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White riot

Whodathunk I’d get so much use all these years out of the title to an old Clash song?

I don’t consider myself in the alt-right, but I suppose that depends upon how you define it. If memory serves, Richard Spencer coined the term Alternative Right and his thing is white identity and white nationalism. I have no interest in those things and I don’t write much about race. I’m a biological realist and I think most of what we are as humans is in our genes, but I think forming a white ethno-state is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The only thing dumber is the blank slate nonsense that comes from the managerial class through the mass media.

On the other hand, big foot journalists are now applying the label “alt-right” to anyone outside the government approved Left-Right orbit so maybe that does place guys like me in the club. John Derbyshire coined the term “Dissident Right” which is probably a better label. I don’t dream of a honky paradise. I just want one of the political parties to be slightly to the right of the Democrats of 1960. Half a century of cultural lunacy is enough. Let’s go back to what used to work for the bulk of the citizens.

Over the last thirty years or so, one group after another has been cast out of the increasingly narrow sphere of acceptable politics. Conservatism is basically low-tax liberalism now. It’s not just on the right either. Old school progressives like Bernie Sanders are now outside the realm of the acceptable on the Left. Cesar Chavez would be a hate thinker today, simply because he strongly opposed illegal immigration on economic grounds. The difference between the Left and Right today is over patronage and how often to bomb the muzzies.

The result of several decades of purges on the Right is that the “alt-right” is now bigger than the Official Right™ and it certainly is where the cool kids are hanging out on-line. The hate thinkers are also younger, on average, than the old farts in the mainstream media. One of the strange things about the alt-right is it is populated with young guys with everything to gain from a rebellion and old eccentrics with nothing to lose from a rebellion. The young guys are clever and funny, while the old guys are brilliant at noticing patterns in society and human behavior.

The safe bet is the increased attention to the hate thinkers will result in a holding of hands and chanting of lines from the liberal catechism. Howls of racism and antisemitism will echo through the halls of officialdom. We got a taste of this in the primary when guys like Jonah Goldberg tried to slime Trump as a closet Klansman simply because David Duke said nice things about him. Among the Cloud People, being called a racist is the worst thing imaginable, so it is their most powerful abracadabra word.

The trouble is the hate thinkers really don’t care and they seem to relish this sort of attention. The gag you often see is “When I was a conservative they called me a racist. When I was a libertarian they called me a racist. When I was a Tea Partier they called me a racist. Now that I’m alt-right I don’t care what they call me.” Often, the response to the charge of racism is mockery. It’s really hard to shout people down when they are laughing at your efforts. That and the old guys have been called these things so often they don’t pay any attention to it now.

I’m with Z-man right down the line here. I, too, don’t really consider myself alt-right, but then again by now I’m not sure what I might be called that would be either accurate or comprehensive. As I’ve told people now and then over the years: I don’t judge anyone I meet purely by skin color. There are good and bad people to be found anywhere you look, and there are good and bad qualities coexisting in each and every one of us as individuals. The emergence and dominance of those qualities depends more on the time of day than on someone’s skin pigmentation, and can change at the drop of a hat. But if you truly, deeply believe that there’s no such thing as what is generally meant when some people use the word “nigger,” you’re either blind, a fool, or both.

Doesn’t mean anyone needs to go around calling people that; doesn’t mean anyone should risk hurting decent black people by using the term indiscriminately. It doesn’t mean that anyone even needs to use the word at all, ever. But I’ll be damned if I’ll allow liberal sanctimony or squeamishness to prevent me from recognizing the hard, unlovely truth that squats barely hidden behind it. And I’ll be cast bodily into the very pit of Hell its own self before I allow myself to give a single shit whether some malignant, no-ball Progressivist thinks I’m a racist or not, by his standards and very dim lights.

Which brings us, in a somewhat roundabout fashion (and via Bill, who has more to say about it himself), to this:

If all non-whites vanished tomorrow — hopefully instantly repatriated without harm — what would happen to whites in America and Europe?

Our labor costs would go up, but we have millions of unemployed. We might have fewer doctors, but we would have far fewer patients. Construction jobs would go back to white guys. Cost would rise, at the level of what is paid, but would also fall as social welfare systems found themselves with far fewer recipients.

Would our cultural diversity perish? No, because we have museums and recipe books, and can do what others do. Would we lose vibrant diversity? Most white people seem to have fled it, except for the ethnic restaurants and kumbaya social events. Would we lose friends and neighbors? — undoubtedly, but most people socialize within their own groups.

In short, nothing would change after a brief adjustment period, and rising costs would be met by falling taxes and lower externalized costs from a failing social apparatus. Whites would lose nothing. Minority groups — assuming they were not harmed — would gain, as in their own countries they could live by the standards of their cultures, values and religions, and have something more important: pride in themselves and a sense of shared purpose.

This is the shrieking fear hidden behind these protests. Minority groups are not needed. We will carry on as we have always carried on, building nations and creating civilizations that fit us. Any momentary inconveniences would be offset by a restoration of our own pride and sense of command over our destinies.

What does this leave for minority groups? Only guilt: a type of projected shame on us for being prosperous and having built great civilizations. And what purpose does guilt serve? It is retroactive, and acts only to destroy those who wish to rise above the norm by artificially humbling them.

Which, of course, is the whole point, and the real goal.

At this point, I’m thinking maybe I’ll just start calling myself an anarcho-misanthropic iconoclastic nihilist. It may not be strictly accurate, and it certainly doesn’t begin to cover all the bases. But it’ll serve to confuse many of the people I’d most enjoy seeing befuddled, and it sounds funny too. And these days, I’m all about the laughs, and need as many of ’em as I can get.

Join me over here in the AMIN corner, folks! We may not win any elections for anybody, but we’ll sure have fun pointing and laughing while we all go down in flames.

Update! Vox codifies the Alt Right in simple, direct terms that anybody ought to be able to grasp. Not seeing a whole hell of a lot in the way of real racism in there myself, but YMMV.


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