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Despicable him

Daniel spells out exactly what I’ve been thinking. As is his wont.

In Dallas, Obama mentioned the name of dead sex offender Alton Sterling more times than those of the murdered police officers whom he was pretending to memorialize. After quickly dispensing with the formalities of eulogizing the slain officers, Obama demanded that “even those who dislike the phrase ‘black lives matter’” should “be able to hear the pain of Alton Sterling’s family”.

Alton Sterling was a convicted sex offender, burglar and violent criminal who was shot while reaching for a gun. His family may mourn him, just as every criminal’s family mourns their own, but it was obscene to class him together with five police officers who were murdered by a violent racist while doing their duty.

It is even more obscene when Obama’s favorite sex offender displaces the murdered police officers.

And yet that was Obama’s theme in Dallas. Murdered police officers were contrasted with dead criminals. The proper thing for Americans to do, as Obama told us, was to mourn both officers and criminals, to respect the sacrifices of the police and the anti-police accusations of #BlackLivesMatter.

Obama did not come to Dallas to mourn the murdered police officers, but to defend the ideology that took their lives. And this is what he has done from the very beginning.

You guys all know by now that I ain’t by any stretch a cop-licker. I’ve had close friends and even family over the years who were cops, we have customers at the shop who are cops (or were, they’re mostly retired now), and I know from hearing them talk that, as with society at large, there’s plenty of both good and bad to go around. Cops ain’t saints. In fact, some of them—all too many of them—are just plain evil. Not by any means all, but too many. And anybody who expects that great masses of them will switch over to the side of freedom and liberty when the Burning Times well and truly begin is fooling himself. Some will. Most won’t.

The real problem is the militarization of police forces all over the country. Around these parts, there’s a small town which I won’t name—a VERY small town—that got itself a tank from the federal gummint, which has been handing them out like Halloween candy to small PDs all over the country. It lends the thing out to other local communities to help out with all their small-town tank needs. This goes way beyond overkill and right on into Kafka territory; there’s no conceivable reason for this town to have such a thing, except for executing those wrong-address no-knock “dynamic entry” raids which also ought to be no part of a real cop’s job.

The trouble we have with cops now is: they ain’t cops no more. They’re trained to think of themselves not as traditional peace officers, but as soldiers. We’ve traded Andy Taylor in for Sergeant Rock, with a bunch of hysterical Barney Fifes in charge, only without Barney’s comically-inept good intentions. It was not a good trade, and it didn’t happen by accident. Sergeant Rock is a very useful guy to have around in his proper and accustomed place, which is NOT on American soil doing the jobs real cops Just Won’t Do, which jobs nobody ought to be doing at all. There was a reason our revered forefathers put in that No Quartering Of Troops business in our Founding documents, and like all of their other notions for how a legitimate government of a free people ought to be run, it was a good one.

But all that said, I gotta say this too: if the choice is between cops and the Left, cops and (Only) Black (Criminal) Lives Matter, or cops and Obama, I’m solidly with the cops every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

And pRetend pResident Jugears McDouchebag climbing up on these guys’ coffins to thump his scrawny chest and blibber on about (as Daniel so aptly puts it) the ideology that took their lives is so far past disgusting you can’t even look back and see disgusting from there with the naked eye. If I was a relative or friend of one of those men, I’d have been hard put to it not to walk up and punch the skinny, slope-shouldered commie tyrant’s lights out. Not that you’d have much hope of getting within swinging distance of this Man Of The Peepul, what with all the heavily armed bodyguards there to protect His Royal Majesty from the righteous and justified wrath of his hapless subjects.

Love cops or hate ’em, one thing I think all right-thinking Americans should be able to agree on is that, by standing everything on its head and making it all about Himself and what Himself wants once more, Obama is one brassy, ballsy son of a bitch…with an emphasis on the “bitch.” He’s a uniter that way. The gall of this horrid creature is simply jaw-dropping; it flows out of him like sweat off a Mississippi highway worker in August. He plumbs previously unimaginable new depths of shamelessness every time he opens his fat mouth. But as he sometimes does, Obama slipped up and told a partial truth in his relentless and repellent huckstering for his core anti-American values:

The “shootings in Minnesota and Baton Rouge” were equated with the murders of police officers in Dallas in a breathtaking bit of moral equivalence. Americans were encouraged to grieve for sex offender Alton Sterling and the murdered police officers at the same time. And, just in case there was any ambiguity about which side he was on, Obama warned that “we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest as troublemakers or paranoid.”

Gliding right past that “peaceful protest” horseshit, he’s right: we can’t. We instead need to see them clearly as the frothing, deluded, America-hating, hard-Left revolutionaries they truly are…and treat them accordingly. Bottom line:

There was nothing unifying about his exploitation of a memorial service to push anti-cop messages or to call for gun control. Neither message is in any way, shape or form unifying. They are as divisive as can be.

Obama did not come to Dallas to mourn, to heal or to unify. His sole purpose was to protect his #BlackLivesMatter hate group from the consequences of its rhetoric. Americans were fed lies about peaceful protests featuring armed members of hate groups who had called for the murder of police.

