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Liberal media “stumbles” over Clinton collapse

She “stumbled.” That’s what they’ve decided to call it, how they’re going to help her cover it up. A “stumble.”

If that was a “stumble,” then Beethoven was a “somewhat talented” musician, Donald Trump could be described as “not very shy,” Raquel Welch was “somewhat attractive,” and Bill Gates is only “comfortably well off.”

Hillary collapsed. Not just a little bit, but completely. As at least one cop has said, they tossed her bodily into that van like a sack of wet shit—because she was fucking completely incapacitated, no longer retaining any control of her body, and most likely unconscious. In fact, if you look at the video, the woman behind her was propping her up before she ever hit the pavement. And hit the pavement she did, so roughly she even lost a shoe, and some sort of metal object she had hidden up her pants leg fell clattering to the sidewalk as she was dragged into the van.

Which itself raises another question: why is she riding around in a van instead of a limo, like every other politician and candidate who has reached her level of power and notoriety does? That van just screams “handicapped” or “special needs”; it is NOT the sort of vehicle you’ll ever see Obama, for instance, climbing (or being thrown) into. My belief: it’s more along the lines of an ambulance without the lights and siren. I’d bet it’s fully equipped inside with a crash cart, a stretcher, and all the medical-emergency trimmings necessary for reviving someone who is desperately ill, infirm, and invalided. Like, say, Hillary.

Oh, and: “pneumonia”? Please; don’t make me laugh. Here’s a much, much more likely diagnosis:

I have no doubt that Mrs. Clinton may have been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. That is entirely possible. 70 year olds have pneumonia all the time. My point is that pneumonia in and of itself – WOULD NEVER make someone do what happened today. I am fully aware of walking pneumonia – and indeed – by definition – it is “walking”. It is a type of pneumonia caused by very specific organism(s) that are much different than those types that will put you in the hospital. The point being – walking pneumonia will produce ill symptoms – often a cough and overall malaise – but will never ever cause a syncope like episode. Pneumonia or reaction to antibiotics simply do not produce what happened today in the absence of many other grave symptoms – and believe me people would not be walking through a parking lot with these symptoms.

I want to clarify the cardiac arrhythmia issue as well. AFIB with RVR is but one of many types of rhythm problems that could be going on – it is by far the most common therefore the most likely. This is what happens when people have afib: the atria – the top chambers of the heart – are beating in total chaos. Normally – your AV node protects the bottom part – ventricles – or pumping chambers from being exposed to the chaos. You can go for long times months even years without any problems at all. However, ever so often the AV node fails in its protection – the chaos from above is transported to the ventricles below and suddenly the bottom of the heart is beating 150, 160 whatever. Just think how you feel after 15 minutes on a treadmill. Running hard. Heart rate of 150 – light-headed and short of breath. Now imagine that you get off the treadmill – and your heart just keeps right on going at 150. In about 10 minutes you will begin to feel very bad. This is manifested in different ways by different people. Shortness of breath is very common. The feeling of being flushed or hot is very common. Nausea and vomiting are very very common. But your heart will not slow down. After several minutes of this – even the most simple exertion like walking – can lead to such low blood pressure that you will have syncope (pass out). That is why AFIB with RVR is so high on the differential diagnosis of the tape I saw today.

Something else of concern that has been running through my mind since I saw that tape is yet another diagnosis that I neglected to put in the initial discussion. This is EXACTLY how people will react if they have an implantable defibrillator and it fires. This would be the same as having the big paddles put on you in the ER – and shocked. Over the past 20 years or so – we have been putting “paddles” directly into patients chest that fire and shock them whenever the computer that is attached to them perceives there is a problem. These patients would already have a diagnosis of a cardiac rhythm problem. One of two things in my experience happens. 1) The rhythm problem comes out of nowhere – and the patient is shocked. They would seem to drop to the ground instantly 2) Often, the rhythm problem is lurking for several minutes before the shock occurs. It all depends on the diagnosis and the settings of the device. But the patient will often feel very very weak and tired, dizzy, hot and light-headed in the seconds/minutes before the device fires. When it does fire however – most of the time – the patient goes down temporarily – just like Mrs. Clinton did today.

Will someone ask her please if she has a defibrillator in her chest? This may or may not be so – but do you want someone who can be shocked like that in charge of the country in a crisis?

I want to for personal reasons address concerns about my ethics in some of the above comments.

I agree – no diagnosis should ever be made without the patient being right in front of you. And many of the tapes and videos used in the past month about Mrs. Clinton’s health have been “out there”. I am not making a diagnosis on her – I am offering up medical facts about what could have caused something like this to occur. Common things occur commonly. This video today is clearly not from the lunatic fringe like some of the others I have seen this past few weeks. I am gravely concerned about this after what I saw today – and I wholeheartedly believe the voters need to know the whole story – whatever that may be – and what the campaign is telling and putting forth makes little sense medically speaking. As is so often in politics – it is the lies and confusion put forward to cover things up – that gets people in trouble.

Another question I have – and about this I need to be perfectly clear. Had I seen that video on any of my patients – and believe me – having things caught on video is actually very common in medicine today – my very very first reaction would be GET THAT PATIENT TO THE ER – I AM MEETING YOU THERE. Why on earth was Mrs. Clinton not rushed to the hospital???? — That issue alone brings up all sorts of concerning thoughts in my mind..

