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In 2004, with the left in the grip of anti-Bush fever, 48 percent of Democrats nonetheless said they were “very confident” that their votes would be counted accurately. Today, among Republicans, it’s 38 percent. That’s not all Trump’s doing. Some of it is a partisan effect of the out-party’s voters always having less faith that the party in power will play fairly, some of it is Clinton-specific in fearing that Bill and Hillary will find some nefarious way to tilt the board towards them, and part of it is the general decline of public faith in American institutions over the last 10 years.

And “some of it” is the incredible corruption and megalomania of the Democrat Socialist Party and its obvious willingness to rig or steal elections, brazenly on display now since at least the mid-1800s, if not before.

It may be that we’d be seeing unusual high fears of vote-rigging this year regardless of who the GOP nominee is. Even so, though — just 11 percent of Trump supporters are “very confident” in the national vote count and a bare majority of 50 percent are either “not too confident” or “not confident at all.” Some of that is Trump. If you believe that the national books can be cooked on Election Day, you’re probably also a hard sell on the idea that Hillary’s winning right now nationally. Why, if anything, the pollsters are probably coordinating with Hillary to prepare public expectations in anticipation of the Big Rigging in November. Just look at her crowd sizes compared to Trump’s, after all.

Yeah, it’s just ridiculous to suggest that elections could ever be rigged in this country…and just never mind Tammany Hall, and the precincts in Philadelphia in 2012 that showed not one single vote for Romney, and the 108 percent of voters who went for Ogabe in some Ohio county or other (those are just from memory, mind; it’s by no means an inclusive list). All perfectly legit and aboveboard, natch.

And while we’re at this debunking of silly, paranoid conspiracy theories, let’s dispense with the whole idea of a liberal media/entertainment/academic monolith working relentlessly at inculcating the notion that socialism is a system vastly superior to Constitutional government and economic liberty, why don’t we? Why, according to AP’s line of reasoning above, that would be just stupid, you stupid, stupid Trumpkin. So stop being so paranoid and help us restore conservatism by supporting Hillary. It’s the only True Conservative option.

See, the sad “truth” is that the election is over, and Trump, who never had a chance of winning, was defeated soundly. In fact, he never had a chance at the nomination, which was proved overwhelmingly when The Right Reverend Holy of Holies, the oily Ted Cruz, coasted to the nomination with a record number of votes. It’s August, for Cruz’s sake, and polls three months away from voting day have always proven absolutely, positively correct. Just ask president Mike Dukakis about that. Or look at Jimmy Carter’s successful re-election campaign in 1980, for that matter.

Might as well give up now, Trumptards. All the liberal-leaning polling organizations like Pew, Gallup, and Brookings have spoken, and their premature word is holy writ. If you don’t believe it, hell, just ask ’em. Or ask a frothing NeverTrumper/I’mWithHer type, they’ll be glad to set you straight.



2 thoughts on “Sad!

  1. Do not forget to add that the Republican party wants Trump to lose as well, so in their enclaves where THEY control the machines (Hint: Wisconsin), expect rigging in the presidential contest as well. And expect them to NOT contest fraud elsewhere, and understand that, if neither major party contests the ballot, nobody else is likely to be granted “standing” in the courts.

    If he DOES pull it off in spite of the fraud and corruption, do you understand where the FINAL battle will be fought? Or do you not understand how the Electoral College works?

  2. Oh there WILL be fraud. No if about it.

    The question is how much, and where, and if it “changed” the outcome that “should” have happened.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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