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On Comey—and Her Herness:

Team Obama tabbed James Comey to the job of Director of the FBI primarily because he was harmless. Republicans had no problems with him and Democrats were not afraid of him. That’s not to say he is a crook. He’s just one of those careerists, who make a point of doing no more than the job requires. You run into these guys all over government because they never get curious and ask too many questions. Politicians love these guys because they look like Boy Scouts, but they never cause any trouble.

For most of what the FBI does, having a straitlaced guy like Comey at the top works just fine. He’s an able administrator, who will be respected by his staff for being fair and sticking to the rules. His lack of political ambition means he can get along with the rank and file. So much of what the FBI does is just process, they need process guys to make sure the processes are followed. The Bureau has not been the swashbuckling crime fighters we see in TV for generations. It’s mostly bureaucrats processing paper.

The decision to put him in the top job looked like a genius move until last week. Having a go-along-to-get-a-long guy handling the Clinton problem made it easy to push him into a favorable decision. The trouble is, he is an honest guy with a conscience and apparently his conscience finally got the better of him. The same qualities that made it easy for the politicians to push him around, made it easy for his subordinates to push him to take on the Clinton Crime Family in the most spectacular way imaginable.

My bet is more than a few people in the Obama White House are thinking they should have found a crook to put into that job. If not a crook, at least someone with ambition for a life in DC after his term at the Bureau was up. That’s the kind of guy who would look for a way to make everyone happy, because he wants friends in town, not enemies. Comey is looking a lot like a guy who will be happy to retire to some small college job teaching law, after he finishes up his public service at the Bureau.

Now the Democrats have the worst possible problem.

They surely do. They allowed one of the most corrupt humans on the planet, a woman nobody really likes (and a lot of people actively loathe, including Democrats)—someone who has fucked over and pissed off so many people (including Democrat Socialists) that even her impeccable Leftist credentials can’t buy her a living soul willing to go to the wall for her, excepting possibly Huma—to swindle her way into the nomination in an election year featuring a moribund economy, a disastrous foreign policy, and a terrorism problem she can’t even call by its proper name, trailing behind her more than three decades of corruption, misfeasance, tawdry grift, and utter cluelessness that will forever cling to her like a bad, bad stink.

As Z says, she is everything that’s wrong with politics, exacerbated by an ugly, hate-driven personality that no amount of phony can ever quite cover up. When Trump muttered “such a nasty woman” in the debate, a very large portion of the country was nodding their heads and thinking the exact same thing. And the Democrat Socialists willingly yoked themselves to her; no amount of this sort of wishful thinking is going to get that dead and stinking albatross from around their necks.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes, if you ask me.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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