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Death spiral of the Republic

Trajectory: straight down.

The consequences of empowering today’s Democratic Party are crystal clear. The Democratic Party—regardless of its standard bearer—would use its victory to drive the transformations that it has already wrought on America to quantitative and qualitative levels that not even its members can imagine. We can be sure of that because what it has done and is doing is rooted in a logic that has animated the ruling class for a century, and because that logic has shaped the minds and hearts of millions of this class’s members, supporters, and wannabes.

That logic’s essence, expressed variously by Herbert Croly and Woodrow Wilson, FDR’s brains trust, intellectuals of both the old and the new Left, choked back and blurted out by progressive politicians, is this: America’s constitutional republic had given the American people too much latitude to be who they are, that is: religiously and socially reactionary, ignorant, even pathological, barriers to Progress. Thankfully, an enlightened minority exists with the expertise and the duty to disperse the religious obscurantism, the hypocritical talk of piety, freedom, and equality, which excuses Americans’ racism, sexism, greed, and rape of the environment. As we progressives take up our proper responsibilities, Americans will no longer live politically according to their prejudices; they will be ruled administratively according to scientific knowledge.

Progressivism’s programs have changed over time. But its disdain for how other Americans live and think has remained fundamental. More than any commitment to principles, programs, or way of life, this is its paramount feature. The media reacted to Hillary Clinton’s remark that “half of Trump’s supporters could be put into a ‘basket of deplorables’” as if these sentiments were novel and peculiar to her. In fact, these are unremarkable restatements of our ruling class’s perennial creed.

Who, a generation ago, could have guessed that careers and social standing could be ruined by stating the fact that the paramount influence on the earth’s climate is the sun, that its output of energy varies and with it the climate? Who, a decade ago, could have predicted that stating that marriage is the union of a man and a woman would be treated as a culpable sociopathy, or just yesterday that refusing to let certifiably biological men into women’s bathrooms would disqualify you from mainstream society? Or that saying that the lives of white people “matter” as much as those of blacks is evidence of racism? These strictures came about quite simply because some sectors of the ruling class felt like inflicting them on the rest of America. Insulting presumed inferiors proved to be even more important to the ruling class than the inflictions’ substance.

How far will our rulers go?

Only one answer to that: farther. Always and forever. That’s the bonus benefit for Progressivists of Progressivism: it will keep them in work forever, because their self-assigned task of using an unrestricted government’s power to “fundamentally transform” us benighted savages who wish only to be left alone by them will never be finished.

It’s Codevilla, so naturally you’ll want to read it all. He has plenty to say about the Republicans as well, and the likelihood (or not) of Trump or anyone else rescuing us from at least 50 years of folly, misdirection, and malfeasance.

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3 thoughts on “Death spiral of the Republic

  1. That which you tolerate WILL get worse.

    I hate these bastards who have sold out our great country for power. Karma will be swift and strong.

    People are waking up. Count on it.

    GO TRUMP! #neverforgetBenghazi

  2. I don’t remember who said it first, but whoever did, nailed it: Communism – always one murder away from Utopia.

  3. I have long said Trump can’t fix things. He can’t. I *think* he’ll try. I don’t know that for sure. But I do know that if he does, he fail. Or at least not come anywhere near fully succeeding. Fixing things is WAY beyond the efforts of one man.

    But it’s also clear this guy thought Cruz could. And he was wrong. Badly. Cruz isn’t corrupt the way Crooked Cankles is, but but he is either a dishonest charlatan or a complete idiot. He either planned to fail or he is too stupid to know his “comrades” in the Senate would use him like a dishrag. My vote is for dishonest charlatan, but the other is at least not outright dis-proven…

    He’s got some OK points… but I really can’t FULLY agree with anything he says until his very last sentence. The mess coming later will make Trump’s moderation look pretty stinking good (in retrospect) to the morons too willfully-blind to see it today.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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