All you’ll ever need to know about the Charlotte riots

Posted by Mike @ 6:05 AM Thursday, 22 September 2016 • Category: RACIST!, The Liberal Way of War, Total war

Is right here, captured in a single picture.

“A book,” my ass. Click on the link Sundance provides for the backstory, if need be. But the bottom line remains: #BlackLiesMurder is based entirely—ENTIRELY—on falsehoods, from Ferguson right up through last night. It’s a fine example of how the Left operates, from top to bottom, start to finish.

The amusing thing to me is how careful local news has been to call the rioters “protesters,” which presents a few questions for them: what exactly did the truckers who were stopped, threatened, intimidated, and looted on I-85 night before last have to do with police shootings, pray tell? What did those drivers passing by near downtown last night who had bricks, traffic cones, and other debris heaved off of overpasses at their cars do wrong that their lives should be put in jeopardy by these animals? A more revealing question might be: why do these riots always seem to take place near a Wal Mart, which then ends up looted as if THEY had anything to do with anything?

Screw these vermin. Any sympathy I had for them and their cause—and there was some initially—is now long gone. I’ll take a few bad cops over unhinged, vicious savages any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.


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