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Peak lunacy

Reached it, we has.

The transgender community is angry at Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers, 2012) for casting an openly gay man as a transgender woman in his upcoming transgender drama Anything.

I’m tempted just to end the whole danged post right there. I mean, what can you really hope to add to that perfect sentence?

Ruffalo felt the need to justify himself on Twitter, nearly apologizing when faced with the outrageous demand that he scrap the movie, which has already been filmed. An op ed in the Huffington Post even alleged that having a gay man (Matt Bomer, White Collar) play a transgender woman would result in violence.

“Most important, if you release this film, statistically speaking, trans people will likely be attacked or killed because of the stereotypes it contains, especially by casting Matt Bomer as a woman,” wrote Mya Byrne, a transgender musician, recording engineer, actor, and “social justice activist” from San Francisco. She insisted that “historically, anytime Hollywood says, ‘Oh, trans women are just men in drag,’ and portrays them as such, there is a marked — and measurable — uptick in so-called ‘trans panic’ killings, harassment, beatings, discrimination, and suicide rates. It gives bigots a leg to stand on.”

So, would it be better for Hollywood not to make any LGBT movies to begin with?

Fine by me. But then, I ain’t Hollywood’s target audience, not having bothered with movies in about, oh, twenty years or more. The last time they did anything I had any interest in at all was the final installment of Lord Of The Rings. Judging by Ruffalo’s groveling, utterly pathetic response (“To the Trans community. I hear you. It’s wrenching to you see you in this pain. I am glad we are having this conversation. It’s time,” rather than a hearty “go piss up a rope, fascist”), we can dismiss this as a moderately amusing Blue On Blue assault, and I can safely go back to not giving a shit about the movies—or anything else that gets flushed out of Hollywood into our cultural cesspool.


1 thought on “Peak lunacy

  1. By this new standard, that to portray something you have to be that something:

    Does this now mean that only murderers may portray murderers?

    Only actual racists can play the KKK?

    That an actor whose character is a rapist without a rape conviction need not apply?

    That to play a fighter pilot they need to produce a log book for the type in the film?

    To play a race car driver, trophies need to be displayed?

    To play a politician, they have to win an election?

    I eagerly await the next movie with a portrayal of Hitler (just to get Godwin out of the way). I mean, how can you accurately play Hitler unless you’re actually a nazi, have invaded Poland or murdered a few Jews?

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