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That 70s show!

It was the worst of times, it was…the worst of times. Now on endless rerun, in an urban area all too near you.

If at any point in 2017 Trump supporters are harmed or harrassed like the rally in Chicago, expect Righties to get very interested in forming street defense leagues: goons and headhunters to make Black Bloc spit teeth. And they’ll be purely defensive. For a while. But they’re human. So then they’ll think about getting proactive.

Bluntly: this is dangerous. The people who do it for the Left are literal Communists. What kind of Righties will it draw? Oh, I dunno, I’m guessing people who’re comfortable with violence, who don’t mind breaking norms or being arrested…

…if you’re now thinking, “Oh shit,” well, guess what? So am I.

If streetfights start happening on a regular basis on American streets, our democracy will corrode very quickly. We’ll see rapid radicalization at both poles, meaning normalization of political extremists.

Mainstream Lefties happily go to protests they favor that are organized by the literal Stalinists of ANSWER & the Worker’s World Party. Why? The commies are really good at getting people signs and making sure there are enough port-a-potties. When you’re great at organizing signs & port-a-potties, Lefties overlook that you’re into an ideology that murdered a hundred million people.

So how far would this go? Would mainstream Nazi-hating Righties be ok w/ literal Nazis on the streetfighting squads that keep them safe?

I dunno; how’d you feel about folks who voluntarily get their bodies between your peaceful gathering and a crowd trying to intimidate you?

Lefties could keep that very human thing from happening. But they’d have to de-escalate. And they won’t. Mellow out on college campuses? Quit disrupting righty events? No chance. It’s too much fun. So the hard Left is going to do more to normalize literal Nazis in America than anyone since Charles Lindbergh.

The Right is not big enough or organized enough to really destroy Lefty Institutions. Like the Left, they’ll be looking to intimidate people out of the game and take away enemy tools. Example: Institutional and media bias means radical Leftist tactics are accepted, which means radical Leftist tactics become normalized. Ergo, the only way the Right can delegitimize Lefty tactics is to use them, at which point they’ll become The Worst Things Ever Done By Man. My guess is the Right will start using Leftist tactics against members of Leftist Institutions: “This is what you ordered. Eat it.”

Some of this could actually be constructive for campus civility. For instance, I’ve long argued that if a Righty speaker is disrupted on a college campus, then campus Righties should *disrupt every single Lefty speaker for the remainder of the school year.* Of course, Righties can’t get away with what Lefties get away with, so no swarming, no intimidating people, no pulling fire alarms. What Righties can get away with: standing up and chanting, at the top of their lungs, “THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO US.” In multiple stages, for maximum distraction. Leaving peacefully, of course. The bad news is that’s about as cheerful as these face-offs are going to get. They can and probably will get much nastier.

This is a very small bit of a very long post, but it’s well worth a look—especially if you weren’t around back in the 70s and don’t know the backstory of the radical Left’s ascension, or were and have forgotten. The nice thing is, if Trump follows through on locking up the Crybully Left’s rent-a-mobs for 10 years as he ought to, he’ll end up short-circuiting a whole lot of this admittedly grim stuff.

One thing I know for sure: the idiot Left is going to keep right on with their inane protests against Trump. They will do so until they begin to be made to hurt from it—until there’s a concrete price to be paid for trying to overturn or politically cripple a legitimately elected president. At that point, most of them will go the fuck home and do their sniveling in private. Or on Facebook.

Today’s Hard Left isn’t that of the 70’s: there are a lot fewer real hardcases among ’em, and a lot more pampered brats used to pushing as hard as possible right up until things get too difficult or uncomfortable for them, at which point they fold up like a cheap accordion and slink home to Mommy. So the key is going to be very simple: punish them when they go past legitimate, peaceful protest and tip over into rioting, destruction, and mayhem. The only reason their nonsense has gone as far as it has is because it was allowed to.

Trump said in his inauguration speech that “it stops today.” Hold fast to that, President Trump. That’s really all you gotta do.

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4 thoughts on “That 70s show!

  1. Because nearly everyone assumes the political spectrum is a straightline spectrum, they also assume the “commies” are at the opposite end of the spectrum from “Nazis.”

    If they would consider the range as circular instead, where National Socialism is properly next to the other brands/stripes of socialism, the spectrum would make a lot more sense and could be discussed much more logically.

    And why is it automatically assumed we “clingers” are Nazis? That makes the least sense of all.

  2. @Carlos. There are SOME ways in which the spectrum is circular. But there are zero ways in which Nazism has anything to do with anything else on the right *except* nationalism. And even that is a stretch, but at least it’s not outright *false*.

    No the real reason people assume Nazism and Communism are polar opposites is because at least some people LIED to pretend that it was… and because at least some others truly didn’t know so they just believed the “experts” by default… and people kept repeating (knowingly or not) the “big lie” so loudly and so long that (more) people started believing it and forgot what reality actually was.

    And once enough people forgot, some of the few people who still remembered reality quietly rewrote the dictionary to “officially” change reality.

    But reality is still reality. And it’s still a lie.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, FB. What I didn’t say was that our representative form of democracy is the polar opposite of socialism in any form. While our form of governance requires personal responsibility for any personal action, socialism in any form requires the state to censure any action that doesn’t conform to official state policy.

    In other words, our form allows the individual, socialism allows only the collective. That is why, in socialism, everyone is equally miserable, for there is no room to be happy. And why it is so easy to raise up tyrants in a collective society, because they falsely hold out hope for happiness. Look at the promises of the winner of the 2008 and 2012 elections, and why DJT won in 2016 – we, the people, were tired of those false promises of the state being able to make us “happy.

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