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An issue in need of addressing

Historian returns to present a very worthy idea to Trump:

I urge you, Mr. President-elect, in the strongest possible terms, to make this critical issue one of the first priorities of your administration, and I urge all who read this letter to join me in my call to address what ought to be a completely non-partisan effort to protect these presently united States. It is not technically challenging nor is it terribly expensive, but it is urgent in the extreme to commence protective action immediately. We have dawdled on this problem for far too long, and now we have emerging near-term threats from North Korea and Iran, among other unfriendly nations.

Seconded from here, most heartily. Read on to see what the issue is; I’m sure most of us will agree as to its overriding importance. If not, you ought to be reading some of the sci-fi stuff I have lately; almost all of it is built along the traditional dystopian-future lines, with something like this as the catalyst of catastrophe.

Update! Diplomad takes it further, with a big-picture look at undoing the Obama/Clinton foreign policy mishegoss entire:

The first step has already been taken: we have elected a President who, it certainly appears, wants America to “win.” That seems almost needless to say but given that we currently have a President who openly stated he can’t be bothered by concerns over whether or not America is winning, and a Secretary of State who infamously declared that it made no “difference” what had generated the Benghazi massacre, well, one can see that even a baby step in the right direction, is a step in the right direction–and to be welcomed.

A key component of power is leadership, a leadership committed to “winning” and a leader who has his people’s back. We haven’t had that for some time. It seems that Trump will be different; I can’t imagine a President Trump abandoning his people to the jihadi mob in Benghazi, for example. Leadership can and does prove a power multiplier. We see that, for example, with Putin who heads up a nation much, much weaker than the USA, but who has played his hand masterfully, and greatly enhanced Russia’s role in the world. We don’t have to like Putin to recognize this.

Besides leadership, the primary requirement for successful diplomacy is wedding diplomacy to power. The two go together. We see, for example, Secretary Kerry’s increasingly futile “efforts” in Syria which are hampered both by a lack of vision of an end game, and, of course, by an incompetent almost non-existent use of American power–I see Kerry is now beclowning himself in Antarctica. We have had an administration which has refused to recognize that successful American diplomacy requires a powerful military component and a leadership willing to pull the trigger. Yes, pull the trigger. We need right away to start a vigorous rebuilding of our military capabilities, and get the military away from distractions such as LGBT restrooms and lowering standards to get women into the Rangers.

Read all of this one, too. I wouldn’t so much mind Kerry beclowning himself—it seems to be about all he’s good at, besides astutely marrying into money—if he wasn’t also beclowning and endangering the rest of us right along with him.


2 thoughts on “An issue in need of addressing

  1. Sorry, just no. To rattle on about the EMP boogyman in this fashion is to be largely ignorant of how US power infrastructure works, how nuke plants work and are hardened, and how EMP attacks actually happen and may be carried out.

    The idea that a rogue nation is capable of one, single EMP-type attack is laughable. We, Russia, and the ChiComs are about the only nations capable of doing it. And that’s ONE EMP burst. To cause any kind of massive EMP effect across the huge landmass of the US, you would need hundreds of warheads detonated largely at the same time, at very specific altitudes in space. Incompetent as many government agencies are, NORAD isn’t going to miss a few hundred inbound warheads, and the host country is going to be a radioactive sheet of glass before they detonate.

    I’m sorry, but this is just hand-wringing, blithering idiocy spouted by people who have absolutely no understanding of how the systems in question actually work, or how any of the critical infrastructure they would theoretically harm is hardened. In some cases because that’s classified and likely not in Hillary’s emails– but in a nutshell, it’s about as likely as taking out the US with a flight of glowing purple unicorns.

    Keeping Syrian whackos we let in the front door from mowing down shopping malls, that’s something that actually is important and needs to be addressed. This EMP crap is on the same page as Global Warming as a real crisis.

  2. We – luckily – dodged the bullet in Syria where the first order of business of a Hillary presidency was to declare war, use our military to remove Syrian president Assad as a means for the Saudis to gain control of that country and built their long planned pipeline.
    Everything that has been going on in Syria was set up by the Hillary and Obama tag team.
    President elect – Donald Trump – ceased that war in its track although the tag team is highly afraid of being exposed having caused the chaos in Syria – including the murder of over 200,000 civilians and thousands more being displaced.
    The global elites/aristocracy are shell shocked because that not suppose to happen – Hillary suppose to be in Trump’s shoes and continue where she left off as SOS.

    What is even more worrisome is the fact that DT – has to be careful playing ‘crouching tiger’ until the inauguration giving him total control of the white house and all that that Hillary and Obama together schemed o behalf of the global aristocracy which also includes the ‘secret’ deals and side deals unavailable to be read by anyone in congress.

    Obama and Hillary et al has put this country on a bad collision course but I have faith in DT and his administration to either salvage or change the course we are on!

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