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Get real

This is too perfect:

I was able to get a summer internship at a company that does work in the industry I want to work in after I graduate. Even though the division I was hired to work in doesn’t deal with clients or customers, there still was a very strict dress code. I felt the dress code was overly strict but I wasn’t going to say anything, until I noticed one of the workers always wore flat shoes that were made from a fabric other than leather, or running shoes, even though both of these things were contrary to the dress code.

I spoke with my manager about being allowed some leeway under the dress code and was told this was not possible, despite the other person being allowed to do it. I soon found out that many of the other interns felt the same way, and the ones who asked their managers about it were told the same thing as me. We decided to write a proposal stating why we should be allowed someone leeway under the dress code. We accompanied the proposal with a petition, signed by all of the interns (except for one who declined to sign it) and gave it to our managers to consider. Our proposal requested that we also be allowed to wear running shoes and non leather flats, as well as sandals (not flip-flops though) and other non-dress shoes that would fit under a more business casual dress code. It was mostly about the footwear, but we also incorporated a request that we not have to wear suits and/or blazers in favor of a more casual, but still professional dress code..

The next day, all of us who signed the petition were called into a meeting where we thought our proposal would be discussed. Instead, we were informed that due to our “unprofessional” behavior, we were being let go from our internships. We were told to hand in our ID badges and to gather our things and leave the property ASAP.

Vox responds:

FANTASTIC! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the optimal way to handle SJWs. Once they positively identify themselves as such, fire them and have them immediately escorted off the property.

I’d suggest their being “escorted off the property” to the accompaniment of a volley or two of rifle fire aimed just over their empty heads, but am willing to concede that that might possibly be a bit much. At the end of her pathetic bleat, the precious little bint asks for “any advice” folks might give. I have plenty, starting with “hang yourself” and degenerating from there, but I’ll refrain from offering it in the sure knowledge that she wouldn’t be listening anyway, and couldn’t comprehend it if I did.


10 thoughts on “Get real

  1. What really comes across to me is how patronizing and condescending these SJW’s are. They should be thankful for the OPPORTUNITY that was given to them, and instead are just a bunch of whiny pansies.

    If they want to start their own company with their own dress code…HAVE AT IT!! But to basically bite the hand that feeds them? What a bunch of jerks. And the entitlement mentality is incredible.

    Kudos to the one who wouldn’t sign the petition. And kudos to the company for handling this situation in the way it deserves. What a bunch of jerks.

    And the person who was wearing the shoes that didn’t meet the dress code? I am guessing that that person may have had a problem with their feet where the normal dress code footwear caused discomfort and was able to get the rule waived.

  2. @FriarBob

    Fair enough. You got me as I did not read the article. But I did guess correctly that there was a valid reason for the waiver.

    And you are correct, discomfort would not begin to describe it.

  3. @FriarBob

    Now I HAVE read the article. (sorry, Mike, for all my comments here) Even after these turkeys were told that the woman had a prosthesis the only response they had was “wow, you can’t tell” and they would have “factored” it into their very “professionally done” request…MY GOD. You can’t make this up.

    Once again, kudos to this company for firing them all.

  4. @Charlotte
    Sometimes there is no point in reading the original article. This was not such a case. Even the original author’s response was ok… just not remotely enough of a wake-up-you-morons to the original complaint.

  5. @FriarBob

    I agree, the original author’s response was way too generous to the jerks. They must really be totally without any perception of the real world because I find it hard to believe they actually thought they were in the right! I think they believed that the columnist would tell them that the company was wrong.

    Rush Limbaugh actually read this letter on his show today. 🙂

    I will say that if I knew someone applying for a job with me (not that I am an employer or anything) had done something like this, I would NOT hire them. They appear to be narcissists of the highest order.

  6. Geez, Mike. Obviously you fail to appreciate the immense value this SJW Millennial stalwart brought to the company by her very presence. From her perspective, at least.

    And then they exploited her by first refusing to pay her, and then by refusing to give in to her entirely reasonable demands to stand the whole company on its head to accommodate her preferences.

    Meanwhile, back in SaneWorld…

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