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I repeat: come and take them

Great one from Bracken in the comments to this post at Herschel’s place:

If you have 18 guns, and Hillary’s new gun laws ban 12 of them, how many guns will you have?

18 guns.

Your move, Hillary.

Bang. Zoom.


4 thoughts on “I repeat: come and take them

  1. Already happened in NY. Andrew “the retard” Cuomo rammed through the unconstitutional “SAFE ACT” and with the stroke of a pen made at least hundreds of thousands of firearms and magazines illegal in the state’s borders. Hundreds of thousands of other weapons had to be registered and could not be transferred.

    The result? Number of weapons and magazines turned in for destruction: approximately 0. Number of weapons registered: in the thousands, last I knew.

  2. That “SAFE Act” is still on the books, SteveF. And when Cuomo’s pigs feel like it, they can come and do whatever they wish to those who have ignored the law.

    Nothing will change for the better until this country’s pigs decide to honor their very oath of office to the Constitution, or until every one of them is burning in hell where they belong.

  3. As a former NY resident, I will attest to the fact that most NY owners of “assault weapons” – while they still have them – are afraid to take them out and use them. How many kids will want to keep daddy’s AR when they’ve never shot it and worry that it will get them arrested? Laws like the SAFE Act will ultimately succeed because they end up killing the culture. My two cents, anyway.

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