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Build the damned wall, and I don’t care WHO pays for it

A Muslim immigration pause? A border fence? Enforcing the immigration laws, re-establishing borders, deporting illegals? If you think these things “aren’t who we are,” well, it’s who we better become pretty damned quick.

A smuggling network has managed to sneak illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern terrorism hotbeds straight to the doorstep of the U.S., including helping one Afghan who authorities say was part of an attack plot in North America.

Immigration officials have identified at least a dozen Middle Eastern men smuggled into the Western Hemisphere by a Brazilian-based network that connected them with Mexicans who guided them to the U.S. border, according to internal government documents reviewed by The Washington Times.

Some of the men handled by the smuggling network were nabbed before they reached the U.S., but others made it into the country. The Afghan man was part of a group of six from “special-interest countries.”

It’s unclear whether the network succeeded in sneaking other “special interest” illegal immigrants by border officials, but the documents obtained by Mr. Hunter confirm fears of a pipeline that can get would-be illegal immigrants from terrorist hotbeds to the threshold of the U.S.

You can bet your life that these piddling few who got nabbed were a mere drop in the bucket. In fact, if you’re planning to vote for The Shrew or some third-party loser destined to go down to defeat—or for anybody but Trump, who is the sole reason we’re even discussing tightening border controls at all, and who has admirably stuck to his guns despite the slings and arrows of no-borders Democrat Socialists and their GAGA Republican collaborationists—you ARE betting your life. Yours, and sane people’s too.


1 thought on “Build the damned wall, and I don’t care WHO pays for it

  1. Imperfect vessel tho Trump may be to carry the philosophical waters of the GOP, if he does NOTHING ELSE but control immigration–muslim and Mexican, illegal and legal, repair defense and fix bad trade agreements, he will have been an uproarious success. Anything else would be gravy..

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