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The Forever Rule

To wit: any ground ever trod by a Moslem, even once and momentarily, is to be considered Moslem territory forever.

The Israeli government reacted angrily on Thursday to a United Nations body’s resolutions that failed to mention any link between Judaism and its holy sites in Jerusalem.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) renewed the resolutions that criticized Israel for what it says are its policies that restrict Muslim access to a site considered holy by both Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The site is revered by Jews and Muslims alike, known to Jews as Temple Mount and to Muslims as the al-Aqsa compound or Haram al-Sharif (which is the Arabic translation for ‘Noble Sanctuary’).

But a draft of the latest version of the resolution, posted on UNESCO’s website and dated Oct 12, showed the site repeatedly described only by its Muslim names – something Israel says amounts to a denial of its Jewish history.

‘The theatre of the absurd at UNESCO continues and today the organization adopted another delusional decision which says that the people of Israel have no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Jerusalem.

The Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, is a remnant of the Second Jewish Temple that was built by Herod the Great and destroyed by the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago.

Which, by my calculations, would be in the neighborhood of, oh, FIFTEEN HUNDRED FUCKING YEARS before Pisslam even existed, thereby fully negating the claim to any supposed Moslem “right” to ever even set foot on the place at all.


9 thoughts on “The Forever Rule

  1. It never ceases to amaze me that American Christian conservatives bow down before the jews – the same people who make up the core of the anti-Christian, marxist left in America. It never ceases to sicken me that American Christian conservatives worship the same jews who produce each and every media lie, filthy and vile television show and every bit of deviant, degenerate trash…all meant to indoctrinate our children.

    That muslims hate jews is no reason to support Israel. Sometimes, the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. I’m sorry, God’s really not going to give you a gold star for worshipping them like they were some sort of demigod. Down with the evil jews.

  2. Simple lesson:don’t get conquered – you no longer have a say in your future. What others give you in 1948 in this case (or any other time), they can just as easily take away in 2016 (or any other time). It sucks, but that doesn’t change the fact.

  3. More like six hundred years before, Mike (at least from the date of the Second Temple’s fall), but the point remains salient – King David conquered Jerusalem around 1000 BC, making it the Jewish capital and predating Islam by 1500 years, and The Binding of Isaac took place there around 1850 BC, 2300 years prior to the dawn of Islam.

    Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, and for most of its history it has been a Jewish city. As it is today.

  4. Down with the evil jews.

    Huh. I prefer “Down with moronic, mouth-breathing, clueless bigots like you,” myself.

    Okay, cue the splutterings of outraged outrage. That’s always fun to watch.

  5. I say we give the Muslims Andalusia back.

    The Spanish have already shown they won’t fight back. I don’t see why there’s even a question about that.

  6. Ken S., the definition for bigoted asshole has your picture. Go play in traffic.

  7. @Ken S.

    Blow me, Kenny boy. You know you want to (from your closet), but I wouldn’t dirty my dick with your lips. God only knows where they’ve been, or what’s passed through them.

  8. any ground ever trod by a Moslem, even once and momentarily, is to be considered Moslem territory forever.

    By default, maybe. Look at it this way: if you have a nice stainless steel mixing bowl and someone puts a turd in it, are you going to want that bowl any more? Yah, sure, you can clean it and sterilize it and it should be fine, but are you really going to want to use it for food you’re going to eat? Are you going to pass that bowl down to your children?

    No, the obvious solution is to keep the turds away from your stuff in the first place.

    And spare me protests about how not everything that’s brown and sticky wants to take over and despoil your kitchen. If I can’t tell the difference between brownie batter and turds, I’m going to keep all of it out.

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