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The biggest bullet dodged

Probably the sweetest words you’ll read all year: “A Trump win eliminates the potential for the first liberal (Supreme Court) majority since 1970.” Glenn has further thoughts at the link, most especially on defanging the poisonous viper Harry Reid for good.

And I’ve seen plenty of chatter about how the Turncoat Right (a/k/a NeverTrumpers) now need to mobilize and get busy making themselves relevant again. This right here ought to be step One for them:

Hey everyone-

I have been spending the last day offering up my congratulations and apologies to all the Trump faithful. I had zero faith in Trump as a candidate, and although i would never have voted for Hillary, had difficulty in deciding to cast my vote for Donald Trump.

I thought his supporters were delusional to think he could win……

But i was very very wrong….and never been so glad about it.

So, i want to thank all of you for being smarter, and more tenacious than i ever could have imagined.

I go into the Trump Presidency with a mountain of hope, knowing this man can do whatever he puts his mind to…..

Lets make sure the GOP elites cant stop him.

Well done.

Handsome is as handsome does, and you can’t say fairer than that. Meanwhile business-as-usual types lacking this commenter’s becoming humility and contrition, who spent the last year denouncing Trump and his followers, declaring his victory completely impossible every single step of the way, now seem to think they’re going to step in and tell us all about what he simply MUST do to “prove he can govern,” which is just the usual deflection by which the shitlibs try to defuse every single victory by real Americans over them. And isn’t it funny how quickly these supposed conservatives have resorted to Leftist tactics they usually denounce as despicable, throughout this entire campaign?

In other words, as has been said elsewhere: the people who were dead wrong from the start about Trump now think themselves entitled to advise us all on what needs to be done next…with a victory they did everything they possibly could to prevent. The people who squandered victory after victory, the “conservatives” who have conserved nothing, the handmaidens of Progressivist tyranny right down the line—now deem it necessary to save us Deplorables from ourselves. Again.

Well, y’know, FUCK YOU. The only thing those people ought to be getting from Trump is the back of his hand. As for the libtards now squeaking out their usual flatulence about the importance of “compromise” with the vanquished, of “working together to solve our nation’s problems”—all of which they created themselves, with an ongoing assist from Conservative Inc—Trump needs to remind them early and often of a most apt quote from some obnoxious, arrogant jerk they might or might not remember: “I won.” As they’re all so fond of telling us when it suits them better: elections have consequences. One of those is that the losing team does NOT get to dictate to the winning team how the game is going to be played from here on out.

This is more like it, if you ask me:

Now, I look forward to the Triumph. In January, Donald Trump will enter the Imperial Capital in a four horse chariot, wearing a laurel crown and painted toga. Behind him, in chains and rags, will be the members of NeverTrump. The great enemy of the people and the threat to the republic, Hillary Clinton, will be displayed in a wheeled cage so the citizens can throw rotten vegetables at her. After the festivals, the proscription lists will be posted around the city and the NeverTrump loons will be thrown into a pit.

Yes, victory feels good.

Indeed it does, and going all medieval on their asses would be just the ticket to cement our victory. But pleasant daydreams aside, Z has some further thoughts that ought to be pondered well:

That said, this is not the end. It is just the beginning and the road from here to a safe and healthy country is long and full of perils. A political class that is willing to tolerate festering carbuncles like the Clintons, is perfectly willing to close ranks and do everything it can to destroy the Trump presidency. A nation willing to vote for a woman with the ethics of Pol Pot is a nation willing to stand aside and let the political class stymie any attempt to reform the broken system. Cautious pessimism is the right outlook today.

The thing Trump has working for him is that the ruling class is truly stunned at the result of the election. This is a black swan event for them. This is not just a media phenomenon. Kelly Ayotte is staggering around Manchester New Hampshire with her panties on her head, asking people if they know where she lives. She went all in on rejecting Trump and now she is out of a job. The politicians that listened to their party leaders and distanced themselves from Trump were all punished at the polls. The world is upside down.

That’s what makes Trump so frightening to the political class. It’s not that they threw everything at him and he won. That can happen. Political athletes are skilled at beating the odds. What’s frightening about Trump is that he is the nullification of conventional politics. He ran an old school campaign and ran it like a business, instead of a jobs program for the political class. He ticked none of the boxes the experts say you must tick. He rearranged a political map everyone said could not be changed. Trump is scary man right now.

And he succeeded at upending their rotten-apple cart beyond their most scarifying nightmares, too. Advice from these losers on how the country ought to be run now? Umm, no. No, we got this, thanks. Back to irrelevance, snarling and yipping at each other’s ankles to no good purpose, for you Milquetoasts.


2 thoughts on “The biggest bullet dodged

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’m one of your more sporadic readers. I’d read your blog a great deal in the early warblogger days; was less assiduous during the long Obama Captivity (to quote Ace of Spades). I was prompted by some impulse to revisit your blog in that last terrible month before the election.

    And there you were, predicting that Trump would win in a landslide.

    I admired your fighting spirit, but I can’t say that I recognized your words as prophetic. I sadly thought that you were kidding yourself and that Trump had blundered his way into certain defeat. Which would of course mean Hillary Clinton winning supreme power with impunity, and proceeding to “reinterpret” the First and Second Amendments into nonexistence.

    On Election Night I was on the road; I’d had a job-related trip that just happened to fall across the Day of Doom. So I got some late work done, rolled on down to the hotel bar, and got a drink, planning to numb myself for the Hillary Apotheosis that I was sure was imminent.

    Weird bar scene, man. The giant flatscreen over the bar was showing the Clinton News Network and the voting map, all right. Only … something was off. I remembered 2012 far too well — state after state being snatched from the hapless Romney by the adroit Obama. Not this time, it seemed. One of my more inebriated fellow drinkers loudly said, “I voted for Hillary, but *no way is she winning this*.” Even then, my unspoken reaction was, “Nice thought, but you’re drunk, and she’s very likely to win.”

    Up to my room I went with my second drink. Talked with my spouse on Skype. She was looking distraught (she was With Hillary). I tried to calm her down with the authoritative statement that Hillary was very likely to win and “I’ll believe Trump wins when I see it”. I told her to get some sleep.

    Then I kept watching the New York Times web site (definitely the best voting data resource that night). And kept watching. For three hours. The Times had a widget that started putting Trump’s victory odds at 95% around 1 AM. Sometime around 3 AM, Trump’s called electoral votes topped 270.

    He’d won. Against everything. Freedom in America was not dead.

    You were right. I was wrong. Thank God.

  2. Cruz for Supreme Court. He’s young and a tenacious advocate for the Constitution’s original intent.

    Immediately, it will end the Reign of Error of the Sotomayors, Kagans, and Ginsburgs as well as the political maneuverings of Roberts decisions.

    And once Ginsburg is gone then we can finally make multigenerational advances in pursuit of limited government and individual liberty.

    I’m still skeptical of what happened to Scalia.

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