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Civics lesson, anyone?

SE Cupp whimpers from the typically prone, cheeks-spread Cuckservative position about Trump; Bill reminds her of a little something she seems to be glossing over:

Trump is a political neophyte in every sense. Time and again he has proved he’d need a basic civics lesson before taking the oath of office.

This, from noted Kookservative S.E. Cupp, is typical of the sort of steaming nuggets Kookservative commentators love to litter their prose with.

She is, whether she realizes it or not, actively working to get Hillary Clinton elected president. Since she makes no mention of Clinton needing a “basic civics lesson” before taking the oath of office, one must presume that she doesn’t think Clinton needs one.

On what fucking planet is that, you blart-brained nitwit?

Here’s the “basic civics lesson” HIllary Clinton needs, and most definitely before taking office.

Thirty years to life.

“Restore” conservatism—elect the treasonous felon!

Hey, makes sense to me—for certain values of “sense,” that is. Ace takes it from there:

They talk all day about “Principles,” but discard the most basic principles — such as keeping a proven lawbreaker out of the White House, or just honestly admitting which candidate they’re actually supporting to their readers — as convenience may recommend.

In fact, right now they’re howling about Ted Cruz’ “calculations” in endorsing Trump, while not admitting their own pose of “Being Against Both Equally” is in fact a completely contrived lie they’ve calculated will permit them to agitate for their candidate (Hillary) while not compromising their career prospects within Conservatism, Inc. too much.

How much can I agitate for Hillary while still retaining plausible deniability?

How much can I agitate for Hillary to appease my anti-Trump donors while still keeping enough pro-Trump readers that my anti-Trump donors will feel they’re getting enough eyeballs per dollar of their patronage?

I think I’m out. And I think I’m defecting to the Democrats after this because, if I have a choice between one group of corrupt lying scumbags who think their (much over-vaunted) position gives them special rights in this democracy unavailable to the commoners, then I’ll side with the party where I get the least social grief.

If I’m to get nothing I want from either party — not even the minimum respect of being offered the truth — then I’ll go with the party where I don’t have to make apologies for my political leanings at parties.

If (they’re) both liars and elitist scumbags who think they have Right to Rule, what the fuck do I care which of them is in charge?

Annnnd bingo. Right there it is. I’ve been saying it for years now.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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