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A different take on Pizzagate

I mean, completely different.

Pizzagate represents another, slightly less detectable shift, and frankly, I can’t say that this one displeases me. Indeed, I’ll make a confession: There’s a part of me—the dark, nasty part that I only allow out every now and then and only for the basest of reasons—that is taking a bit of delight in seeing the D.C. leftist elites at the center of this non-scandal having their lives turned upside down because a horde of trolls has decided to misrepresent a bunch of pictures, paintings, and flippant comments in order to spin them as proof of a “pedo” ring.

The cloddish sleuths of Pizzagate have been egged on by the fact that many of the leftist elites who hover in or around Comet Ping Pong (the “epicenter” of the supposed conspiracy) enjoy showing off how “evolved” they are by being cheeky little monkeys when it comes to mixing sexual imagery and children. “Oh, look how very progressive we are. We run a pizza shop for kids, but we book sexually explicit music acts and post violent and lewd pics on our Instagram! Look at my art collection; the sexual images of children prove how fearless I am! A night of ‘spirit cooking’ would frighten those superstitious evangelical throwbacks, but I get the joke, because I’m an impish little centaur who absolutely loves having fun with dark imagery in order to show off how non-demon-haunted my superior mind is.”

Make no mistake—these leftists, these targets of the Pizzagate gumshoes, are indeed misunderstood by their tormentors. Their “cheekiness” regarding kids, sex, Satanism, etc. is not proof of a “pedo ring”; it’s just leftists wallowing in the last remaining sty that has yet to be cleaned out by their own PC morality police. Invoking imagery of children, sex, and the “dark arts” is the only remaining bit of “edginess” they’re allowed, the only time they can playact at being Lenny Bruce. So yes, the “cheeky monkeys” of the left have been misread by a group of conspiracy-minded oafs who have queered the fun by spinning every Comet Ping Pong-related word and image into something diabolical…and I hate myself for saying this, but good. The left has been doing this to the right for years—taking every off-the-cuff comment, every word uttered in the heat of the moment, every successful or failed attempt at humor, on the part of conservatives, and spinning it to “prove” how secretly racist, sexist, and homophobic we are. What the left has done to conservatives, especially in the internet age, is Pizzagate exactly. Everything we do, everything we say, is interpreted in the worst possible way in order to paint us as vile creatures with malicious intent. With Pizzagate, some high-profile leftists are finally getting a taste of what that’s like.

Hopefully, they’ll have many more opportunities over the coming days and years to have their own bullshit crammed down their throats by the shovelful.


6 thoughts on “A different take on Pizzagate

  1. I wake every morning, turn my puter on hoping you have let that ” DARK AND NASTY ” out of it’s box. Don’t hold back , LET IT OUT. Keep up the good work, give in to the dark side Mike, we love it !

  2. Getting a taste of what that’s like? That would only work if leftists/socialists/demoncraps were capable of feeling the shame implied with such shaming.

    Remember, only those with morals, a moral compass and true compassion (as opposed to empty promises in hopes of votes) are capable of shame. That’s why every jackass in the hierarchy is still trying to figure out why Hildebeast REALLY lost…

  3. Meh.

    David Cole’s basing an awful lot of his premise on a single example of a media driven panic that turned out (supposedly) to be a hoax.

    Given the massive investigations into pedophilia and child porn rings in government and upper crust circles recently here in Canada and Europe, and the fact that Great Britian had a known and now proven pedo in the highest levels of its society, plus Epstein and his Lolita Island… coupled with the fervent MSM attempts to pooh pooh the while thing without actually mentioning it…

    I’m not so quick to dismiss the alt-right speculation on Pizza Pedos (I detest the suffix “-gate”) as a lunatic fringe conspiracy theory as I might once have been. I’m also not quite as quick to laugh off Podesta’s household “art” and the whole Spirit Cooking thing as mere harmless “edginess”.

    Sure. Might just be Lefties engaging harmlessly and edgily in one of the few areas of forbidden edginess that Leftist political correctness and SJW moral policing still allows. Might.

