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Ho hum

France can absorb it. They’d better be able to; they don’t have any other choice by now.

The most important thing, though, is to be sure not to allocate blame anyplace but where it truly belongs: the NRA, Christian intolerance, slutty European woman and their shameless mode of dress, and Donald Trump. Oh, and white cops. We’re also going to need to begin considering—at long last—implementing some common-sense truck control measures.

I was having a conversation with my brother last night about all this, and I said something along the lines of “maybe this time they’ll finally learn.” His position, while a good bit less optimistic, made more sense: they’ll never learn, and it is no longer reasonable to expect it of them. After all, these are people who still cling to socialism despite its hundred-year record of abject failure all around the globe. These are people who believe that talking is the solution to every problem, as long as they’re the ones talking and everybody else shuts up. They’re the ones who believe it possible—and desirable—to micromanage a planetary climate but simply beyond human ability to secure a border.

No, they won’t learn from this or any other of the monthly jihadi attacks; clearly, they’re incapable of learning.

The truth is, they can’t afford to learn, because learning would require them to admit to decades of error. It would require them to face up to the most unpalatable notion in the world for them: that maybe, just maybe, they aren’t the supergenius übermenschen they’ve always told themselves and everybody else they were; that maybe the rest of us might not be the stupid, grunting, uneducable troglodytes they’ve always assumed; that maybe, just maybe, we’re not in desperate need of their strict supervision and management in order to survive and thrive. That maybe we just might all be better off without them.

And all this they will never, ever concede, no matter how many have to die to sustain their irrational megalomania. Which brings me right back around to my long-held and oft-stated belief: that before we can ever have any hope of successfully defeating the Muslims, we’re going to have to defeat the Left. In the meantime, break out the candles and crying towels. Practice up on “duck and cover,” “cower in place,” and “run screaming and piss yourself in terror,” all the preferred Progressivist methods for responding to open warfare in the streets of our cities. Put those crappy John Lennon songs on endless repeat and congratulate yourselves on your “courage” at “confronting” the threat with no weapons other than bared throats and exposed soft, flabby underbellies. Western Civ has got itself some more groveling to do.

Update! Maybe if we all painted eyes on our asses

Boots on the ground update!How Much Blood, Mr. President, How Much Do You Need?” The answer is as eternal as it is obvious: more.

Mot juste update! Please allow me to be the first to refer to this mysteriously-motivated man-caused disaster as the Road Rage Attack. Update within an update! MSNBC goes me one better, with “Deadly truck crash.” And there you have it: just another run-of-the-mill freeway accident, folks—a “tragedy,” not an atrocity. No Islam to see here, nor much of anything else. Now let’s all get back to “absorbing” it, shall we? Have a good cry, hold hands for a while, sing a few sappy, maudlin songs, and just never mind all that other existential-war unpleasantness.



3 thoughts on “Ho hum

  1. “After all, these are people who still cling to socialism despite its hundred-year record of abject failure all around the globe.”

    Technically, it’s more like a 3000 year history of failure. Or perhaps more, recorded history gets a bit fuzzy the further you go back.

    Painting eyes on our butts makes FAR more sense than any of their ideas.

  2. The really stupid part, especially with France, is that they could stop these pedophile scum dead in their tracks. One turn of a launch-enable key and 10 minutes later, Raqqua is glowing radioactive slag. THAT is a message even 7th-century Apes would understand.

    Do it again, girls? I hear Mecca and Medina are in need of some cobalt or gold imports….

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