She wasn’t rushed to the ER because that’s a visual they simply can’t afford, and would amount to a situation they couldn’t control or keep a lid on. That’s only one of MANY issues that ought to be of concern, to everybody. But the one thing we can assume with absolute certainty is that we will never, ever get the unvarnished truth—about this, or anything else—from Clinton or her handlers. Not with their decades-long record of lies, coverups, and obfuscation. Here’s another diagnosis that seems reasonable enough, certainly far more so than the thin scrim of deceit about “pneumonia,” “allergies,” and “antibiotics”:

Hillary Clinton (HRC) has suffered a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, she has declined to make her medical records public. In July of 2015 her personal physician released a letter asserting her “excellent physical condition.” Unfortunately, multiple later episodes recorded on video strongly suggest that the content of the letter is incorrect. This discussion is designed to sort through the known facts and propose a possible medical explanation for these events. In keeping with Occam’s Razor, a single explanation that covers everything is preferred.

After the 2012 fall, HRC had post-concussion syndrome (PCS). She should have declared herself unable to fulfill her duties as Secretary of State. Her resignation from the position shortly thereafter may have satisfied this need without public medical discussion. If no other questionable medical signs had appeared, this discussion would end here. But the other events and signs point to a single cause for the fall, and it is not the public explanation. Further, HRC’s statement early in her tenure as Secretary of State that she would serve only four years can be read in the context of a progressive disease that was known as she assumed the post.

It is the premise of this discussion the HRC is most likely suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

It explains every one of the items listed above. Further, since it is a diagnosis primarily made by observation, the video record is sufficient to create a high degree of certainty.

It is not appropriate for a physician to make a diagnosis at a distance. But since the evidence in the public record so strongly suggests that HRC has moderate to advanced PD, it is imperative that HRC release her complete medical record to an impartial panel of physicians for review. It is not necessary for the public at large to see them. Such a panel should be secure in its deliberations and should present a summary to the public. If she has PD, the panel would know and it would be made public. If not, then the air would clear.

I would advise you not to hold your breath waiting for that, lest you end up collapsing yourself from lack of oxygen. In fact, it almost doesn’t matter now anyway, because whatever “medical records” she ended up releasing would carry the taint of her prior attempts at stonewalling and coverup. Hillary squandered any expectation of trust or benefit of the doubt long ago; there would be every reason to think that any records she would be willing to submit to public scrutiny would be either incomplete or manufactured and false—y’know, just like her insecure e-mails: expurgated; redacted; lied about; dragged from her kicking and screaming even as she swore under oath that she had been entirely forthcoming about them. You’ll want to read all of that last piece; his evidence is comprehensive, well-documented, and thoroughly damning.

Hillary has now hoist herself on her own petard; she’s swinging from a gibbet of lies and treachery she knotted herself, over not just weeks and months during this particular campaign, but decades. She is finished, and there could be no more fitting and just an end to the multiple transgressions and travesties of the Clinton Crime Syndicate than this. It points up who and what they really are and have always been, with the cost this time around being personal, borne at last by they themselves rather than the nation at large. Why, it’s enough to make a diehard atheist begin to admit some doubt at last about whether there might be a just and loving God looking out for us after all. Begone, wretched shrew, and take your sleazy, greasy “husband” and your grubby minions with you.

Medical diagnosis links above via Vox, who adds his own present-to-future timeline:

Hillary’s health narrative changes direction faster and more smoothly than a school of fish.

  1. Hillary is in EXCELLENT health
  2. Except for the allergies.
  3. And the cough, which is, of course, allergies. To what? Does it matter?
  4. The point is her allergies have nothing to do with why she stumbled.
  5. Stumbled, fainted, collapsed unconscious… is there really a difference?
  6. She was just overheated. Her feet were hot, that’s why she took off her shoes. Shoe.
  7. Actually, we meant to say she was dehydrated.
  8. And by dehydrated, we meant to say pneumonia.

Still to come:

  1. Turns out it’s aspiration pneumonia, to be precise.
  2. Well, yes, that is a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease.
  3. Which, um, she has. But it’s not that-
  4. All right, it’s pretty bad. But that doesn’t mean she can’t-
  5. So, anyone have Bernie’s number?

Doesn’t take a crystal ball to see more lies coming from Hillary, of course, but I’d say he’s got it.

Oh, and for the liberal media propagandists who are using this as an excuse to demand Trump’s medical records as if there was any evidence at all that it was really necessary: get back to us next time HE collapses in public, willya? In fact, Trump was in attendance yesterday at the same memorial ceremony Hillary was, but showed no signs at all of suddenly sagging to the pavement in an oleaginous puddle because of the brutal New York fall “heat,” nor was he propped up at any point by numerous attendants who obviously had plenty of experience at keeping up appearances for a desperately ill candidate with one foot in the emergency room and the other in the grave.


4 thoughts on “Liberal media “stumbles” over Clinton collapse

  1. If you listen carefully you can hear the metallic ding of something falling out of her pants.leg. Hmmmm…makes ya wonder.

  2. Being a lying liar tends to be a problem when you forget what you lying about. And not coordinating with the Rt Propaganda Ministry pretending to be media

    Thus you get the current situation where she overheated and caught pneumonia, then lost 50 pounds somehow and had new teeth installed while visiting her spawn. And is then terribly unable to do more than one day a week, while her entire staff is now dying of pneumonia.

    Bitch, just frabbing DIE

  3. But, you see, women continue working even though they are mortally ill. Hillary is a majestic exemplar of women’s toughness.

    And besides, Chimpy Bushitler threw up over the Japanese Premier, and nobody questioned that.

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