    But Bill Clinton is on record as having made an awful lot of flights on Epstein’s jet out to Lolita Island over the years…

    And Castalia House has a massive archive of child sexual abuse data in the World Con and SMOF communities involving some pretty high profile people in their database.

    There’s sure an awful lot of smoke around those non fires for it to all be merely smoke bombs in a trashcan.

    Aside from that, I agree with him. Sauce for the goose is good for the Leftist gandercuck. I once did an entire photoshop meme post poking fun at the Left and Hillary over the whole Spirit Cooking and pizza-pedo thing. It’s fun to bend them over the way they routinely bend over conservatives and anyone else not properly on the Left, and hear them squawk about how unfair it all is.

    It’s enormously good for the shadenboner. Better than schadenviagra.

    But it’s good to keep in mind that it might just not all be harmless fun to poke at ’em.

    Ah’m jest sayin’, is all, Mike.

  4. Oh, I couldn’t agree more, ‘bear. As I said when I first posted on this, it’s certainly difficult to believe, but at the same time, I would put NOTHING past these people. Nothing. I’m reserving judgment for now, in part because the very idea of pedophilia is just…well, beyond my ken. But like I said, the people we’re talking about—well, who even knows what the hell they’re capable of anymore. I remain willing to be convinced either way, and I learned a long time ago about never saying never. These are people willing to countenance the occasional and ongoing mass murder of their supposed fellow citizens in the name of political correctness, after all. After that, how can anyone be surprised by any other maleficent shenanigans they may get up to? When I say Progressivists are evil, I ain’t indulging in hyperbole. And I ain’t just whistling Dixie, either.

  5. I’m reserving judgment for now, in part because the very idea of pedophilia is just…well, beyond my ken. But like I said, the people we’re talking about—well, who even knows what the hell they’re capable of anymore. I remain willing to be convinced either way, and I learned a long time ago about never saying never.

    Oh yeah.

    I’ll tell you what made me *blink* and take a step back and reexamine the pizza-pedo thing from a perspective of going, “Hmmm. Maybe too much smoke not to be a few embers here?”

    It was when I read Sarah freaking Hoyt pointing out in a blog post at AtH that that sort of perversion in the higher halls and echelons of the Ruling Class was historically something that was more expected than against the norm. Complete with examples from past historical regimes that were rife with instances of similar rot and perversion.

    Sarah’s forays into Trump Derangement Syndrome aside over the course of the Primaries, in my observation she’s really not one for buying into conspiracy theories. Suddenly it wasn’t probably just an amusing troll being promulgated by commenters at VP… seeing someone sober saying that it wouldn’t be really odd for there to be flames along with the smoke took it out of the realm of LULZ and conspiracy and into “Maybe.”

    (If that makes any sense. It seems awfully disjointed to me, rereading it, but meh – I’m too lazy to go back and retype it.)

    I’m not 100% a believe and ready to shout, “It’s TWU! It’s TWU!” from the rooftops, but it does make me inclined to take a wait and see point of view, as you say.

    When I say Progressivists are evil, I ain’t indulging in hyperbole. And I ain’t just whistling Dixie, either.

    Oh, hell yeah. That’s one of the things I’ve always liked about you, Mike: like me and Misha, you’ve always been one of a handful of people who never waffled with the “Libruls are good people at heart and they mean well, but they’re misguided,” crapola.

    I’ve always held that with the possible exception of the useful idiot types, Leftists know exactly what they’re doing and are doing it with malice aforethought. Like you, I’ve always stated that they’re evil-and-disingenuous about it, not merely good-but-wrong.

    It’s a major reason that I’ve been a loyal reader here ever since I stumbled on your “Touch Chicks” post way back in the day. 🙂

  6. *Ahem.* That’s “Tough Chicks”, not “Touch Chicks”, dagnabbit.

    If it wasn’t for friggin’ fat fingering, I’d have no typo at all.

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