater by a privileged class.

President Trump has vowed to drain the swamp. A good place to start is the smarmy swamp of privilege over the White House indoor pool.

The really nice thing is, nobody but nobody believes them anymore. They’re still operating from the same old outdated playbook, as if it was still 1980 and they were still the gatekeepers of all information. As if we all had nowhere else to go but their tired, creaking, failing broadcast networks, newspapers, and dead-tree magazines for news of the events of the day.

But they aren’t the gatekeepers anymore; we have a multiplicity of information sources now, and, as the old saying goes, we can fact check their asses. Can, and DO. They’re still standing guard over the rubble, but thanks to the internet, the gates are in ruins, a smoking, twisted mess. They’re doggedly protecting something we bypassed long ago, and they’re doing so not out of faithfulness and innocent belief, but out of stupidity, stubbornness, and ineffectual, hapless guile.

They don’t even seem to know how far behind we’ve left them. Worse, they’re in denial about it, refusing to acknowledge the ground shifting under their feet, even as the earthquake knocks them over like tenpins. Worse, that is, for them, not us.

They are no longer honest brokers of information, if indeed they ever were; looking back at, for instance, Cronkite’s greasy defeatism regarding Tet—he was in some small measure responsible for literally millions of deaths because of his blinkered cluelessness, although to his credit he did admit in his commentary that he was being “speculative, personal, [and] subjective,” a confession we’d never get from today’s propagandists—it’s kind of hard to think that they were.

Regardless, they now stand revealed as nothing more than duplicitous propagandists, manipulative and false to their very marrow. And there’s no going back. They have an agenda to advance, and by the very act of abandoning their journalistic integrity (OXYMORON ALERT!) in favor of attempting to advance it, they have lost the means to do so. Of all the beautiful ironies of this past election year, that one might be the most exquisite. Who says there’s no justice in this world, anyway?

Contrary to their outraged opinion, it wasn’t even Trump that broke them, although his complete disdain for them certainly put the crowning touch on their ruination, and they’ll blame him for it from now on. They brought themselves down, by betraying the very concept of what journalism was supposed to be.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of assholes, if you ask me.


6 thoughts on “Break ’em

  1. I really wish you were right about “nobody but nobody believes them anymore”. I know plenty of people who have brains but refuse to use them. It’s very sad.

  2. Friar Bob is correct. A significant majority of hive-dwellers across this country eat up every lie spewing from the Media piehole. The vote fraud isn’t needed to elect Commies in the hives. Instead, it only exists to overwhelm the support for non-Communists out in flyover country. Cankles only lost this time because they failed to understand how angry the Deplorables truly were.

    Riddle me this: When is the last time you saw a Constitutional mayoral candidate on the ballot for any hive with a population of at least 200k? They have no problem putting “Rent Too High” there, but true conservatives need not apply.

  3. We should know relatively soon whether “nobody but nobody” still believes them. The current pseudo-anger over “the Muslim ban” (a falsehood in itself) will give us an approximation of how many were disgusted with Killary and how many were disgusted with the media.

  4. Sadly people do believe MSM still, anything that adds to their premise they buy right into.

  5. They are no longer honest brokers of information, if indeed they ever were…

    I suspect that you’d have to go back at least to H. L. Mencken to find an honest newsman, and to Will Rogers to find an honest pundit.

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