#BlackLivesMatter draws its inspiration from a cop-killer. It has deliberately targeted white people in much the same fashion that Micah X. Johnson did. The only real difference between Johnson and the black nationalist hate groups frantically trying to distance themselves from him in much the same way that mosques do from the latest Islamic terrorist is that he followed through on a lot of their rhetoric.

Bingo. And that similarity between the Left and their Muslim allies-of-convenience is no coincidence, either.

Direct quote from a BLM protest in New York: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ’em? NOW!!” And then one of them got busy and went out and gave them some. Not a whole lot more needs to be said, really.


9 thoughts on “Despicable him

  1. That speech was probably the most sickening thing yet from this scumbag. You just can’t get any lower.

    I saw Chris Matthews called it the most beautiful and stunning speech of his presidency. What fucking planet is he on? How can these people be living in the same country as me?

  2. Pitts called this speech -Majestic.The entire collective of “The Emperor has no clothes” crowd stated much the same gushing gibberish.

    You are an obvious person resistant to change and not part of the body of this majestic collective.Good luck in the future re-education camps.


  3. There’s a lot of two sided coins with cops. All of the local guys near me are pretty awesome former-mil who dig cars and let me get away with most things shy of murder, and on the whole I’m glad they’re there.

    I too dislike the militarization of the popo, but on the other side of that coin, when some islamist decides to shoot up the local starbucks, I don’t want the poor bastards who have to respond to go in with police special revolvers.

    Some cops are indeed evil, shitty people who are largely immune from prosecution– however in most cases that’s a leadership problem. And when you’re constantly demonized from the highest office in the land, how many of said leaders really give a shit any more?

    Most all our problems with cops are easily fixed. 1) Kick out / stop letting in the unnaturalized shitbags who think the rules don’t apply to them, 2) Provide top-down leadership that both supports policing while imposing really, really unpleasant penalties for 3am no-knock swat raids gone wrong, 3) Arm the fuck out of the citizenry. It really isn’t rocket surgery.

  4. Gotcha linked at my place, along with some totally unrelated stuff about how the New Black Panthers just opened a chapter in Baton Rouge and then seven cops got ambushed and shot in Baton Rouge – three were killed. Unexpectedly.

  5. @MM
    Seriously. Just when ya think you may have seen Barky’s worst, he out does himself in douchebaggery and his media hand puppets praise the evil as Teh Best Evah.

  6. Yes, the media is stupid and the president is a douche bag. In fact, the sky is supposed to be orange and there were never any dinosaurs.

  7. The problem with LEO is first and foremost the ‘thin blue line’ mentality, the
    ‘us vs them’ ideology, the notion that if you aren’t a member of the club you are essentially nothing. They are taught from day one at the academy to ‘go home at the end of your shift no matter what you have to do’. This mindset leads to a shoot first, shoot a lot and reload and shoot more paradigm. To a cop EVERYONE they cross paths with is an imminent and credible threat. Sometimes that’s true, more often it’s not….but EVERYONE is at equal risk of receiving a dose of violence from someone operating all day every day out of fear and paranoia.

    Next that same ‘blue boy club’ ideology means that no matter WHAT one of the club members does the rest of the gang does NOT interfere and sure as hell isn’t
    going to actually hold them to account for their actions. That is why we see the never ending stories of a cop breaking the law…..his associates on seen
    filling out reports that make him look righteous and then having video surface AFTER the legal lies are filed proving ALL OF THEM to be criminals and accomplices. That means there are NO GOOD COPS. Only the bad cops who break the law, abuse citizens and violate people and the bad cops who witness this criminality and not only do NOT arrest their criminal associate but actively aid in covering for them by filing false perjurious reports.

    Till this phenomenon is ended nothing will change and nothing will improve. Those with shiny badges and special privileges will continue to abuse their power and the citizens and the citizens will continue to nurse their anger and rage….sometimes for no good reason but often with full justification.

    That is the recipe for the stew of violence we are just seeing coming to a head.
    Right now it’s the ‘black lives matter’ nimrods who have chosen the worst possible candidates to trot out as their martyrs. Eventually though this minority will be joined by the majority who have had truly innocent friends and families suffer harm at the hands of the ‘enforcement caste’. When THAT happens it’s Kaity bar the door because it will be well and truly ‘on’.

  8. Amen. I’ve railed against the excesses of use of force, paramilitarization of local law enforcement, and the highway robbery that is civil asset forfeiture for years. Had to quit frequenting some sites just because the tongues licking the badges were that abrasive.

    Having said that, this is a no brainer and that speech in Dallas was a textbook example of Ayatollah Obama’s sickening moral relativism. Dead cops and dead criminals are equal if you think about he says. At a memorial service for the largest specific copkilling in US history.

    He invites the group whose aegis the copkillers fly under to the White House. He never denounces them.

    I’m waiting for the Ammon Bundy, Eric Rudolph, and Timothy McVeigh had some really good points <a href""from Tavis Smiley.

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