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To dine with the devil

Don’t do it, Donald. Just don’t do it.

President-elect Donald Trump invited former failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to dinner as he is considering the former Massachusetts governor for a position in his administration.

The pair was joined by Trump’s chief of staff pick, Reince Priebus.

It remains unclear whether Romney will serve in Trump’s administration as Secretary of State, although he reportedly wants the job.

A case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, maybe? I’m willing to reserve judgment and wait and see—as I only just said, he isn’t even president yet—but dammit, I still don’t like it. Romney is the very walking, talking definition of an establishment RINO-cuck, and what Trump might imagine he brings to the table as a prospective SecState I’m sure I don’t know. Unless it would be complete puppyish obedience to the will of Da Boss, maybe.

In the end, here’s what it comes down to, seems to me: are we draining the swamp here? Or just topping it up?


3 thoughts on “To dine with the devil

  1. I’ve said all along that I expect him to TRY to accomplish his stated(*) goals, but fail to FULLY succeed. It’s possible this is (one of) his attempt(s) to “reunify” the party. And if so, it could well backfire and be part of the reason he fails to fully succeed.

    Or it could simply be boss-level trolling of the liar-media. Supposedly his kids actually like Romney. If so, I suspect/hope it’s a case of liking the businessman Romney and not the politician Romney. Which are two completely different people. One is at least semi-competent and capable of accomplishing (some) semi-useful things. You don’t need two guesses to figure out which is which.

    (*Mind you I think they are at least mostly his real goals too, and thought it all along. But at the time I first started calling them that we had no proof yet, and even now we lack 100% conclusive proof..)

  2. Meh, better rephrase that last bit… we obviously have some proof now… and it’s rather convincing to ME (and you, and plenty of others) that at least most of what he says he truly does mean, and what he doesn’t is a means to an end of some sort or another.

    It’s just not enough to be “conclusive proof” your average semi-intelligent skeptic. (And sadly it will probably never be enough wake up the five semi-functional brain cells of your average progtard or mediot.)

  3. I would only note that SoS has as much power, and no more, than the President chooses to give. Just as Haley at the UN can whine and bitch and moan with her One World Government compatriots about how foul and evil The Donald is, she cannot go beyond that. A sop to the drunkards, if you will. No reason SoS could not be the same. President Trump would, of course, need a high-level mole in State to keep an eye on Mittens. But given that, it is probably a decent way to keep that sewage from causing any more trouble than they already have.

    I sure would love to have President Trump choose General Mattis to be his SoD, and then send him to Moscow with a copy of Hillary’s “reset” button, after telling Putin in advance, to make sure there was an appropriate response…

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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