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Debate thought

Okay, so I’ll confess to knowing little to nothing about Tim Kaine before now, but after the first ten minutes I knew everything I’ll ever need to. My God, but what a whiny, sniveling, no-ball little shitdick he is. He’s the perfect running mate for a horrid, vicious shrew like Hillary. His wife and mother, who I have to assume are both full-bore SJW types, must be so proud of their emasculated little homunculus.

Update! Left out obnoxious. He’s obnoxious as hell, in the worst sort of passive-aggressive way. My apologies for the oversight. But then, oversight is nearly impossible to avoid when you’re looking down at a little troll like this guy. Jeez. Hillary’s shrill nagging, and this guy’s wheedling whine, puking out of our TVs and radios and computers at us for the next four years. Can a majority of Americans really be prepared to tolerate that? Personally, I don’t think I can take four more minutes of it, myself.

Enough is too much update! Annnnd…I couldn’t. One of the local broadcast channels is rerunning City Slickers. Not my favorite movie, really, but it does have Jack Palance in it, and it assuredly does NOT have Tim Kaine. That’s good enough for me. My God, who would have ever thought anyone could come up with yet another reason to fervently hope Hillary never comes anywhere near high office ever again? But, with this shitshow, they’ve sure done it.


5 thoughts on “Debate thought

  1. Tim Kaine was quite comfortable laying claim to the Democrat legacy of killing people as Hildebeeste’s main domestic and foreign affairs accomplishments – supporting a legion Kermit Gosnells at home to mutilate and murder defenseless fetal human beings, and the killing of Usama bin Laden. This from a “deeply religious Catholic brought up by the Jesuits.”

  2. Wow Deplorable in Texas you ought to have your own blog. This was the best analysis and summary of the Dhimmierats I have seen. Can I steal it although I will not claim it as my own?

    Kaine is the most radical member of the Congress rating a perfect zero on the conservative scale.

    He’s on the ticket because Obama insistted on it in return for his campaigning for the wicked witch. Kaine’s performance tonight demonstrates the true face of the Left. Without manners, arrogant, lying, without substance, and proudly proclaiming their alligiance to values that most Americans find in Gosnell’s office.

    As someone who suffers under Kaine lets just describe him as about as intelligent as Congresswoman Lee and as attarctive as an STD.

  3. Know what I was most surprised by? Watching the news shows this morning, I saw the bit after it was over and both candidates stepped around to shake hands with the liberal “moderator,” and…Kaine was actually a bit taller than Pence. The strongest impression I had of him from his performance was that this was a very, very small man indeed; a wart, a carbuncle, a blemish. He was physically taller, but in every other way, he was a pygmy, and an excrescence. Like I said, man-hating Hillary couldn’t have found a more perfect running mate.

  4. You lasted longer than I did! Kaine’s meowing hurt my ears and his smug clowny face hurt my eyes. I turned it off and played with my kids instead.

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