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NOT WHO WE ARE: The fruits of unfettered immigration

I mentioned a grim prediction from Vox in an update to an earlier post. This one is…uhh, grimmer? More grim?

It’s hard for the older generation to realize things are as bad as they are. Trapped in memories and increasing isolation, they have no idea what the USA has become. It’s all but impossible for the younger generation to realize what they have lost, or more precisely, of what they have been robbed.

Conservatives have betrayed America. Progressives have destroyed it. What remains is the tattered remnants of a nation that still cannot grasp that not only is it not stronger, healthier, and more powerful than ever before, but it is on the verge of collapsing under the weight of its invaders. The USA is like a cancer-stricken patient whose oncologist keeps assuring him that the cancer cells are white blood cells that are strengthening his immune system.

He’s gonna get accused of all sorts of racism for the rest of it. But not by me. I don’t necessarily agree with every last word of it, but I think it’s on the beam overall. And seeing as how we had tight restrictions on immigration from 1924 to 1965 (including a ban on communists in 1952, which we’re told is COMPLETELY UNPOSSIBLE with regard to Muslims, because REASONS), I can’t for the life of me figure out how it is that we’re now at the point where we not only can’t halt it, we aren’t allowed to even discuss regulating it a bit. Because WHO WE ARE, don’tchaknow.

Well, strike that. I know EXACTLY why that is. And so do you, if you’re honest.


3 thoughts on “NOT WHO WE ARE: The fruits of unfettered immigration

  1. I just read Vox Day’s article, which you linked to. As an Asian born in America and as a veteran of the Afghanistan War, I found VD’s article offensive and racist. To say that I don’t deserve my citizenship because I am not white is insulting. VD apparently considers himself an activist, but he is just an activist behind a keyboard and a screen. I volunteered to serve OUR country in Afghanistan, making a sacrifice of myself and my family and risking injury & death, and VD has apparently done nothing of the sort. If anything, I deserve my citizenship more than VD does.

  2. @microentropy
    By the way, the only reason VD can spend time and make money designing video games is because of guys like me who fight for liberty on his behalf. In case he can’t see from his ivory tower, our military is made up of a bunch of us colored guys and white guys.

  3. Funny thing is, Vox Day is of Native American ancestry and has lived in Italy for the past decade or more. If we took a strict adoption of the Naturalization Act of 1790, neither he, you, or I would be allowed to be citizens. He ridicules the idea of the “proposition nation” but states that only whites be able to become US citizens. Of course, the idea of “whites” as a monolithic ethnic group is of itself a “proposition;” European nationalists see it as ridiculous if you were to claim with a straight face that Italians, Russians, Swedes, and English were all the same. For Vox Day to believe the crap he does disproves his beliefs that American culture is only to be for those of 100% Anglo-Saxon descent (no Irish need apply).

    Obviously, mass immigration and “multiculturalism” is a major problem as it encourages the formation of parallel societies; past immigration to the US was screened and immigrants were made to adopt American culture. There is not, and never has been, a distinct American ethnic group – even in colonial times there was significant immigration from Germany and the Netherlands. If, and only if, people (regardless of ethnic origin) are willing to speak English and follow US law and the Constitution without having allegiance to another nation, are they allowed to become Americans.

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