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Scandi success

Helen Smith notes that it ain’t the socialism—it’s the people, and their culture. She includes a particularly good ‘un from the Great Quote Machine that was Milton Friedman that sums it up well:

A Scandinavian economist once said to Milton Friedman, ‘In Scandinavia, we have no poverty’. Milton Friedman replied, ‘That’s interesting, because in America, among Scandinavians, we have no poverty, either’. Indeed, the poverty rate for Americans with Swedish ancestry is only 6.7 per cent: half the US average (US Census).

Helen follows up:

Leftists always want to point to some so-called utopian society that exists due to government intervention and control but what they call success is usually due to what is mentioned in the above book description: hard work, healthy diets, social cohesion and high levels of trust. Hard work and high levels of trust in our American society is slowly becoming a thing of the past. It’s hard for a society to be successful without these traits, but leftists are determined to give it a try.

In despite of reality, history, and an Everest of evidence to the contrary. This is known as being part of the “reality-based community.” Which is every bit as accurate as everything else they say.

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1 thought on “Scandi success

  1. Clip of Gavin McInnis vs a Feminist that directly relates:


    Gavin: We have the best system in the world.

    Feminist: We do not have the best system in the world. There are many European countries that are much better off than us.

    Gavin: Oh, you mean the European countries with a higher density of whites that us?

    Feminist: *triggered*

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