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Severus Cruz? Ted Snape?

Y’all know by now that I’m quite a ways from being a Cruz fan. But since I’m definitely a Harry Potter fan, I just had to throw this out there anyway.

Snape is a fascinating member of the “Harry Potter” cast. We know without a doubt that he’s important; clearly he will play a key role of some kind in the final resolution. J.K. Rowling keeps us constantly guessing, however, about what that role will be. Cruz is very much like this. He’s clearly a major player on the conservative field, still assessing his hand and calculating his moves. But will Cruz emerge in the end as the hero, or the anti-hero? It’s exceedingly difficult to tell.

Both figures have a kind of maddening mystery to them. Snape is imposing, ingenious, calculating, and cloaked. He has tremendous gravitas and enormous discipline, which combine to make him a powerful presence at Hogwarts. Rowling makes him a master of “occlumency,” an art by which a wizard seals his mind against other sorcerers who might wish to read his thoughts. The point is clear enough: Snape is an absolutely closed book.

Cruz, likewise, undeniably affects a kind of greatness. He almost never comes across as peevish or trivial, but like Snape, he is a closed book, ruthlessly disciplined but clearly calculating. Some find his Man of Principle demeanor inspiring, while others find it grating or disturbing. It’s especially problematic when it bleeds over into his political choices—a man who believes he can do no wrong is apt to make mistakes. Even when wrong though, he is clearly a force, and even those who condemn his tactics generally concede he is decidedly not a liberal.

No, probably not. But he’d definitely be right at home in Slytherin House, should he ever decide to give the Sorting Hat a whirl.


4 thoughts on “Severus Cruz? Ted Snape?

  1. So Cruz is unique in believing he can do no wrong? What I find grating is Trump delivering a Hildabeast like speech denying the slanders, insults, and distortions he delivered against Cruz, his wife and his father.

    Trump is just the other side of the Obama coin. After Trump’s unnecessary little performance and his set up of Cruz at the convention I’d rather get a case of Clintionitis than vote for Trump.

    This nation is doomed anyway. If it wasn’t Obama would have been run out of town years ago.

  2. @Veritas
    Wah! Wah! My guy didn’t win and the other guy said mean words to him too! Wah! Wah! Wah! The nation’s doomed anyway, so I’m gonna sit here and cry…while eating my Hot Pocket and playing video games.

    The truth is that Cruz is certainly a clever establishment creep whose wife is a CFR creep writing globalist claptrap position papers advocating eliminating all borders – the better for the profits of her employer, Goldman/Sachs, I suppose.

    So, go and vote for Clinton after you and your boyfriend hold your next gay pride rally. We wouldn’t be soiled by your putrid presence in our movement anyway.

  3. Ted Cruz is what you get when your Goldman Sachs.

    Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, ho!

  4. Snape? that’s giving Cruz way way too much credit. Snape at the end of the day, was a driven and determined man who sacrificed much for what he felt was right.

    Cruz is a bitch. It says much about his followers that they spend so much energy excusing his bitch nature.

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