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Leftymob baying for another head

Every now and again I get an e-mail asking why I’m not on Twitter. Here’s one reason.

I was following the riots in Charlotte, against a background of reports of violence. Joe Bruno of WSOC9 interviewed a driver whose truck had been stopped by a mob. Trapped in her cab, she “feared for her life” as her cargo was looted. Then I retweeted a report of mobs “stopping traffic and surrounding vehicles” with the comment, “Run them down.”

Those words can easily be taken to advocate drivers going out of their way to run down protesters. I meant no such thing, and I’m sorry it seemed I did. What I meant is that drivers who feel their lives are in danger from a violent mob should not stop their vehicles. I remember Reginald Denny, a truck driver who was beaten nearly to death by a mob during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. My tweet should have said, “Keep driving,” or “Don’t stop.”

I have always supported peaceful protests, speaking out against police militarization and excessive police violence in my USA TODAY columns, on my website and on Twitter itself. I understand why people misunderstood my tweet and regret that I was not clearer.

Twitter is just another Leftard media organization that routinely enforces one standard for approved liberal-fascist orthodoxy, while blocking, denouncing, deleting, or otherwise harassing the people who dare to dissent from them. Their regard for the First Amendment-protected right to free speech is of a piece with that of everybody else’s on the Left: they have none. In fact, they’re actively hostile to it, and would like to see it done away with.

Yes, there have been some excellent tweets here and there, and I’ve occasionally posted them here. But overall, I need another bastion of Leftmedia groupthink cluttering up my life like I need a nice new hemorrhoid. Nobody needs to be looking for me to sign up with them anytime soon. Or, y’know, ever. To hell with them.


3 thoughts on “Leftymob baying for another head

  1. You do realize that the First Amendment doesn’t protect your right to say whatever you want on Twitter, right? It’s a private business that provides a free service that people use voluntarily, how Twitter lets you do that has nothing to do with your right to free speech. If you don’t like how Twitter does business then just don’t use it (I don’t myself) but don’t complain about your “First Amendment-protected right to free speech” because Twitter isn’t doing anything to threaten that.

  2. Do her brown “eyes” really taste that good to you, Ijab? Neither CF nor GR claimed that Twatter has to observe the 1st Amendment. They instead merely noted that entity is ALSO trying to replace Huma as chief vibrator operator.

    Now UT, on the other hand, DOES suck the Fed teat. And it had better observe that 1st Amendment as a result.

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