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Another day, another idiotic riot


Yet another police shooting sparked riots on Saturday evening, this time in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Protesters caused mayhem in the city, burning businesses and reportedly even throwing a brick at a police officer’s head. Perhaps less known, however, is that horrible violence also came before the shooting — a nine-hour stretch of homicides Friday night and Saturday morning killed five people.

Protesters chanted “black power!” at least 30 times as a gas station burned. Police told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that at least 200 people had gathered to protest the shooting. Three people inside the gas station escaped and got to safety despite the fire, Assistant Police Chief James Harpole said.

Just in case anybody was wondering where all this is going:

The protesters occasionally pushed against a line of 20 to 30 officers, some of whom wore riot gear, Harpole recounted. When the officers got in their cars to leave, some in the crowd started smashing the windows of a squad car and another vehicle, which was set on fire. Gunshots could be heard at about 8:45 p.m., and they appeared to be fired in the air by someone in the crowd. Fires were started at local businesses: at a branch of BMO Harris Bank, at a beauty supply company, and at an O’Reilly Auto Parts store. “Hey beat up every white person!” said one protester caught on camera. “He white! Beat his sh*t!”

Just in case anyone might be wondering where the blame of right ought to be laid (emphasis mine, lest there be any doubt):

“Milwaukee currently ranks the second poorest city with over 500,000 residents, only falling behind Detroit.[106] In 2013, a Point-In-Time survey estimated 1,500 people are homeless on Milwaukee’s streets each night.”

Racial composition 1980 1990 2000 2010

White (Non-Hispanic) 71.4% 60.8% 45.5% 37.0%

Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 4.2% 6.3% 12.0% 17.3%

Black or African American 22.9% 30.2% 36.9% 40.0%

Asian 0.7% 1.8% 2.9% 3.5%

The Milwaukee Police Department’s Gang Unit was reactivated in 2004 after Nannette Hegarty was sworn in as chief. In 2006 alone, some 4,000 charges were brought against suspects through Milwaukee’s Gang Unit. In 2014, 59 people were killed, one of the lowest tallies in Milwaukee’s history. In 2015, there has been a spike in crime, with 124 killed as of October 22, 2015.

What happened on August 9, 2014? A doped up criminal named Michael Brown just leaving a strong armed robbery was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement financed by Democrat George Soros was created and murders spiked in Milwaukee and in urban Democrat cities across America.

Just in case anybody was wondering whether there could possibly have been any justification for shooting this fine, upstanding, admirable, and beloved youth:

Police argued that the suspect had a “lengthy arrest record” and that he was carrying a handgun taken during a burglary in March, during which 500 rounds of ammunition were also stolen.

So now, according to #BlackLiesMurder, cops aren’t allowed to do anything other than yell “STOP! Or you’ll get away!” at an armed and quite likely dangerous habitual felon as he takes to his heels. And soon enough, they’ll be rioting over that, too.

I’ve said it before: pull out every last white cop, let every last white business owner and/or resident leave for a better place, and let the fucking savages burn their ghetto hellholes to the fucking ground if they like. Just make sure they stay penned up in them and never get the opportunity to come out to trouble civilized folks, be they white, black, yellow, or anything else.


3 thoughts on “Another day, another idiotic riot

  1. Name one other group that burns down their own damn towns besides blacks and muzzies. What the is their problem? No way in hell I would rebuild, wouldn’t even bother to level it. I’d just leave it as it stands as a monument to their ‘culture.’ Dumbasses.

  2. They may be learning, however, Konnie. The New Black Panther Party is telling them to burn down the suburbs instead. And as long as they stay away from those suburbs where the Wisconsin Elite live, I would expect the “Law Enforcement” reaction to be similar to what it already has been. They exist to protect their Masters, protect their Brothers in Blue, and generate revenue. Protecting suburbs where neither their Master nor their Brothers in Blue live is specifically NOT on that list of duties. ESPECIALLY when the criminal actions are perpetrated by a group with standing on the Preferred Species ladder.

  3. The police chief in Milwaukee ID’d the troublemakers as Chicago-based Communists (!!!)

    What ever happened to the MILWAUKEE-based Commies who infiltrated the union movement (CIO) at Allis-Chalmers and Allen-Bradley? Now they have to import these shitbags from CHICAGO?

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