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“Who Threatens Democracy?”

Well, gee, I dunno; who wishes to “fundamentally transform” Constitutional government into an authoritarian tyranny? Who favors more government interference and less individual liberty, on every single issue you can name except LGBTTSTVSPQRFTWWTFSKNNNNNNNX rights and drug legalization? Who hopes to force socialism down the throat of every American, thinks of the Constitution itself as “flawed” and “outdated” and “irrelevant,” and treats it not as the fundamental, supreme law of the land, but as a list of mere suggestions written down ages ago by rich old white guys who COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE FORESEEN…? Who considers the aspects of the Bill of Rights they don’t like or are made uncomfortable by as not inviolable, but negotiable, or even dispensable?

Go on. Guess.

But right now, let us consider the “rule of law” in the present election. In San Jose, anti-Trump protesters just physically attacked and chased supporters leaving a meeting, and events like that are becoming commonplace. They are assuredly going to escalate over the next few months. That prospect determines attitudes on both sides. Every left-wing activist group knows it is duty-bound to express its opposition to Trump, and supporters know that they are likely to be attacked if they attend meetings.

We can guarantee that certain things are going to happen within the next two months. One is that at least a handful of Trump supporters are not going to turn the other cheek. They know they cannot rely on police protection, and so some will turn up to meetings prepared to defend themselves, possibly with firearms. At that point, someone is going to be wounded or killed. At that point, expect a media outpouring about the inherent violence of Trump, his supporters, and the political Right. These animals are vicious! When attacked, they defend themselves.

The other prediction we can make with fair certainty is that in mid-July, we are going to be facing a major political crisis. The Republican convention will be held in Cleveland July 18-21, and it will assuredly be held in a state of siege. The exact outcome of that event very much depends on police behavior, preparation, and organization. If protesters can be kept sufficiently far removed, then perhaps some semblance of order can be preserved. If not, it is possible that the convention itself might be forced to suspend its activities. Either way, it is highly likely that individual convention delegates and participants are going to be attacked and, conceivably, harmed.

Political protests on some scale are not new, and political conventions are a natural target. But in modern U.S. history, has there ever been a national election where the candidates of one party were simply unable to show their faces without being met by violence? Where mob action simply makes it impossible for one campaign to function?

If national elections cannot be held in safety, has democracy not ceased to function?

The Left considers that a feature, not a bug. They’re perfectly fine with “democracy,” of course, in the same way they’re supporters of free speech: just so long as everybody votes, speaks, and thinks the way they want them to and accepts their and their government’s absolute supremacy in all things great and small.

Otherwise…not so much.

In short, the answer to the question posed in the title is: the same old liberal-fascists who always have threatened it, and always will. As I’ve said many times here: I’m not in favor of violence, revolution, or civil war. But horrible as they are to contemplate, those things aren’t necessarily ALL downside, and I must admit that the thought of these vicious, underhanded, duplicitous, cowardly scum getting some of their own thrown back in their faces at long, long last just doesn’t bother me as much as maybe it should.


1 thought on ““Who Threatens Democracy?”

  1. > just so long as everybody votes, speaks, and thinks the way they want them to
    Just part of their programming, and not just in the US. Each time the slightly-rightward option is chosen over an incumbent on the left, the chatterati bemoan it as “a failure of democracy”.

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