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No free ice cream!

Sorry about that, gang, but my internet connection has become so unreliable the last few days as to be considered almost non-existent: slow, intermittent dropouts, and the like have rendered sitting down to do a post or three pretty nearly unbearable. That said, though, it seems to be behaving itself for the moment, so for as long as that happy condition lasts, I’ll try to get some fresh posts up here quick. If I should suddenly disappear again, you’ll know why.

Update! And now I see that for some reason the third-party blog editor I use is throwing up the same posts repeatedly for some reason. Crap. Crapcrapcrapcrap.


2 thoughts on “No free ice cream!

  1. Your connection doesn’t happen to be with Comcast, does it? Because mine is, and it’s been utter crap for the past several days.

  2. I too have comcast and my connection has went south — way south for the last few days also, with what I pay for the internet if things don’t improve substantially in the very near future Im outta here.I got along fine without it before it can happen a gain.

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