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One last knife between the shoulder blades

Aimed at Israel, held by the UN, steadied and driven in by Obama.

The Jewish people have a legal, historical and moral right to live anywhere in the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean; and the only sovereign power in this region is Israel, the state of the Jewish people. Here is why:

From a legal point of view, the land was originally a part of the Ottoman Empire, which ceased to exist at the end of WWI. “Palestine” was set aside for the Jewish people by the Palestine Mandate, which was supposed to be administered for their benefit by Britain, which then tried to subvert it for its own interests. It’s clear that while the intent of the Mandate was that all residents would have civil rights, rights to a “national home” were reserved for the Jewish people, who were also explicitly granted the right of “close settlement on the land”. This was affirmed for all the land from the river to the sea by the representatives of the international community in 1923.

The partition resolution of November 1947 (UNGA 181) was non-binding – a recommendation for a permanent settlement after the end of the Mandate. But it was never implemented. In 1948, the Arabs rejected the UN’s partition resolution and invaded the territory of the former Mandate, blatantly violating  the UN Charter in an attempt to acquire the territory for themselves. The 1949 ceasefire agreement that ended hostilities was not a peace agreement, and both sides insisted that that the ceasefire lines were not political boundaries. Their only significance was to mark the locations of the armies when the shooting stopped.

The 19-year Jordanian annexation of the territory it controlled that followed was illegal, only recognized by Britain (and maybe Pakistan). This occupation did not change the status of the land in any way.

Israel’s practical acquisition of sovereignty over all the land in 1967 is thus entirely legitimate. And since Israel did not occupy land belonging to any other sovereign power, it is incorrect to refer to Judea and Samaria as “occupied territory.” Naftali Bennett’s statement that “you can’t occupy your own land” is precisely correct.

There are some on the alt-Right who are pleased to express strongly anti-Semitic views at best, and outright frothing Jew-hate at worst; some of them even go so far as to suggest that Israel should be abandoned in favor of cultivating friendly relations with treacherous Muzzrat shitholes like, say, Iran.

I will never be one of them. Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, a strong ally of the US, and deserving of our unequivocal support. If you’re not up on both the Israel/barbarian-savage conflict and its backstory, this one is a must-read. And yet another cheering development was Trump’s Tweeted response to Obama’s betrayal: “Things will be different after January 20th.” Yes indeed, thank God.


4 thoughts on “One last knife between the shoulder blades

  1. Hey, Emperor Zero still has 23 days left to let Iran nuke Israel.

    And, with any luck, if they do the nuclear cloud will blow back over Iran and Syria and up into Afghanistan, and the Emperor’s legacy will be set for sure.

    And he’s uneducated enough and dumb enough to believe that will be a good thing. At least in the eyes of such murder-lovers as Mr. Ayers and the muzzies, which apparently are the only opinions he values.

  2. There are some on the alt-Right who are pleased to express strongly anti-Semitic views at best, and outright frothing Jew-hate at worst; some of them even go so far as to suggest that Israel should be abandoned…

    I have a great deal of tolerance for Israel, Mike.

    I have considerably less for nominally American Jews in Hollywood, media, government, politics, academia, finance, advertising, and entertainment who consistently support Leftist causes and promote gun control and other anti-American/anti-Constitutional agendas.

    I don’t believe that it’s anti-Semitic to factually observe that an American Jew is a gun control supporter, or is otherwise promoting ideals and/or politics that undermines his/her own country’s fundamental principles. (Which is why I came down squarely on Ted Nugent’s side over his gun control supporters poster, and against all of the people who immediately leapt to calling him an anti-Semite.)

    Supporting Israel’s right to exist and prosper and criticizing American Jewish tendencies to support the Left to the detriment of America are not synonyms, and doing the latter doesn’t necessarily make one anti-Semitic.

    Then again, I’m not really alt-Right, either.

  3. Oh, I agree completely, Bear. I take issue with attacking Jews as Jews; having worked for an Israeli Jew while living in NYC, I can tell you that there’s a wide gap between guys like him and his American Progressivist co-religionists. And I have no problem at all with attacking Progressivists, whether they’re Jewish or not.

  4. Ah, but this country’s Elite and the “Progressive” Jews insist that is clearly antisemitic, Mike.

    Unless, of course, it’s done by a Preferred Species such as the Reverend Sharpton or the Reverend Jackson…

    Hymie Town, mo fos!

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