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Common sense

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The venomous reaction from the fake news corporate media to Trump’s plain spoken, direct, and truthful, common sense inaugural address reveals his opponents true nature. They called the speech dark, gloomy, scary, and Hitler like. Trump derangement syndrome has clearly infected this insane clown posse of brainless talking heads and vacuous spokesmodels as they mouth the lines written by their establishment employers.

He directly confronted his establishment enemies as they sat in front of him by declaring war on their petty world of corruption, malfeasance, idolatry of power, world domination, globalization, and disregard for the lives of the common people. Just as Paine had declared in 1776, Trump declared this week – there will be no reconciliation, no negotiated peace, and no truce. His war on the establishment will be fought to the finish, with a clear winner and a clear loser. His address is the new Common Sense for common people looking to take back control of their government.

Just as Paine delineated between the liberty seeking patriots and the despotic monarchical regime of King George III, Trump doesn’t play the standard political party games. This is a revolutionary movement. It’s the forgotten men and women versus the non-responsive imperious government.

Trump demolished the fake news storylines of economic advancement, low unemployment, reduced crime rates, and a thriving middle class. The media pundits were aghast when he told the truth about a nation in decay. After 50 years and $10 trillion of Great Society welfare programs, the poverty rate is near all-time highs; 43 million (up by 12 million since recession officially ended in 2009) people depend on food stamps to survive; over 100 million working age Americans aren’t working; real wages are lower than they were thirty years ago; and millions of family sustaining blue collar jobs have been off-shored to Asia in the name of globalization.

Our government run public schools are nothing more than social engineering indoctrination centers wasting $12,000 per student by having mediocre overpaid union teachers flog common core pabulum to disinterested students. They graduate functionally illiterate morons into society, further degrading the civic character of our nation, while in liberal run cities, like Chicago, murder rates skyrocket as black communities implode due to the breakdown of the family unit, welfare mentality, drugs, and placing no value on education. Trump’s assessment of this carnage is dead on.

The contemptible fake news media continues to flog the popular vote drivel of a country divided. This map shows a much unified country, unified against the liberal elite and their enslaved welfare state dregs occupying the miniscule blue areas on the map. Those in the blue believe it is their right to subdue the will of those in the red. We disagree. Let the hostilities commence. Over 90% of the legally owned firearms reside in the red areas.

Two thoughts: one, the Progtards urging on partition and civil war ought to be very damned careful what they wish for, lest they get it at long last…good and hard. The misnomered Red State portion of the country (THEY’RE the Reds, not us True Blue Americans, and yes, it annoys me no end that once again, they’ve misappropriated the proper terminology for their own ends) is where the food is grown, the work is done, and the wealth is generated. The Blue State parasites think themselves entitled to rule roughshod over that portion—despising and insulting it, while they live off the riches it thanklessly generates, without even the most cursory and superficial nod towards where the food in the grocery store came from, or why the lights come on when they flip the switch.

Two…well, I’ll just let TBP say it:

His inauguration speech was the first salvo in what will be a long and bloody fight. Common Sense was written in 1776 and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution was still thirteen bloody years in the future. Fourth Turnings never end in compromise. They end with a clear victor and a clear loser. The next eight years will surely try men’s souls.

Trump is fighting against a half a century of establishment rule. As we have seen already, they will not go down without a fight. Are we ready to stand and fight, or will we be summer soldiers and sunshine patriots during this crisis, shrinking from the service of our country? The future of our country depends upon our answer.

Our chance to vanquish the oligarchs has arrived.

Indeed it has, and it’s not likely that we’ll get another. Not without bloodshed and boundless horror, we won’t. Trump has shown remarkable leadership so far; near as I can discern, he hasn’t put a foot wrong yet. Let’s make the most of it, and crush the weepy wreckers utterly, once and for all. We’ll never get a better chance, and we shouldn’t waste a single moment in anguish over whether they like it or not. We ought to show them every bit as much mercy and concern as they always have us, and not one jot or tittle more.


5 thoughts on “Common sense

  1. The misnomered Red State portion of the country (THEY’RE the Reds, not us True Blue Americans, and yes, it annoys me no end that once again, they’ve misappropriated the proper terminology for their own ends)

    I’ve always shrugged, smirked, and adopted it to turn it right back on them, as we all did the “Deplorables” label late last year.

    Seeing Red. Red for rage: righteous rage against them.

    At some point, they’re going to come to bitterly regret that little color reversal.

  2. They chose the colors as they did because they fancy themselves Bluebloods, born and raised better than the hoi-polloi outside their hives. And it is entertaining to watch them spout about how ignorant them hicks are in flyover country, when the worst cousin-humping toothless dude in Backwoods, West Virginia is a Mensa genius when compared to the chimps and sheboons they celebrate.

  3. Many of us are deep in enemy territory, embedded in the Matrix, employed by an Uncle Sam who has been beaten badly and betrayed but will not quit. Ten percent of the firearms owners live in “blue” states, but that doesn’t make us part of the Betrayal Party. When the tide rises, some of us are prepared to act in the interests of the Republic, against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, at any cost.

  4. I’m getting old and forgetful, but it seems to me that back in the 50s the designated party colors were the other way around. That fit because Repubs were considered “true blue” and, even then, jackasses were the “party of the Reds” (communists).

    And common sense? The jackasses wouldn’t recognize “common sense” if it slapped them upside their collective (or collectivist) head and then kicked them in whatever remaining privates they think they have. HA! Common sense is a completely foreign notion to those who know what’s best for everyone else.

  5. CA is clamoring for seceding from the Union. Talk about a lack of common sense! The idiots that run the state (legal and illegal) don’t have a clue how devastating such a move would be. Just the loss of the United States military itself would cripple the state irrevocably, and you know Guvner Choo choo would be demanded to set up a major military presence to “protect” the half of Mexico and Central America that’s streamed into the state for all the bennies CA gleefully showers on them. The Colorado River could also be returned to the Union, so another huge chunk of change would have to go to desalination plants just for drinking water, and none for those evil capitalist farmers to grow food for their struggling economy.

    But that’s OK with me. I’m sure none of the ruling oligarchy there would starve, and we’d be rid of the fools they keep foisting on the rest of us (like Nazi Pelousy and DeeDee Frumpstein). As for the producers (evil capitalist all), as was famously said by a soon-to-be headless oligarch, “Let them eat cake!”

    It might even make our “leaders” decide it’s not such a good idea to use so much arable land to produce corn for ethanol, and decide maybe feeding people is more important than bowing to the god of global warming.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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