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Disgrace: defined

Fools, knaves, liars, and oxygen thieves.

Wednesday’s dramatic protest on the House floor over gun control was a powerful reminder of how dramatically the cable network’s role as the official chronicler of Congress has changed since its early years — and how technology has suddenly made C-SPAN less beholden to the congressional leaders who control its video feed inside the chambers.

It all unfolded quickly: When the sit-in began Wednesday morning, Republican leaders ordered the House into recess. And since only they, and not C-SPAN, oversee the camera, C-SPAN’s feed was cut off, as dictated by the chamber’s rules.

Normally, that would have been end of story.

You might think by “disgrace” I mean the childish Democrat Socialists sitting on the floor waving their chubby little baby-fists around until they get their way and throw out yet another Constitutionally-protected freedom to no good purpose whatsoever (not one of their precious gun people control measures would have prevented the Muslim Orlando or San Berdoo shooters from their “religion”-inspired mass slaughter, nor will they prevent any of the coming ones). That’s disgraceful, sure, but what more can you expect from these worthless brats? They’re commies, they hate liberty, they hate real Americans with a passion that often leads them into pits of irrational lunacy that they can’t seem to escape.

No, what I was referencing was this part of it:

Congress’ tight control over what its viewers see has long been a source of frustration for C-SPAN, which has been trying to get its own cameras on the floor of since 1984. But congressional leaders, whether Democratic or Republican, have maintained power over the cameras, the audio, the angles and when they’re turned on and off.

That all changed on Wednesday afternoon, when members of Congress themselves became the cameras, using their smartphones to broadcast the sit-in live directly to C-SPAN after the network’s access to video feeds from the House floor was cut, despite the fact there were dozens of Democratic lawmakers still there, making speeches and making news.

Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) blasted the move, calling it a “publicity stunt.” His spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said that because the House had gone into recess, the feed had to go. Rules are rules.

But C-SPAN soon found a way around those rules.

What in the world would cause Ryan to wish to protect his Democrat Socialist partners in crime from being exposed to the people as the treacherous, treasonous enemies of all free people everywhere that they truly, indisputably are? We all know by now what these filthy pusbags are, and as far as I’m concerned any time any Muslim fanatic wants to try his hand at blowing the House chamber to Hell and gone, they’re welcome to have at it. The more of those miserable worms drop dead from any cause at all—be it slow stomach cancer, a heart attack cause by an apoplectic fit over being denied the chance to assert their rapacious desire for tyrannical control, an ordinary street mugging by one of their beloved droolcase constituents, or being swallowed whole by an earthquake-caused sinkhole encompassing DC entire—the better I’ll be pleased.

Why Ryan seeks to protect them from as much exposure as possible I just can’t figure out. Hats off, though, to this guy, who seems to have a better grasp of transparency in government than Ryan does:

With the cameras turned off, C-SPAN began broadcasting a Periscope livestream of the floor from Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.), with the full graphics afforded to normal video feeds of the House floor. The network also switched at times to a Facebook Live feed from Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) and others. All three cable networks also picked up on portions of the livestream, but C-SPAN carried it for the entire duration and continues to do so as of this publishing.

Peters, speaking just off the House floor on an aide’s phone while his own kept up the broadcast, told POLITICO the idea for the livestream came from a young aide, who texted him the suggestions. Having never used the services before, Peters said he downloaded the Periscope app from the House floor and began broadcasting.

Technically, it’s against House rules to film from the House floor. But Peters said the sit-in was breaking the rules anyway, so he figured he’d keep going.

“This is a protest. If Rep. John Lewis is going to sit on the House floor, that’s against the rules, so I thought it’s better for people to know about it,” Peters said. “I think it’s appropriate as part of a protest. I really respect the rules of the House and don’t expect to break them, but today I think it’s appropriate for the American people to know what the heck is going on.”

Democrat Socialist or not—and his motives for wanting people to know just how badly their supposed “representatives” are beclowning themselves would certainly have to be suspect—he’s perfectly right about that. Let Duh Peepul see just what a clown show their government is. Let them see just who it is that’s willing to make utter fools of themselves at the very seat of it in order to steal another march against freedom and the Constitution. Let them see who views every deadly assault against ordinary Americans as an opportunity to advance a nefarious agenda, while refusing even to name the enemy and importing as many of them as they can get away with.

If Democrat Socialists want to broadcast their naked anti-American treason live on TV, Ryan ought to get out of the way and let them. He could more productively spend his time with a stout piece of rope, practicing up on his hangman’s nooses.

(Via Sarah Hoyt)

Update! How it really works.

For those of you who may still be laboring under the illusion that we live in something resembling the antiquated notion of a constitutional republic, allow me to enlighten you about how things have changed since your high school government class. Here’s how the legislative branch works now:

When the Democrats are in power they get everything they want, even if it means ramming through legislation in the middle of the night and twisting the rules until they are virtually unrecognizable. When the Republicans are in power, the Democrats still get everything they want because the Republicans basically just hand it to them to avoid being called racists or misogynists. When they don’t get what they want, Democrats throw temper tantrums and hold their breath until they get what they want. Either way, they win. Always.

This is definitely not how I learned it in government class, but trust me, this is how it works now.

If you’re envisioning Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. when you picture this House sit-in in your mind, you’d be way off. Think a slumber party with a bunch of 7th grade girls.

These are not serious people with serious ideas or strategies to get their policies implemented. These are emotional infants who have no respect for the rule of law and who scoff at the rules of the House. They think it’s noble to shout down their fellow members of Congress, when in fact, they’re subverting the very processes and system of government by which they’ve gained the civil rights they claim to champion.

Make no mistake. If this mob is allowed to essentially take over the House and these anarchists get their way, we are done as a country. Finished. In a few years we’ll all be reminiscing about our once-great country, talking about what a great run we had with this constitutional republic experiment.

“In a few years”? Where you been hiding for the last, oh, three or four decades, lady?

Bright side update! Molly Hemingway finds the silver lining:

But why focus on the negative? Democrats have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to grandstand in such a rule-breaking fashion that Republicans declared the House in recess. And that’s a good thing! The less time Congress is voting on bills, the less opportunity they have to take away our constitutionally protected freedoms.

Instead of complaining about Democrats’ anti-civil rights behavior, let’s celebrate it just this once. Let’s help them keep the House in recess for as long as they’re able. Could they keep it going through next year? We can hope!

Indeed we can. And must. Personally, I think a moratorium on any new legislation at all for, say, a year would be a fine thing. Nobody even knows how many laws, rules, and regulations they’ve passed already; just how many new ones can we possibly need? Let’s not make out like these assholes are doing work that is in any way vital to the well-being of the nation or anything. The only new legislation any of these oozing carbuncles ought to be discussing is repeal of most of the old ones.


2 thoughts on “Disgrace: defined

  1. Personally, I think a moratorium on any new legislation at all for, say, a year would be a fine thing

    Since a lot of the rule/regulation making has been handed off to the various federal agencies and faceless bureaucrats, having congress sitting on its thumbs for a year would be nice it won’t stop much of the actual problem.

  2. Everyone of these assholes has violated his/her oath to support and defend the constitution. As individuals who hold (and violated) positions of public trust; they should all be backed up to a wall, and shot.

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